24 Luxury Interior Design Ideas & Home Renovation Tips 2023

Updated on: 7 March 2023

Need some home renovation ideas & interior design tips for your upcoming home remodelling project? Then you’re in the right place!

Miltonia Living Room Interior Design By ARCHLUXE 1, Design Authority

Bespoke luxury interior design by Archluxe

Your home renovation is one of the biggest investments in your life. That is why early and proper planning is critical if you want to avoid painful and expensive hiccups — and ultimately get the dream home you envision, whether you’re hiring an interior designer or going for a DIY project.

In this guide, you’ll find many practical home improvement tips and home renovation ideas that’ll help you to plan your home remodelling project and choose your design options wisely for every nook and cranny of your home interior and exterior to avoid unnecessary frustrations and waste of time and money, so you can enjoy your renovation journey and make your dream home come true.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Dining Room Interior Design, Design Authority

Modern chic x art deco interior by Mr Shopper Studio

Before engaging an interior designer, here are a few basic but important questions you need to ask yourself for your home remodel:

— How many people be staying in this home?

— How long will you be staying in this home?

— How much time will you be spending at home?

— How will you be using your home? It’ll help to walk around the space to simulate your daily activities to get a good sense of what and how you should be planning the installations of your cabinetry, lighting, furniture, fittings, curtains, power sockets, etc…

— What are the must-have features for your dream home? Be sure to inform your interior designer about these items while maintaining an open mind to their suggestions.

— What kind of designs and functionalities do you want? Pinterest is a fantastic source of home remodelling ideas, so be sure to save some pictures that are close to what you have in mind and show them to your designer to make sure you’re on the same page.

— How often would you have guests over?

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Stars Of Kovan Dining Room Interior Design By ARCHLUXE 2, Design Authority

Glamorous Stars of Kovan dining room interior design by Archluxe

1. Use area rugs to define spaces and add warmth to a room

Area rugs can be an excellent way to create separate zones within a larger room, defining areas for dining, seating, or working. They can also be used to add warmth and comfort to a space by softening hard floors or adding texture to a room.

Modern Area Rug, Design Authority


When selecting an area rug, consider the size of the room and the furniture within it. A rug that is too small for a space can look out of proportion and make the room feel disjointed. On the other hand, a rug that is too large can overpower a room and make it feel cluttered. Choose a rug that is the appropriate size for the space, with enough space around the edges to allow for furniture placement.

2. Hang curtains high and wide to make windows appear larger and let in more natural light

Curtains can be an important element in a room’s design, adding color, texture, and pattern to a space. When hanging curtains, consider installing them as close to the ceiling as possible and extending them beyond the edges of the window frame.

High And Wide Curtains, Design Authority


This technique can create the illusion of a larger window and make a room feel more open and spacious. It can also allow more natural light to enter the room. When selecting curtains, choose a fabric that complements the room’s design and consider using a blackout lining to control light and privacy.

3. Choose furniture that is appropriately sized for the room to avoid overcrowding or feeling too empty

Choosing appropriately sized furniture for a room is essential to creating a comfortable and functional space. Consider the room’s size and layout, as well as the scale of the furniture pieces.

Marano Furniture, Design Authority

Colours of Peking Collection by Marano Furniture

Oversized furniture can make a small room feel cramped, while furniture that is too small can make a large room feel empty. When selecting furniture, consider the purpose of the room and choose pieces that fit that function. For example, a cozy living room may benefit from a comfortable sofa and armchairs, while a home office may require a desk and comfortable chair.

4. Use lighting to highlight architectural features or create a specific mood in a room

Lighting can play a significant role in a room’s design, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Consider using a mix of overhead and task lighting, as well as table and floor lamps, to create a well-lit and comfortable space.

Bespoke Linear LED Lighting By Detail Lighting, Design Authority


Lighting can also be used to highlight architectural features, such as a fireplace or unique ceiling detail. Additionally, lighting can create a specific mood in a room, with dimmer switches or lighting fixtures that allow for adjustable light levels.


5. Mix vintage and modern pieces to create a unique and eclectic look

Mixing vintage and modern pieces can create a unique and eclectic look that adds character to a space. Consider incorporating vintage furniture, such as a mid-century modern chair, with more contemporary pieces, such as a sleek sofa or minimalist coffee table. This approach can create a dynamic and visually interesting space that feels both personal and curated.

Modern Vintage Mix Interior, Design Authority


6. Use a neutral color palette as a base and add pops of color with accessories and accents

A neutral color palette can serve as a versatile and timeless base for a room’s design. Consider using shades of white, beige, gray, or taupe on walls, floors, and larger furniture pieces. To add visual interest and pops of color, consider incorporating bold accents, such as throw pillows, artwork, or a colorful area rug. This approach can create a cohesive and harmonious space while allowing for flexibility and variety with accents and accessories.

Neutral Palette With Accents, Design Authority


7. Use a mix of decorative and functional items to style shelves and tabletops

Styling shelves and tabletops can be an excellent opportunity to showcase decorative and functional items while creating a visually interesting and cohesive space. Consider using a mix of items, such as books, vases, candles, and artwork. When styling shelves, consider grouping items together in odd numbers and varying their heights and textures. When styling tabletops, consider creating a focal point with a statement item, such as a vase or sculpture.

Shelf Styling, Design Authority


8. Spruce up your home entryway

Your entryway introduces your visitors to your home and gives them the first impression of your taste.

If you have a small or narrow entryway, add a little drama to keep the eye distracted from the space’s shortcomings with objects such as a cool mirror on the wall, a nice houseplant, a captivating sculpture or artwork, and a vintage coat rack, or a special luminaire.

Entryway At A Private Residence In Dubai Designed By Design Matter, Design Authority

Entryway at a private residence in Dubai by Design Matter

If you have a larger entryway, consider adding a statement rug and an entry console table to display some flowers or houseplants.

Get a beautiful tray for your entry console table for your keys, mails, and other small items to keep them organised.

For your shoe cabinet, you can transform this utilitarian space into a noteworthy display with the right materials, colours, and lighting as shown in the design below by Archluxe.

Miltonia Shoe Cabinet Design By ARCHLUXE 1, Design Authority

Bespoke shoe cabinet design by Archluxe

If possible, add a built-in seat to your shoe cabinet, especially if your entryway is tight.

