Home Tour: The Glamourous Alfords Point House

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A powerful symbol of Hollywood Glam style, this five-bedroom new-build emerges straight out of luxe and glamour. The design brief by the homeowners clearly stated a clean and crisp space that captures the charm of old Hollywood with a touch of French Chateaux elegance unzipping the space. Built on the elements of grandeur and magnificence, this house profoundly proves to be a majestic haven.

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The splendidness of this house is characterized by its tall ceilings and intricately formed geometric patterns. Diving deeper into these minute details, a regular motif can be observed in various shapes and sizes in the custom-designed rugs, draperies and beddings. These motifs further dilute as a focal point of a space, thus adding on to a sense of perspective and proportion in the house. To keep the space well-lit at all times, an aura of inside-out feel has been commemorated. The natural light that bounces off the bright white walls tends to make the space look much spacious and larger – also fulfilling one of the main bullet points by the homeowners.

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Biophilia winds its way through the house – not just the plenty of natural light but also some intriguing organic patterns moulded through the wrought iron railings and customizable rugs. The spiral staircase sets as a perfect example of this particular design element in the house. The sharp patterns creating mix-matching of the staircase diameter with that of the circular rug placed strategically are one of the closely observed details that foster prospect in the view.

Staircase, Design Authority

Wall panelling and detailed moulding work are the key points to the design style. Categorizing them as a collaboration of Mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Glam touch, this eclectic, timeless style tends to attract the eyes of the guests. Living room – the meeting space for the family is a symbol of collaboration, power and fun. Strong mustards are complemented by grey-velvet furniture and bright yellow accent chairs that sit majestically on a round-shaped rug that embarks warmth and welcomeness in the space.

Living Room, Design Authority

Similarly, the kitchen – where the heart of our home lies – is highly defined by the patterned backsplash and a monochromatic colour palette. To promote socializing within the family, the concept of an open kitchen backed up with an island table has been modelled. Highlighting these social corners with a majestic piece of metal lighting, the space grooves itself into a warm corner for the family to enjoy their meals or have a little chat!

Kitchen, Design Authority

Colours are at play everywhere – winding itself into the tiniest of details, the bolder hues amalgamate with the stark white walls to give a sense of pop to this space. Blacks, mustards and peacock blues are the striking pieces of elements that tend to draw the attention with an awe-inspiring gaze.

Beautiful Living Room, Design Authority

Meanwhile, navy blues and pinks in the bedroom upholsteries help in the continuation of the luxe flow throughout the house. To top it all, contrasting metal-finish lighting fixtures in gold and brass add as a subtle accent to the dove grey neutrals.

Pink Bed Room, Design Authority


Navy Blues Bed Room, Design Authority

Our spaces define our personalities – and it’s true! The idea of leading a simple life with a touch of utter luxury has been successfully accomplished in this magnificent home that highlights the homeowners’ lifestyles and beliefs. The vibrancy of the space revolves around the elements and principles of design that further look to commemorate each other in a very dignified yet subtle way.

Greg Natale Alfords Point House 18, Design Authority

“Brilliant metallics in gold and brass are used throughout, adding to the luxe factor. ” – designer Greg Natale

Greg Natale Alfords Point House 06, Design Authority

Gold Chair, Design Authority

Metallics In Gold And Brass Scaled, Design Authority

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