Devialet – The Sound of Tomorrow

Ever wondered what ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’ is like? The experts at Devialet might have the right answer – it must be truly immersive with zero distortion, zero saturation, and zero background noise. It must be distinctive and iconoclastic while fitting seamlessly into any stylish home. The good news is, the ‘tomorrow sound’ is already here with the unmistakable iconic design and audio technologies by Devialet.

Phantom I 108 DB Gold Remote, Design Authority

Phantom I with 22-carat rose gold-plated sides by Devialet

Devialet is a Paris-based acoustic engineering company founded in 2007 by the designer Emmanuel Nardin, the engineer Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel and the entrepreneur Quentin Sannié, three professionals who share the same passion for innovation and haute couture sound.

Their vision was to ‘elevate sound to its rightful place in our lives and provide audiences around the world with a uniquely intricate and moving listening experience’. To achieve this, the company focused on the intersection of luxury and cutting-edge technology to create a masterful meld of emotive aesthetics and functionality that transformed the audio experience like never before, representing the long-awaited breakthrough in the world of sound since the invention of CD more than 40 years ago.

For the first time ever, we can finally amplify sound without altering it, without distorting or killing the emotion inside the music, to enjoy notes so crisp and crystal clear beyond anything previously measured.

So it is no wonder why Devialet is lauded by billionaires and top celebrities.

Designed and produced in France, Devialet fully embodies the rich French culture and tradition. The name of the company – Devialet – comes from Vialet, an engineer and friend of Diderot, the writer and philosopher, who contributed to writing the Encyclopedia of Science and Arts. On the same note, Devialet contributes to the transmission of French culture and art all around the world.

The Phantom Revolution

In 2015, all the new technologies developed by Devialet took shape into a new revolutionary device – Phantom. All the hard work of Devialet’s dedicated sound engineers and designers can be experienced through their meticulous design crafted to serve the sound, technology, and UX at the highest standards.

Phantom I Matte Black 103dB Lifestyle Stereo 3, Design Authority

Phantom I in matte black blending in seamlessly with the rest of the curved and tactile elements in a minimalist home

Phantom paved a whole new path to the ultimate audio experience through its ultra-dense sound and captivating physical impact, which is uniquely powerful and incredibly distinct, with zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise, all provided in a wireless form, designed to work in a single form or in a pair.

Phantom II Iconic White Lifestyle REMOTE FINAL 2, Design Authority

Phantom II in iconic white blending in harmoniously within a rich interplay of shapes, textures, curves, and straight lines

Since it was first launched, Devialet has developed more than 160 patented ground-breaking inventions in their quest to achieve unparalleled audio performance, among them are three very important ones that changed the course of how we can experience sound in our homes: ADH®, SAM® and HBI®.

Through the ADH® (Analog Digital Hybrid) technology, the sound amplification is transformed, by allowing hybridization between digital and analog technologies, creating an unmatched sound quality. The SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) technology guarantees a seamless match between your amplifier and connected speakers, extreme fidelity throughout playback, and permanent protection from overload, allowing higher volumes than ever before. While the revolutionary HBI® (Heart Bass Implosion), specially created for Phantom, is the acoustic process that emits low frequencies with extreme depth and physical impact, taking you to the deepest bass ever reached for a system of this size, engineered to perform under extreme constraints of Phantom’s hermetically sealed architecture.

Taking it up a notch, Devialet introduced its unique next-generation audio processing chip in the latest Phantom I version in 2021, the technology responsible for embedding signal processing and amplification performance with its unique System-on-Chip (SoC) to achieve high-performance audio.

Timeless & Harmonious ‘Functionalist’ Design

Besides the technological capacities of Phantom, what catches the eye first is its rather unusual space-age styling. Derived from Harry F. Olson’s pulsating sphere, which imagines the ideal acoustic source, that becomes a true challenge for the engineers in practice.

Other inspirations for the design came from the 18th-century French gardens and from the elaborate sound waves formed by Chladni patterns, which make sound visible.

Phantom I White Silver 103dB Lifestyle Stereo 3, Design Authority

Phantom I in light chrome on its elegant Treepod with dark wood finish, complementing the deep verdant green theme

The Phantom’s design is born directly from the science of sound – sound travels in circular waves, just like the ripples in water made by a stone. Therefore, the most intuitive form for a revolutionary acoustic device is spherical – the ideal form for forming and spreading sound waves evenly. And its unique and classy tweeter grill brings a touch of poetry to function.

The simple yet robust design makes a reference to the purity of the sound through its straightforward and bold form while reminding of the extreme power it holds within.

“The uniqueness of our technologies builds the singularity of our product design. A large part of my work consists in sublimating these unique “architectures” in the most simple, minimal and memorable form and style”, says Nardin, a proponent of ‘functionalist’ design himself.