9. Choose the right colour combinations for your interior design

Just like your attire, the colour combinations you choose for your home can make or break the look. A good designer would know how to use the right mix of hues, patterns, and textures for every square footage to create a cohesive design for your home.

Source @benjaminmoore, Design Authority

Source: @benjaminmooresingapore

The colour combinations (or colour palettes) will give your home your desired aesthetics and vibes. Whether choosing the colours for your home interior, the determining factors should include the style or theme you are aiming for, how you’ll be using your home, and of course, your personality.

To tie your design elements together, choose a base palette or colour scheme. As a rule of thumb use the three-colour rule, where 60% is your primary colour, 30% is your secondary colour and the remaining 10% will be your accent colour. For a kitchen, for instance, you can use white as your primary colour, light wood tone as your second colour, and black for your accent wall.

Scandi Inspired White Kitchen With Black Accents Via .au , Design Authority

Scandi-inspired white kitchen with black accents via

So how do you choose your colour palette?

Use your imagination! There are so many colours out there that can help you decorate your house. Choose one that you love, and then make sure it works with the rest of the home.

Start by selecting a base colour, which will set the tone for the whole space. Think about your mood and your style. It could be a neutral base colour such as grey, beige or white, or a bright colour such as red, blue or green.

Bedroom Design By Elicyon, Design Authority

Bedroom design with neutral colours by Elicyon

Whether you are using paint or wallpaper, add some soft colours for personal spaces such as your bedroom, home office, and bathroom. Soft colours such as light hues of blue, green, or yellow create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Think about furniture and accessories as well. If you wish to create a more elegant look, opt for a classic fabric such as linen or silk. If you like a more modern look, go for a light fabric such as cotton or velvet.

Salon Nana Collection By Annabel Karim Kassar Moroso, Design Authority

Salon Nanà Collection by Annabel Karim Kassar & Moroso

Consider also the room’s orientation. You may wish to choose a darker colour such as grey or brown for a more masculine space, while you may choose a brighter colour such as yellow or pink for a feminine space.

Think about what the room needs. Will it be used for relaxing? Or will it be used for entertaining guests? Do you want a quiet and peaceful space? Or do you want it to be more fun and lively?

Bespoke Luxurious Living Room Design By Archluxe, Design Authority

Bespoke luxurious living room design by Archluxe

Don’t forget to consider the colours of the floor and other surfaces. They will add to the overall colour scheme and can help you create a more cohesive look.

Finally, choose your colour combinations wisely. It is not enough to simply throw colours together! You need to consider how the colours work together, and also how they will look in different lighting conditions.

Feng Shui Home In Toronto By Tomas Pearce Interior Design, Design Authority

Feng Shui Home in Toronto by Tomas Pearce Interior Design

Besides playing with shades and hues, nowadays you also have many other sophisticated paint choices with faux textures and patterns with special effects, such as pearl, metallic, marble, and artistic looks.

For wall paints, if you’re the health-conscious type, you’d be glad to know most established paint brands now offer odourless paints made of low volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as mercury, lead, and chrome. Besides having low VOC, these paints will also prevent mould and bacteria, so you can enjoy long-lasting beauty and health in your home. There are even special paint coatings that are formulated with insecticide to ward off mosquitoes, so your family will be safe from the dengue and Zika virus.

10. Get bolder with a wall mural

Wall art is an important part of any home decor, but it can be tricky to find something that will look good in your home and “fit” with the rest of your decor.

This is especially true with large wall art, like murals. Large wall art tends to make a statement, and it’s hard to find a mural that matches your sense of style.

Large Architecture Wall Mural Via Etsy, Design Authority

Large architecture wall mural (via Etsy)

You want something that is unique and different, yet still fits in with your decor. Finding the right mural for your home is one of the most satisfying things. Once you find the perfect piece, it will be a constant source of compliments from your friends and family for years to come. It will also inject new life into an interior space, making it more interesting and more inviting.

The right mural can really make a difference in the overall feel of your home. When you are selecting your mural, there are several things to keep in mind:

Colour: You have many options when it comes to colour. You can go with a single bold colour (like red), or a multi-coloured combination (like yellow and purple). There are also subtle variations of colour, like soft pink, light blue, and even grey. The sky is the limit when it comes to colour. Use it to your advantage! Don’t be afraid of going against the grain. If you do this consistently, you will start to create a unique “look” for your home that will stand out from the crowd.

Enchanted Forest Wall Mural Via .id , Design Authority

Enchanted forest wall mural via

Texture: Texture is the feel of the material that makes up the mural. It could be smooth, like a canvas; it could be powdery like chalk paint; it could be rough and textured like plaster, or it could be something in between like faux wood.

You get to choose! It’s up to you. You can go with what feels right for your decor and fits in with your sense of style, or you can go with what your eyes tell you is the easiest option. Either way, use texture to your advantage! Again, don’t be afraid of going against the grain. If you do this consistently, you will start to create a unique “look” for your home that will stand out from the crowd.

Subject Matter: This refers to the type of subject matter your mural will depict. Will it be people? Nature? Abstract art? Geometric shapes? What kind of theme will it be? The possibilities are endless! You can select something that is simple and easy to understand or something that is complex and difficult to interpret. You get to decide! Use this as another tool to add a little “zing” to your decor and make it more interesting and inviting.

Dramatic Mural In A Modern Sophisticated Artsy House Designed By Adrian Hoyos Design Studio, Design Authority

Dramatic mural in a modern, sophisticated, artsy house designed by Adrian Hoyos Design Studio

Size: This refers to the size of the mural you are looking at. Murals come in many sizes, from small (like a few feet by a few feet), to large (like 10-feet by 10-feet or larger). Larger murals tend to be more impressive and give a bigger “wow” factor. They also cover more wall space, which can open up a room. However, they can also be more challenging to install.

Dark Green Chinese Style Birds And Flowers Wall Mural Via , Design Authority

Dark Green Chinese Style Birds and Flowers Wall Mural via

11. Mix your sofa with single seats

Having a great set of sofa is wonderful, but matching your sofa with other types of seats will add character and sophistication to your living room.

You can add accent chairs of alternate style (in contrast to the dominant style of the space) with some visual weight to balance out your large-scale sofa.

