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Uncluttered and clean, the Contemporary style is an enduring and ever changing design concept that has worked for many living spaces and is also favored in commercial and industrial interiors. Although the style has been reputed to be stark and impersonal, today’s new contemporary themes offer a blend of comfort, warmth, sophistication, and a fresh look that’s still in line with the minimalistic theme.

Not to be confused with Modern interiors, Contemporary style doesn’t reflect a specific time period, instead, it is ever-evolving adapting to showcase relevant design trends of today. Another great reason to love the versatile style is that it gives you more freedom to put together and define your space that can easily evolve as the trends go. So, what’s in style today? Current interior design trends use clean and well-defined lines, high contrasts, solid hues, and feature pieces to get that Contemporary look.

Crisp and Sleek

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Using neutral colors, this Contemporary kitchen showcases the beauty of white, making the space look crisp and clean, a fitting color choice for a kitchen area. The elegant marble look-alike backsplash is cohesive with the modern look while staying in the constraints of minimal theme.

The modern-designed parquet is used to anchor down the place while adding warmth and dimension.

Chrome hardware is a popular choice for matte white and black cabinets that beautifully embellishes the seamless surface.

Wood Materials

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Nothing beats the evergreen wooden materials, and this Urban Contemporary design integrates the natural material as much as possible into the spacious interior. The wooden trims, wood flooring, and shelving have diverse wood textures that make the space even more personalized and curated.

What you’ll notice with the furniture accents is its simple linear grooves and lining.

You can utilize the direction of your tile layout when you want to define areas in a spacious room. Just like this kitchen area, the parquet wood is laid in a more dynamic pattern while adjacent wood finishes are placed in a uniform layout.

Statement Pieces

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Today’s trend in décor involves having several statement pieces like this beautiful brass-finished sputnik chandelier that adds movement and energy to the spacious dining. Another favorite modern décor are botanical artworks, just like this large feature art piece that is a perfect backdrop for the dining area. Aside from filling in the void, the large painting adds character to the place while it matches with the surrounding wooden materials as well as the natural rattan and wrought iron dining chairs

As to add continuity and flow of spaces, the designer opts for a ceiling-high glass door and partition, which makes natural lighting and ventilation fill in the whole apartment area.

Open Plan

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True to its minimalistic roots, the Contemporary interior design only keeps indispensable items on arm’s reach while storing away the non-essentials. With minimal décor, every piece of item are functional that allows the space to breathe and flow freely.

Stressed? Why not add low-maintenance house plants that increase your much-needed oxygen while adding that zen feeling to the place.

Architecturally, Contemporary design loves straight-edged and clean lines but to add depth and emphasis. The recessed wall is located in the music area, a perfect spot for a feature art-piece. Recessed walls can help break the void in large walls. Apply a recessed wall to your foyer or along a long hallway and fit in succulents or a framed painting to add a personal touch.

Curated Pieces

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The freedom to add touches of your own, personal style is something we love about Contemporary interiors while still taking only the essential pieces.

Furniture with dark wood and simple forms has always been the forte of the eastern design concepts, and these elegant pieces blend perfectly with any style. The darker hue is just a perfect juxtaposition against the white and pale-colored walls of the Contemporary style as it gives a high contrast but is not overbearing to the overall look.

Soft Hues

Soft Hues Bedroom Scaled, Design Authority

Pastels are desirable color palettes, especially in spaces where you needed a soothing and relaxing ambiance. The light olive green adds a calming effect and is known to relieve stress, while hints of dark tones add depth and warmth.

Without breaking the minimalistic rhythm, the chosen luminaire design stick the most basic forms as well as the clean-lined floor to ceiling built-in cabinets that has simple and functional design.

Order and Simplicity

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An admirable trait of Contemporary design is its uncluttered look where studies have shown that we sleep better when surrounded by order. This helps clear our heads, thus falling asleep is easier and more relaxing. At the same time, waking up in a serene space is a great way to start the day.

Bathroom 9999, Design Authority

The principles of Contemporary design on harmony, order, and simplicity make it a great choice for space-starved spaces. And since it is an ever-evolving design concept you can change or update your interior design as you go along your own life changes.


Urban contemporary style is a versatile theme where you can integrate different modern pieces together to create a stunning interior.

The bathrooms have two different tile applications but stay with the monochromatic color scheme and beige color surround. The geometric patterned tiling meanwhile adds character to the bathroom space and something for the eyes to feast on among the plain walls.

When you have a tight space, the only thing to do is to go up and that is what exactly this toilet and bathroom space did. You’ll see the exposed plumbing system above which is painted in white to further tone down its presence.

Exposed utilities are also a practical and unexpectedly appealing feature and for some adds that hints of imperfection to a space making it more authentic, homey, and personalized.


For the urban dweller having a no-fuzz interior means easier maintenance and cleaning which is another feature, we love about this modern theme. And, with the advent of quality RTA furniture, we’re looking into interior design styles that are easy to achieve, practical, and adaptable to the changing styles.


Project: Blk 73A Redhill Road

Designer: ExQsite Interior Design

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