Monochromatic Japandi Interior Design for Minimalist Lovers

Minimalist Living Room By Exqsite Interior Scaled, Design Authority

This spacious apartment has all the hallmarks of the minimalist style that fuses the timeless elegance of Japanese interiors and the warmth of modern Scandi-style. The result is a perfect balance of aesthetics and getting the best of both worlds.

Japandi is taking over the interior design world and there are so many reasons for this interest. And if you haven’t heard this latest trend then you’re in for a treat.

Japandi is now ever a great choice for any urban home as you’ll get the simple clean no-fuzz interiors that we love about the Japanese interiors while adding the soft homey feel of the Nordic spaces.

Urban Serenity – Clean and Simple Aesthetics

Greeted by the calming ambiance brought about by clean lines, neutral colors and soft lighting, this spacious apartment is the perfect getaway from the hullabaloos of the outside world.

Simplicity is the common ground of the two modern themes where keeping only essential items needed into the space. The no-fuzz look allows you appreciate more on the fine architectural details.

EGS 9207 Scaled, Design Authority

Divine Illumination – Inviting Natural Lighting and Soft Light Emitting Luminaires

You’ll love the bright and airy feel of Japandi interiors as you’ll get a healthy dose of the natural lighting. Worried about heat absorption from your large windows? Solar windows or window coatings with low-E coatings is the key.

The minimalist theme looks good, day or night with interesting luminaires that highlight strategic places in your interior. And, since you have toned down most of your design elements you can add statement luminaires to add that needed umph to your ceiling.

We’re loving this simple sputnik chandelier in this spacious living and dining area as it is an effective centerpiece to the dining area yet cohesive with its surrounding elements.
You won’t expect luminaires to define spaces but these lighting fixtures is working it.

Modern Living Room By Exqsite Interior Scaled, Design Authority

Closer to Earth – Low and Sleek Furnishings

Low or legless furniture is a familiar trait of the Japanese furniture as it is rooted from the concept of ma, or negative space and the living in simplicity.

The sleek and low furniture of the living room creates a homey feel to the place and being true to the minimalistic theme, sleek and simple forms are used. The continuous and flowing spaces makes this Japandi interior more relaxed and spacious.

Sleek Furnishings Scaled, Design Authority

Less is More – Curated Decor

Décor is the perfect items to give that personalized touch. Choose simple yet meaningful art pieces that goes along with the minimalistic theme.

In this living space, the white embellishments is more noticeable thanks to the contrasting backdrop of black and gray undertones.

Curated Decor, Design Authority

Cozy Feeling – Harmonious Texture and Lighting

When it comes to Japandi theme, texture and lighting go hand-in-hand to create that homey feel for the minimalistic space. Borrow color palettes from the Scandi style to warm up your spaces.

The pastel pink colored sofa as an inviting reading nook to curl up through your wee hours and with a delightful minimalistic floor lamp to softly illuminate the relaxing color. Add natural textured cushions and textiles to add that cozy ambiance.

Incorporating textures from nature are both highlights of Japanese and Scandinavian themes. Accentuate your furniture with Woven textiles, faux furr and wicker items.

Scandinavian Style By Exqsite Interior Scaled, Design Authority

Smashing Juxtaposition– Contrast for a Dynamic Look

Scandinavian Kitchen By Exqsite Interior Scaled, Design Authority

Bring together the bright and light Scandinavian hues with the darker and earthy tones of the Japanese theme to create an eye-catching contrast between the neutral colors.

This kitchen has the perfect application of the contrast we want in our Japandi interiors creating an exciting monochromatic look. The jet black and pure white hues adds a dynamic look to the sleek kitchen cabinets that’s further highlighted with cool undercabinet lighting that’s both functional and aesthtecially appealing.

Beauty is in the Details

With muted tones and simplistic forms you’ll come to appreciate more on the architectural details offered in the Japandi theme.

Simple backsplash tiling patterns and subtle gray textures of this kitchen countertop makes it more visually interesting without breaking the minimalistic theme. Metallic accents such as silver and chrome is a great layer of texture to add to your Japandi theme as it goes along with the sophisticated yet classic look.

Backsplash Tiling Scaled, Design Authority

Moody Black Surround – Jet Black Furniture

Japanese interiors love the beauty of black and earthy tones as it creates a surpisingly relaxing and mystique vibe when paired with pale-colored walls and soft-colored wood flooring.

This wardrobe cabinets in jet black color creates a silhoutte outlining the sleek form of the furniture and a perfect enveloping hue as you settle down for that midnight snooze.

Jet Black Color Wardrobe Cabinets By Exqsite Interior Scaled, Design Authority

Human Touch – Excellent Craftsmanship

Both Japanese and Scandinavian interior design share the love of crafted furniture showcasing the use of natural materials. Though wood is extensively used on both themes the Japanese style particularly use darker tones such as black, coal or burnt wood while in the Scandi style you’ll find their hues on the lighter tones.

This sleek headboard is stooped low but continued edge to edge, completely creating a flowing backdrop that gives a sense of security and mystique to the bedroom area.

9999, Design Authority

Articulated Geometry – Basic Forms

Japandi is not only about straight-edged forms but can incorporate curved lines, but choose the basic forms such as the circle or oblong shapes that are sensuous and grounded.

Undoubtedly the circular mirror illuminated softly on its edge makes it the focal point on this Japandi full-bathroom. In Japanese culture the circle or ‘enso’ holds meaning to the practice of Zen, a perfect shape to have in your personal time and space.

Tight Space Bathroom Idea By Exqsite Interior, Design Authority

Neutrality – Gray Undertones

Given the size of this full bath, the uniform use of large gray textured tiles makes this tight-spaced bathroom look larger, while using cool lighting strategically placed around the mirror and above the high shelves create a warm air to the place. Black, gray undertones and beige are favorably used in Japandi.

Project: Blk 546 Segar Rd

Designer: ExQsite Interior Design

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