Ardmore Park Living Room Interior Design By ARCHLUXE 1 1, Design Authority

Bespoke Accent chairs to balance large-scale sofa | Bespoke luxury interior design by Archluxe

When you want to create a more formal atmosphere in your living room, consider using an accent chair with a narrow back and straight legs. This style of chair works well in small spaces where it will be the focus of attention.

You can also use this type of chair in larger rooms to add a bit of interest to a seating group. Use an accent chair with a wide back and tapered legs for a more casual look.

You can also mix and match different styles of seating to create a unique look that is both comfortable and stylish. For example, if you have a traditional sofa with straight arms, you might consider using a pair of matching tufted club chairs with straight backs. If your sofa has curved arms, you might consider using a pair of matching tufted armless chairs with straight backs.

12. Window treatments – Choose the right curtains, drapes, and blinds

Using curtains, drapes, and blinds is an easy way to update the look of any room in your home without making a big investment. Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to freshen up a room in a pinch, or you’re ready to make a major decorating change, these simple upgrades are just what you need.

When it comes to window treatments, it’s important to consider a few things before you buy. First and foremost, you should pay close attention to the style of the window treatment you want. Then, you should think about how much sunlight the room gets, how many windows it has, and whether or not the room has a view.

Interior Design By Studio LOST, Design Authority

Interior design by Studio LOST

If the room has a view, you’ll want to choose a treatment that offers some privacy, such as a plantation shutter. If the room doesn’t have a view, you can still use one of these simple solutions to give your room an instant facelift.

If the room gets a lot of sunlight, you may want to think about using heavier fabrics in the curtains and draperies. This will help block out the sun’s heat and glare. You can use a darker colour for the curtains, or consider using a sheer curtain instead of a solid curtain. A sheer curtain will let in a lot of light but will allow you to see the outside world through it.

Modern Bedroom Design By DA GROUP Jingrui Providence Place Model Villa, Design Authority

Modern bedroom design by DA GROUP

Finally, if you have a room that gets a lot of sunlight, and you’re not fussed about the view, you may want to consider purchasing a roller shade instead of window treatment. Roller shades are much lighter and airier than drapes or curtains.

13. Use mirrors creatively in your interior design

Mirrors of different shapes, styles, and sizes can help you create visual interest and an illusion of space and even evoke a more cheerful ambience.

They are very useful in making a room look larger than it is, especially if the mirror is large and reflects a lot of the surrounding area. They can also be used to reflect light and add sparkle and life to any room.

Mirrored Walls @ Penthouse Monet By Olga Ashby Interiors, Design Authority

Mirrored walls @ Penthouse Monet by Olga Ashby Interiors

14. Add plants to your interior design for aesthetic and health

The use of plants in interior design is gaining popularity, especially during the pandemic. Because these houseplants also help to improve indoor air quality, and in the long run, your health.

Newry House Designed By Austin Maynard Architects, Design Authority

Newry House designed by Austin Maynard Architects

Plants remove formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals from the air we breathe. This is especially important for pregnant women, little children, and people with allergies or asthma. Formaldehyde is a chemical that can cause cancer and irritate the eyes and respiratory system.

Aesthetic-wise, your houseplants can act as accent pieces, adding pops of colour to create visual interest, soften a space, and even meld with other organic elements such as your wooden flooring or cabinets.

Apartment Interior Design In India By MuseLAB, Design Authority

Apartment interior design in India by MuseLAB

15. Mix different textures, shapes, and patterns in your home interior design

Mixing textures, shapes, and patterns can add interest and dimension to your home decor and also make your home look more comfortable and inviting.

Interior Design By DA GROUP Photo By ThreeImages, Design Authority

Interior design by DA GROUP; Photo by ThreeImages

For example, use stripes on a wall, a nice statement rug on a stone or wooden floor, or checkered or plaid fabrics on a sofa or chair. Even for simple things like your throw pillows, you can opt for different textures and patterns to add visual interest. It will add interest and dimension, and it will also make your home look more comfortable and inviting.

Maximalist Interior Design By Designs By Humans, Design Authority

Maximalist Interior design by Designs by Humans

Consider using interesting textures and patterns for your walls and floors in each room (including your bathrooms), as well as the surfaces for your kitchen counter and backsplash.

Modern Bathroom By Relax Design, Design Authority

Modern bathroom interior by Relax Design

16. Invest in quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures

Investing in quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures (such as sinks, taps, faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, and toilet seats) will ensure they are there for a long time to help you save money in the long run, and make your home more beautiful. You can choose from a range of styles, shapes, colours, and finishes, and you can even customise them.

The most important thing to remember when selecting fixtures is to choose the best ones that you like and not compromise because of the price tag (remember, you are investing for the long-term!). So choose high-quality products from reputable brands as they will last longer than cheap or low-quality ones.

Hansgrohe Graphite Black Granite Sink Combi Unit, Design Authority

Hansgrohe graphite black granite sink combi unit

Sinks and taps are the first things you’ll see in your kitchen, so it’s important to get them right. Choose a sink with a good drainage system and ensure the tap is easy to use. The ideal sink has a spout hole that is large enough to accommodate all your pots and pans, so you don’t have to keep reaching for them when you want to wash them. Finally, make sure your sink has a drain cover so that water doesn’t spill over the edge when you wash dishes. You should also be able to clean the sink and its surrounding area easily, without having to scrub away the grout between the tiles.

Be sure to choose a good kitchen tap that will make your washing easier, especially if you cook often and have a large kitchen sink. Choose a faucet with a sturdy handle that won’t break easily.

Showerheads are often overlooked, but they can make a big difference in your bathroom. Choose a showerhead that will provide a great flow of water and adequate pressure to get you clean.

HydroRail Shower By Kohler, Design Authority

HydroRail shower by Kohler

If you have a bathtub, make sure the showerhead is compatible with your tub as well. If your shower head is not adjustable, choose one that is easy to operate and adjust to fit your needs. If you have a shower curtain, make sure it is easy to open and close, and that there are no leaks or holes. Finally, choose a shower head that will last you for years, so you don’t have to replace it every few months.

When it comes to bathtubs, the 2 main factors to consider are space and material. Your available space will determine the size and style of your bathtub.