Phantom II Iconic White Lifestyle Stereo, Design Authority

A pair of Phantom II in iconic white that packs a mean punch and doubles up as a classy décor with its ultra-compact and fluid design

Raising the bar even further, Devialet created Phantom II, the smaller speaker that shares the same design language and packs a mean 350-watt of power in its distinctive ultra-compact body for a multi-room system, bringing to life an unrivaled wireless hi-fi home sound system.

Phantom at Home

Unlike most sound systems which are usually austere, Devialet’s emotive fluid design and unimposing size will blend in harmoniously with any interior design theme, either playing the key role as the pièce de résistance or serving as the artistic element that effortlessly elevates the design and ambience of a room while providing an unparalleled audio experience.

Phantom II Opera Lifestyle Mono V10 FINAL, Design Authority

Phantom II Opéra De Paris | Devialet: Devialet’s poetic design harmoniously elevating the aesthetics of a stylish and artistic living room — a role that no other sound systems in the world can fulfil

The new 2021 Phantom was updated with a modern matte finish, available in black and white, with new signature side panels available in a range of classy finishes, including black matte, dark chrome, light chrome, and 22-carat gold. With these new features, the Phantom is a versatile design masterpiece that can fuse with any tasteful interior design and stand out like a statement piece.

As Co-Founder & Head of Design of Devialet, Emmanuel Nardin says it best, “The Devialet design is a design that assumes itself, it is anything but invisible even if our color variants remain very discreet. In this sense, the best integrations are those that present the devices in a very sober way.”

Phantom I White Gold 108dB Lifestyle Stereo 2 2, Design Authority

Phantom I raised by Devialet’s proprietary ‘Tree’ to the perfect height as the pièce de résistance of the room to create the ultimate listening experience for aesthete audiophiles

The stands available for Phantom offer a variety of possibilities for aesthete audiophiles, from a standalone ‘Tree’ and the playful Treepod to the wall mount Gecko. The Tree raises Phantom to the ideal height for the ultimate audiophile listening experience, making it suitable for becoming a singular statement piece. The Treepod creates an unimposing and elegant visual impact with its dark wood finish, while the minimalistic wall mount Gecko guarantees precision, security, and perfect stability.

Phantom at the Opera

A very interesting partnership was made with Paris Opera, an inspiring collaboration based on a shared vision of excellence and strong ties to France’s musical and historical heritage.

Phantom I Opera 108dB Lifestyle Mono 5, Design Authority

Phantom I 108dB Opéra De Paris

Thanks to the impressive qualities of sound that were created through the relentless obsession of Devialet’s engineers, Phantom emits an ultra-dense sound with distinctive physical impact, delivering a deeply emotional and overwhelming acoustic experience that meets the requirements of excellence of Paris Opera.

For this bold collaboration, Devialet has conceived a special edition of both Phantom I and Phantom II. They feature the Paris Opera logo and gold leaf gills finished by Ateliers Gohard, who also restored the gold of the Palais Garnier and other historical monuments.

More Impactful Collaborations

To expand its global reach and impact, Devialet participates actively in meaningful brand image projects and technological collaborations.

“When your product becomes a reference in its market, to the point of becoming an icon for the general public, it is always very flattering to be taken as a field of expression by artists, major luxury brands to collaborate on the best high-tech products in their category.

In this sense, there is a lot of potential for Devialet, but some of them would have a special resonance but we are always looking for a meaningful story to serve our mission,” Nardin explains.

He goes on to elaborate on one of his most memorable projects, where he had the incredible opportunity to design a watch for the luxury watch brand Ulysse NARDIN, the type of project which is the holy grail for many designers.

“What made it a unique moment was that this project allowed a very purist expression of the acoustic know-how of Devialet engineering and to reconnect with the emblematic profession of my family, the high-end watchmaking.

We put our expertise in amplifying the sound of the watch, while I got the chance to work with them on the design. The model is Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Phantom – A complicated watch with striking mechanism.

The Ulysse Nardin factory, founded in 1846 in Le Locle, Switzerland, has built its reputation on marine chronometers. He was my great-great-grandfather”, Nardin recounts.

The Future of Devialet

Phantom II Matte Black Lifestyle Mono 4 FINAL, Design Authority

Phantom II in matte black

Nardin is very optimistic for the future: “Devialet continues on its path to put back sound at its true place in our life thanks to best in class products in every audio category. We are at the very beginning of our history, our young brand has just blown its first decade and there is a large number of families of sound objects where the acoustic quality is, or will become, a key element of differentiation. So we have a context that pushes Devialet to accelerate its projects of new products and we are organizing ourselves to be present now every year with new products.”

By fusing an unrivaled sound quality with a smart, iconic, and timeless design, Devialet’s world-class engineers continue at the same high standard of innovation to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with audio engineering.

Devialet is available at the Devialet ION Orchard and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands retail stores, authorized dealers, as well as from Devialet’s website.

Showroom Locations:

Devialet ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #03-11
Singapore 238801

Devialet Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue, #01-07
Singapore 018956

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