Oman%20Bath%20in%20Graphite, Design Authority

Oman Bath by apaiser

You can go with a standard tub if you don’t have much space. If you do have some extra room, you can choose something more decorative or exquisite. The material is important too. Most bathtubs are made out of either acrylic or fibreglass. If you have the budget, consider the revolutionary apaiser bathtubs made from luxurious non-porous marble material, enriched with the purity of Australian minerals.

Serenity%20Collection%20by%20Kelly%20Hoppen%20MBE%20 %20Serenity%20Bath%20and%20Basins%20in%20Diamond%20White, Design Authority

Serenity Oval Bath by apaiser

Toilet seats are just as important as other fixtures in the bathroom, so choose a seat that is comfortable and easy to use, and that you will enjoy using for a long time. Also, make sure the toilet seat is easy to clean and doesn’t cause splashes when you flush.

17. Make your kitchen beautiful and functional

Canadian Bay By Kirstyn Lloyd Of Maker May, Design Authority

Canadian Bay by Kirstyn Lloyd of Maker + May via The Design Files

The kitchen renovation is usually the top priority for homeowners who are renovating because it’s a space that everyone uses, more importantly, the place where family and friends can spend some quality time together.

Your kitchen also sets the tone for the entire house, and directly affects the rental and resale value of your home, if you don’t plan to stay for long.

NNH Residence By Mim Design, Design Authority

NNH Residence by Mim Design via The Design Files

Nowadays, more homeowners are opting for the open kitchen to accentuate the size of their home, accommodate all their favourite kitchen appliances, and create a well-ventilated cooking space, especially for small apartments. Worried about the fumes and heat permeating your living room? This can be solved easily with a good cooking hood and well-designed glass panels.

Shou Sugi Bun Kitchen, Design Authority

Shou Sugi Bun Kitchen via @thelocalproject – Prahran House by @technearchitects

Being the busiest area, your kitchen space deserves a stylish yet functional look that blends with your personal taste and way of living. Here are some kitchen design ideas to get that aesthetically functional kitchen up and running:

Opulent Fusion

Blue Kitchen, Design Authority

Rich and elegant kitchen design by @danielledrollins

More homeowners are looking to incorporate colours in their kitchens. It adds a strong piece of a statement in defining a perfect look to your space. Blending of blues and whites here makes an elegant fusion with bronze-tinted hardware as an accent.

Timeless Keeper

Picture1, Design Authority

Luxe Black and White kitchen design by @villastyling

Call it a timeless kitchen – the style that will never fade away! Incorporating natural teak countertop with proportionate black and white hues segregated through modern-looking cabinets and backdrops will create a chic looking space you have always yearned for!

White Magic

White Kitchen Via House Home Magazine Designer Tanya Krpan Dakota Homes, Design Authority

White Kitchen Design via House & Home Magazine; Designer: Tanya Krpan – Dakota Homes

Other than serving the purpose of luxury and minimalism, whites make space look bigger and brighter. After all who likes to cook in a dark and dingy space? This luxury kitchen design displays ultra-clean lines, complemented by light-toned wood and refreshing plants to create an opulent and biophilic feel.

Colour Pop

Picture6, Design Authority

Vibrant kitchen design by @loomandkiln

Adding a pop of colour would do no harm. Use a monochromatic palette and add on a contrasting shade of pops of elements in your kitchen to drive the attention of the viewer. Already wondering what colour would suit the best – try incorporating pastels that will give a calm experience.

The Natural Wonder

Picture8, Design Authority

Enjoy the natural feel of the kitchen in Tucson, Arizona by @vivirdesign

Let the nature play its best! Leave your cabinets and ceilings unfinished to give a rustic-luxe feeling to your kitchen. Immerse your cabinets in magnificent white marble and follow the principles of biophilia to bring the outdoors in.

Industrial Charm

Picture8 1, Design Authority

Sophistication is the primary element in this custom-designed kitchen by @architecton_aus

A simple colour palette is a key to luxury kitchen design. This style takes the design to a whole new level of comfort and utter modernism drenched in perky exposed materials to create an over-the-top and welcoming aura to the space. Introduce floor-to-ceiling glass partitions while enjoying your evening dinner with a panorama of the surrounding landscape.

Brass Statement

Picture9, Design Authority

Bold kitchens make a strong statement in this house by @lacornueofficial

The contrasting metal-tinted hardware and rods ooze luxury in this bold kitchen. Even your massive chimney could play in action. Create a piece of the focal point in the centre of the kitchen (could be the hob or island) and paint it with a distinctive hue!

The Curated One

Kitchen 10, Design Authority

Let your kitchen be easy-breezy by @leclairdecor

Blending in elements for an eclectic style has been a practice in luxury kitchen design. The mid-century modern chairs profoundly complement the pendant lighting over the white opulent marble countertop and some displayed shelves showing-off the fancy china!

Worthy Tans

Picture11, Design Authority

Monochromatic kitchen designed by @hemma_interiors

This luxury kitchen trend will never fade away due to the smart colour palette selection of tans and white juxtaposing each other. The ultra-modern space features ceiling-high cabinets and an island – clean and crisp. Don’t flip through this chic kitchen design!

Owning a luxurious kitchen is a cherry on the top! It defines your personality, lifestyle and the way you perceive the world. Embracing your kitchen is necessary so spruce them up and brighten it further to add an identity to this realm.

Abstract Backsplash

Don’t be afraid of colour and dynamic lines in your kitchen. Go bold and ditch that monochromatic background and splash your walls with vibrant colours such as yellow, bright blue, tangerine or red.

Abstract Kitchen Backsplash, Design Authority

This kitchen deserves a star in our books as it gives off a great balance between details and overall look. See how the vertical direction of the drop-down pendant lights complements the horizontal direction of the abstract backsplash. Plus, the series of vertical luminaires fills in the void space above the tables.

Cool Blue and Gray Undertones

Living in a hot and humid area? Light coloured walls can refresh the senses in a natural way.

Cool Blue And Gray Undertones For Kitchen Design, Design Authority

A tinge of soft blue and gray in your kitchen is the perfect alternative for the classic white kitchen. If you have a tight space and have limited natural light seeping through, these cool coloured undertones can brighten up your kitchen area significantly. Don’t forget to complement it with inside plants to amplify the look making a personal Zen for your home.

Deep coloured stools and other furniture can give depth to your light-coloured kitchen. To wrap up the look, clear glass icicles as your pendant lighting can accentuate the look.

Warm and Cozy with Brown Hues

If light colours are not your personal taste, then try soft brown hues instead. Wood is still unmatched when it comes to getting the cozy and inviting effect in an interior. You can play around with the different brown tones to create interesting contrasting effects among the wood hues and graining.

Warm And Cozy With Brown Hues, Design Authority

Further highlight the wood features with your task lighting under the hanging cabinets. Then throw in a light-coloured carpet or rug underneath your kitchen area to finish the look.

Design is in the Details

Don’t be afraid to use details in your kitchen. If you love the modern look but hate the cold and plain appearance you can opt for sleek furniture and lighting fixtures. Maintain the rectangular forms on your kitchen but add details such as textured and high grained tiling.

Striking Details For Kitchen Design Scaled, Design Authority

Modern yet cozy-looking, the bar kitchen island features travertine tile cladding on the surface creating a beautiful façade for the kitchen area. The sleekly designed and brightly coloured high chairs gives an effective contrast on the tile cladding making it pop among the earth-toned interior.

Black and White the Retro Style

The vintage fun of eclectic mixed interior is making a comeback in kitchen interiors.

Black White Retro Kitchen By Terracotta Design Build, Design Authority

Black & White Retro Kitchen by Terracotta Design Build

You can capture the vibe of retro style in your kitchen by using black and white tiles or choose pantone colours for your walls such as lemon chrome, hot pink or eggplant hues. If you want to go beyond colours, then you can add a vintage appliance or two such as a freezer or cooking range to complete the look. Famous brand names of retro appliances include Igloo, Smeg and Nostalgia Electrics.

Modern Hexagon Tiles

Tired of staring at that same old same old backsplash tiling? Then, why not try the interesting yet modern hexagonal tiles. These tile looks great on any type of kitchen interior. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary look or want to retain your French-styled cabinets, the hexagonal tiles look stunning in any kitchen big or small.

Modern Hexagon Tiles Kitchen Backsplash, Design Authority

Modern Hexagon Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash via

Fresh yet timeless, the hexagonal tiles come with different sizes. The smallest size is at 1 to 2 inches and the largest size is 12 inches. If you have a larger area to cover it might be best to pick a medium-sized tile, but if you have a small backsplash area small-sized tiles will likely work fine.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertop

For kitchen countertops, most homeowners would go for the stone countertop (either natural stone or engineered stone) because of the durability and the more luxurious look, as compared to concrete and wooden countertops.

Speaking of stone countertops, there are 4 main materials for you to choose from, depending on how you use your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Via, Design Authority

Kitchen Countertop via

The most common one is the glamorous natural marble stone. If uniqueness is important to you, marble is your top candidate, because every single slab of marble stone has its unique veins.

Marble Kitchen Island Countertop, Design Authority

Marble Kitchen Island Countertop via

However, take note that marble is more susceptible to wear and tear, so it requires regular sealing and maintenance (at least once a year).

Another material similar to marble is granite stone, which is also a natural stone, but relatively stronger than marble. Other advantages of granite include its higher resistance to heat and scratches, unlike the delicate marble stone.

Sensa Granite Via Cosentino, Design Authority

Sensa granite kitchen island via Cosentino

And just like marble, the granite stone requires regular maintenance because it is also somewhat porous, so dirt and bacteria can be trapped within the stone. If you love granite but worry about potential stains, go for Sensa granite by Cosentino because this awesome surface comes with a revolutionary protective treatment that provides high stain resistance.

Besides these 2 natural stones, more and more homeowners are going for the more affordable quartz stone, which is an engineered stone that has very low or negligible porosity, making it resistant to acidic foods and wines, thus perfect for everyday food preparation — so you don’t have to worry about surface discolouration like marble and granite.

The quartz stone, being an engineered material, is also highly resistant to heat and scratches, making it a wonderful choice for those who cook and bake regularly.

Kitchen And Bathroom With Dekton Quartz Also Comes In Marble Finishing Variety By Mr Shopper Studio, Design Authority

Kitchen and bathroom with Dekton quartz by Mr Shopper Studio

The variety of designs for these engineered quartz stones is virtually endless, and they can even mimic the look of marble stones, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds — aesthetics and affordability.

Other than quartz, there’s the solid surface stone which is highly customisable. If you’re someone who wants something 100% unique and creative, then the solid surface is the material for you, because it can be moulded into virtually any shape and thickness.

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop Via Bobby Berk, Design Authority

Corian Solid Surface x Quartz Kitchen Countertop via Bobby Berk

As wonderful as it sounds, take note that the solid surface is highly susceptible to heat and scratches, so it is only suitable for those who seldom cook and bake.

For your kitchen backsplash, you can choose to use the same material as your countertop, or go for alternatives such as some fancy glass or tiles. If you cook often, be sure to pick a material surface that’s easy to clean.

Kitchen, Design Authority

Open Concept Kitchen via @escapefromsofa

Most homeowners pay a lot of attention to the countertop and backsplash materials, but often leave it to the carpenter to use common plywood for their kitchen cabinetry — which is a big mistake. The truth is, most of these carpentry materials contain high level of volatile organic compounds that can induce stress, allergies, and even cancer. Nope, this is no fear-mongering here. Many of us are living in a more toxic environment than we know.

Ultra Low Formaldehyde Building Materials EGGER And CLEAF NORM, Design Authority

So what’s the solution? Well, thanks to human’s ingenuity and the advanced technologies today, you can now choose more health-centric products that contains ultra-low VOC content. One great example is the safe and sustainable wood-based boards by EGGER and CLEAF. Their premium wood finishes are high in CO2 sequestration and ultra-low in formaldehyde emissions, yielding low VOC emissions throughout their life service so we can enjoy a safe indoor quality. The best part is, these safe and durable materials also come in fabulous designs, offering your the versatility and aesthetics you desire for your interior design.

One popular kitchen feature that many homeowners wish for is the island counter. But what if you have a small kitchen?

The easiest way is to opt for a lightweight and portable trolley that you can wheel around to facilitate ease of use of your entire kitchen space.

Another practical way is to install a peninsula, instead of a full island in the middle of your kitchen.

Kitchen Peninsula Bistro Kitchen — Rebecca Hay Designs Inc, Design Authority

Kitchen Peninsula via

Still want to have an island with a bar counter in the centre of your kitchen? Then consider a slim hollow-out island where you can tuck in your dining chairs or bar stools.

And if you have a small and slim kitchen that can’t really fit an island, you can opt for the more practical galley kitchen with a combination of cabinets and open shelving.

Scandinavian Galley Kitchen Jennifer Lee Via , Design Authority

Jen’s Crown Heights Scandinavian Galley Kitchen via

The great thing about a galley kitchen is that the areas for storing, preparing, cooking, and washing are adjacent to each other, meaning more efficient utilization of space. You can also add a small kitchen trolley as a low-cost “island” if you like.

18. Design a pull-out closet to mimic a walk-in wardrobe to save space

Many homeowners place a lot of emphasis on the wardrobe, especially the ladies… and the walk-in wardrobe is one of the coveted design features for the bedroom.

Ardmore Park Walk In Wardrobe Design By ARCHLUXE 1, Design Authority

Ardmore Park walk-in wardrobe design by Archluxe

But what if your bedroom does not have the space for one? Instead of spending extra to hack walls for more space, you can always adopt the pull-out closet concept to mimic a walk-in wardrobe while not taking up too much space, just like the 2 pull-out closets below:

PLURIMO AIACE Plurimo Collection By JESSE Design Favaretto Partners, Design Authority

Pull-Out Closet – PLURIMO – AIACE Plurimo Collection By JESSE design Favaretto & Partners

Pull Out Closet By @laurahammett.interiors, Design Authority

Pull-Out Closet by @laurahammett.interiors

19. Make your bathroom look more spacious with mirrors, wall art, or large white tiles

One of the common problems in bathroom remodel is usually the space issue in a small apartment, so we’re going to focus on small bathrooms here.

An easy way to make your bathroom look bigger is obviously the use of large mirrors to create the illusion of depth.

Miltonia Bathroom Interior Design By ARCHLUXE 2, Design Authority

Use of mirrors – Luxurious bathroom design by Archluxe

Another less common way to make your bathrooms more spacious is to use large botanical wall prints, which also creates the wow factor for the usually austere space, as well as brings you closer to Mother Nature while you’re relieving yourself, having a bath, or prepping yourself to look your best.

Bathroom With Tropical Wall Prints Via @carasavenwalldesign, Design Authority

Bathroom with Tropical Wall Prints via @carasavenwalldesign

If bold wall art is too over the top for you, then consider “expanding” this limited space with white marble (or the look-alikes which are more budget-friendly).

20. Choose the right tiles for every room

Tiles for your living room

Based on your floor space, choose your tiles based on the interior style you would like to project. For example, the earthy terracotta tiles look great on a rustic or country styled home, while the seamless look of a ceramic tile looks good with a modern styled interior. Most living room flooring finishes aim for a formal and elegant look so, it’s better to choose neutral and simple colours where the darkness or lightness depends on the existing wall colour, but floors are typically darker than the ceiling and wall areas.

Grey Polished Ceramic Floor Tile, Design Authority


Tiles for your kitchen

The kitchen has the heaviest foot traffic at home this means choosing tiles that are sturdy and durable. Stone tiles and engineered wood are great choices for your kitchen flooring. Stone tiles such as granite, slate, marble, and travertine are pricier but have longer service lives compared to porcelain and ceramic.

Kitchen Style With Victorian Floor Tiles Scaled, Design Authority


Tiles for your bedroom

Regardless of what design style you are aiming for, bedroom tiles are typically warm in colour, and most favour wood over stone material because of its cosy quality. For the size, large format tiles are better for creating an airy and relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom Flooring Scaled, Design Authority


Tiles for your bathroom

With so many tile colours, patterns and sizes out in the market the design possibilities are endless when it comes to your personal oasis. To narrow down your search choose flooring and wall tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. For the size, the large tile format with a monochromatic hue means a sleek look which is great when aiming for a minimalistic theme. While mosaic or smaller tile formats are great as accents or feature walls creating a more traditional atmosphere in your bathroom area.

Tiles For Bathroom Walls And Flooring, Design Authority


Choosing the best tile design for your bathroom flooring and walls will mainly depend on your desired interior style but other factors such as maintenance, cost and bathroom size should also be considered.

21. Choose the right lighting to create the right ambience

Your living room lighting

Strategic lighting can enhance the look and feel of your living room space. Aim for a stylish and functional illumination where it covers the three basic types of lighting: ambient, accent, and task lighting.

One Palm By Omniyat Designed By Elicyon, Design Authority

One Palm by Omniyat – Designed by Elicyon

Select fixtures that can be used together while creating varying levels of lighting in a room. Sculptural lights such as sputnik chandeliers or cascading lights are great for creating a focal point on your vertical space and pulling together your living room furniture. Make sure to provide 30 to 36 inches of space between your coffee table and your chandelier or centre lighting.

Fabulous Living Room Lighting Via @yana  Sokirko, Design Authority

Fabulous Living Room Lighting via @yana__sokirko

If you have a long spacious living room with a gallery or shelf of collectables, track lighting is a flexible way to highlight your display since you can adjust the direction and placement of your lights.

For optimum comfort and functionality, you can install smart lighting features (with various light colours to choose from) that can be remotely controlled through your smartphones. There are home automation systems that have applications for monitoring and controlling your lighting systems. So, next time you can turn on the lights and music to set a relaxing mood in your living room as soon as you arrive.

Your dining room lighting

Similar to your living room, layering lights with ambient, accent and task lighting can affect the mood and functionality of your space.

Luxurious Dining Area Design @ Porsche Tower Penthouse By Adriana Hoyos Design Studio, Design Authority

Luxurious Dining Room Design @ Porsche Tower Penthouse by Adriana Hoyos Design Studio

As a rule of thumb, your focal lighting should be 12 inches smaller than the table in all directions. So, for a 4-foot wide table, look for a light that’s no more than 2 feet wide while having at least 30 inches of vertical space between the tip of your luminaire and the surface of your table. Though, for experienced decorators, you can aim for sculptural luminaires that are almost as large as your table as long as you can balance out the style and weight of your elements.

Your bedroom lighting

Bedroom illumination should include adjustable layered warm lightings that can be set with the different uses in your bedroom. As a restful vibe and warm ambience are needed when lounging or drowsing off in your bedroom space, a well-lit area should also be possible when you need to access your wardrobe or when reading a book.

Nature Inspired Bedroom Lighting Via, Design Authority

Nature-Inspired Bedroom Lighting via

Smart lighting such as remote-controlled or automatic adjusters is a practical choice when you want to set different moods in your bedroom with different light colours.

Your kitchen lighting

To showcase your kitchen in its best light and your personality, invest in efficient and stylish ambient lighting. You can choose to install recessed lighting as they are popular choices today as they can be placed in areas where other lighting fixtures are not able to reach.

Modern Luxury Kitchen Via @yana  Sokirko, Design Authority

Luxury Kitchen with Modern Pendant Lights via @yana__sokirko

For even and balanced lighting throughout your kitchen area, flush mount lighting is another great option. Track or monorail systems work best if you have trouble moving power around the ceiling which is a suitable option for modern kitchens.

Your bathroom lighting

Lighting is an effective way to transform your bathroom into a relaxing and functional refuge.

Luxury Bathroom Lighting Via @redrobotdesign, Design Authority

Luxury Bathroom Lighting via @redrobotdesign

Creating a shadowless illumination in your mirror area is probably the most important lighting concern when it comes to your bathroom as shaving, makeup and tooth care need proper lighting. A great way to eliminate glare or shadow casts is to install sconce lighting on each side of your mirror at eye level.

22. Choose quality and beautiful home appliances and gadgets to match your interior design

Believe it or not, the home appliances and gadgets we choose can make or break the look of our home. Yes, it’s a biggie. Not only must they fulfil the functionalities we need, but the design of these appliances and gadgets should also blend seamlessly with our interior design. Here are a few wonderful creations by world-class brands that you can incorporate beautifully into your home so you can enjoy the best of both worlds:

Your refrigerator

For many of us, our refrigerator doesn’t get the same level of love as the rest of the kitchen, as we tend to focus on practicality, with very little consideration for the unit’s aesthetic appeal.

Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator, Design Authority

The good news is, with Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerators, this is no longer the case. Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerators are available in a delightful selection of designs, offering us unrivalled versatility to mix and different refrigerator configurations and door panel colours – a whole new level of customisation that we’ve never seen before! Flaunt your style and create a statement piece in your kitchen with changeable colour panels that fit any kitchen and home décor. If you fancy a kitchen revamp later, simply switch to a new set of colour panels, for a brand new look.

Check out more wonderful home appliances by Samsung here

Your water purifier and dispenser

When it comes to home and kitchen appliances, the water filtration system has changed countless lives across the globe. Yet its design has remained largely rudimentary. With that in mind, Wells has created a brand new cutting-edge water machine that defies the norm of what a water purification system is capable of.

Wells The One Water Purifier Dispenser, Design Authority

Instead of producing another generic water filter and dispenser, the product designers at Wells decided to push the limits and create a smarter device that intuits precisely what you need from potable water. Introducing the new and improved “Wells The One” Water Purifier, a revolutionary innovation that creates a symphony between aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality.

The appeal has been largely attributed to the sleek and ergonomic circular shaft-like structure and its Ultra Small size at a mere 8.8cm in diameter and 33.7 cm in height. This makes it a petite yet powerful addition to your kitchen. The Purifier creates a streamlined and minimalist aesthetic while leaving you with a roomier countertop.

In addition to a thorough filtration process, it also conducts stringent water quality checks to ensure microorganisms and heavy metals are adequately removed. It has two filters, the Wells Multi-Carbon Plus which removes suspended solids, rust, chlorine and bad odours, and the Nano Clean filter which removes bacteria build-up, the Norovirus, and other harmful microparticles.

Discover more about Wells The One here

Your coffee machine

If you are a coffee aficionado who enjoys the finer things in life, then choosing the right coffee machine that reflects your refined taste and makes your life easier is essential. Enter ‘Maestosa‘ (Italian for majestic), the fully automated coffee machine by De’Longhi.

Maestosa By DeLonghi 4, Design Authority

This impeccable coffee machine is like no other. The sleek and refined design of Maestosa harkens back to De’Longhi’s rich Italian origins. Out of the 800 staff working at De’Longhi’s plant in Treviso, only 20 specialists were chosen for the elite team responsible for Maestosa, with one dedicated specialist to handcraft each of these wondrous machines from start to finish, including all quality control, testing, and individual components. Speaking of components, Maestosa is built with nothing less than superior materials, evident in its ultra-mirror stainless steel top, striped stainless-steel body, and bright black mirrored glass front panel. All these are indeed a true testament to De’Longhi’s steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards and consistency for this flagship model.

If you love to entertain, making coffee for your guests will no longer be a struggle, but an effortless showcase of masterful coffee brewing, thanks to Maestosa’s 18 pre-installed recipes and its amazing capability of whipping up multiple cups of top-of-the-line coffee in just minutes.

Discover more about Maestosa here

Your home entertainment system

Whether you are an audiophile or just someone who enjoys a truly immersive experience when listening to your favourite music or watching your favourite shows, Devialet will rock your world. Unlike most sound systems which are usually austere, Devialet’s emotive fluid design and unimposing size will blend in harmoniously with any interior design theme, either playing the key role as the pièce de résistance or serving as the artistic element that effortlessly elevates the design and ambience of a room while providing an unparalleled audio experience.

Phantom I White Gold 108dB Lifestyle Stereo 2 2, Design Authority

Devialet focuses on the intersection of luxury and cutting-edge technology to create a masterful meld of emotive aesthetics and functionality that transformed the audio experience like never before, representing the long-awaited breakthrough in the world of sound since the invention of the CD more than 40 years ago.

Their signature wireless speaker, Phantom, paved a whole new path to the ultimate audio experience through its ultra-dense sound and captivating physical impact, which is uniquely powerful and incredibly distinct, with zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise, all provided in a wireless form, designed to work in a single form or in a pair. For the first time ever, we can finally amplify sound without altering it, without distorting or killing the emotion inside the music, to enjoy notes so crisp and crystal clear beyond anything previously measured.

Discover more about Devialet here

Samsung The Frame 3, Design Authority

Have you ever dreamed of incorporating a private art gallery into your home design? If you have, dream no longer, because, with Samsung’s The Frame, you can add instant class and personalisation to any room to enhance your everyday experience by showcasing some of the most stunning world-class masterpieces, without taking up extra space unnecessarily or compromising on your interior design, all thanks to the state-of-the-art 4K technologies and QLED TV display of this brilliant innovation by Samsung.

The built-in Art Store of The Frame allows the owners of this incredible, almost sci-fi technology to bring the beauty and wonders of over 1,600 stunning artworks into their homes. In fact, you’ll get the chance to truly experience the beauty of these artworks as if they are truly there, whether you are using them to adorn your walls or as the pièce de résistance of any room – all made possible thanks to the sleek minimalist design and the incredible Quantum Dot Technology system.

Discover more innovations by Samsung here

23. Design a Stylish & Comfy Home Office

Working from home is now in vogue thanks to COVID 19. This means you need a work-friendly home office that looks great and is also functional. Trust me, dealing with distractions from the mundane home routine is the absolute important. Furthermore, you’ll need a decent backdrop from which you can host video calls without feeling embarrassed and having to resort to ugly AI background on Zoom. So invest in your home office to capture that ever-illusive inspiration and boost your productivity. Here are some awe-inspiring home office elements you can use to plan your renovation.

Add Greenery and a mesh board.

Adding plants to a work office livens up the space for creativity. With hanging potted plants and the odd vase of flowers, you can add that extra green and pop of natural colour to make your home office table look impressive. With a metal mesh grid panel, you can also pin-up photos, memorabilia and noteworthy documents for review, all within plain sight. The metal mesh grid panel also adds a little rusticity, reminding you to not take yourself too seriously. The versatility and utility of the metal mesh grid panel make it a great addition to the home office.

Greenery And A Mesh Board, Design Authority


The Wooden Peninsular Desk

We’re enamoured by the wooden wall attached cantilever peninsula desk. It’s a simple look that opens more desk space and increased functionality without compromising on elemental space. Having the wooden desk run along the wall of the room in a peninsula fashion creates distinctive visual lines that play into the contrasting wall colours to give a sleek and updated feel. Combine that with in-wall shelving and a lighter carpet colour and you get a stunning office space. Adding green to the mix will create focal points that elevate the space.

The Wooden Peninsular Desk, Design Authority


The Organised Office

This may not necessarily be a look per se, but it’s to combine form and function. With overheard shelving and monochromatic racks that house plants, nick-knacks, important documents and ornaments, you can better espouse your unique character in the given space. With the extra space, you can make the best of the office without sacrificing functionality. It’s the ultimate win-win. Try using a monochrome style and selecting furniture and ornaments as focal points for contrasting colours. With wood accents and flooring on a monochrome look, you get the best of both worlds.

The Organized Office, Design Authority


The Cork Wall

Fancy yourself a detective or a maybe visual learner? Adding a floor to ceiling cork wall adjacent to your workstation is a fantastic accompaniment to your office space. Need to reference a world map? Stick it on the cork wall. Need a mind map to visualise meaningful connections in the subject matter? Stick it on the cork wall. Need to constantly refer to a process diagram? Stick it on the cork wall. It’s convenient and there are so many uses for it. It also looks fantastic against your workstation.

The Cork Wall, Design Authority


Built-in/Concealed Shelving

The problem with many home offices is the tech stack layout on your desk and the inefficient way space is used. With clunky printers and scanners, that don’t get used on the regular, leaving them around on your desk is simply a waste. Enter built-in shelves. A fantastic way to conceal the number of clunky devices you have is to keep them out of sight and out of mind. Having your printer roll out in an ergonomic manner makes usage easier and keeps essential space for essential items.

Built InConcealed Shelving Scaled, Design Authority


Couples Work Stations

The best thing about working from home is that your other half may be doing the same. Having a couple’s workstation can help boost productivity while also increasing quality time and improving relationships. While some couples prefer not to work in the same room as work methods may differ, others have opted to leverage their partner’s productivity to do the same. And nothing helps the most than a couples work station. Now you can get productive and stay connected with your other half too.

Couple Work Stations, Design Authority


The Hole in the Wall

Starved for space? Thinking of converting your backroom into a functional office. Here’s the rule of thumb: If it can fit a workstation, you can make an office. Small is the new big. Grab the essentials but make the space your own by adding an accent wall with a contrasting colour from adjacent walls. With wood trimmings like exposed shelving, desk, and laminate wood flooring you can add an earthy twist. Be sure to personalise the space with art and other nick nacks. An office can really benefit from simple yet colourful pieces that bring out the joy in work and play.

The Hole In The Wall Scaled, Design Authority


Clean Bright Boho

The clean bright look is back, with off white and cream walls being offset by the light wood tones of a bright brown. With copper accents and natural elements like hand-woven leaf baskets, the boho look is chic and creates an almost dreamlike aesthetic, that makes an office feel more like a glamorous interior that screams Instagram shot. Combine that with panel wood flooring and you’ve got yourself a look. It’s fresh, it’s bold and it’s clean. Embrace the textures and colours that boho has to offer.

Clean Bright Boho, Design Authority


The Standalone Desk

A simple yet effective office consists of a standalone desk and chair. The no-frills no-fuss option for home offices uses simple additions that turn the entire space into an actual office. Sleek yet simple furniture pieces from IKEA can liven up the space but keep things on a budget. Just simple contrasting accent walls and colours, with wall art and shelving, can transform the space completely. Simplicity is key.

The Standalone Desk, Design Authority


These design suggestions are a great way to make the home office space your own. Simply select what resonates with your own personal style.

24. Consult the experts for more home renovation ideas and bespoke interior design proposals

We hope that this guide has given you some useful home renovation ideas on how to plan, design, and furnish your home — especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Do bookmark this page and share it with your friends, because we’ll be updating this guide from time to time. And if you are renovating soon, be sure to connect with our highly recommended creative and experienced designers and architects here.

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