10 Simple & Clever Interior Design Ideas for Small Homes

If you live in a small apartment, it can be tough to have adequate storage, privacy, and zoning of areas within your limited space. This list of ideas can help you update the look and feel of your personal space.

While you can utilize every inch of your apartment or flat, our list can help you update the look and feel of your personal space.

1. Office Beneath My Stairs

Finding the right spot for your home office? Don’t let the space under your stairs go to waste. The clearance beneath your staircase will determine how large your home office will be. Though, a small desk with 0.70 meter width and 1-meter length is just enough for 1 laptop and a side lamp.

The Scandinavian-inspired study desk works well with the wood and metal stairs giving the area a rustic yet homely feel.

Home Office Beneath The Stairs Via @nevillejohnsongroup, Design Authority

Source: @nevillejohnsongroup

2. The Vertical Kid’s Bedroom

Don’t let space stop your child from exploring. This kid’s bed loft idea effectively saves space as it utilizes the vertical space of your room by leaving a free space below the bed. The freed-up space is perfect in placing a study or play area for your child.

Loft beds are suitable for older children and make sure to secure the ladder going up the bed loft.

Vertical Kids Bedroom Via @rebekahwestoverphotography, Design Authority

Source: @rebekahwestoverphotography

3. White & Polished Galley Kitchen

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be large to be Instagram- worthy – all you need is a clean, white, and polished finishing and you’re good to go. If you’re wondering what a galley kitchen is, it’s a type of kitchen layout wherein two parallel runs are facing each other, forming a narrow corridor, that’s just enough for 1 user. The great thing about a galley kitchen is that the areas for storing, preparing, cooking, and washing are adjacent to each other, meaning a more efficient utilization of space.


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Why pure white and glossy? That’s because white and polished surfaces can lighten up the place and give the impression of a wider space. Besides, galley kitchens typically lack opportunity for windows and a bright interior can help brighten the place.

4. Open Shelving for Small Kitchens

Forget bulky-looking cabinets, let your kitchen interior breathe by opting open shelving instead. Not only will you make your kitchen area look more spacious, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of easily reaching out your kitchen items without the hustle in constantly opening cabinet doors.

This tiny kitchen has a simple yet functional shelf to neatly hold kitchen wares.  Kitchen counters that have minimal widths will need narrower shelves.


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5. Lift Your Bed for Storage

The space under your bed is one of the most commonly unused space in your bedroom. By raising your bed by several inches or a few feet high, you can install built-in sliding drawers for storing your garments and other personal items inside. There are a lot of bed-lifting furniture in the market, but for a better fit for your space, better seek your local furniture maker to get the right dimensions.

This bedroom looks spacious, thanks to the well-fitted mounted bed and study area. With furniture tailored to your needs and space requirements, you’ll get more out of your valuable space.

Smart Storage Ideas For Small Bedroom, Design Authority

6. Bathroom Space-Saving Ideas 

Got bathroom woes? A floating vanity coupled with a countertop basin makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom space. You’ll love how a floating vanity is easier to clean compared to that of the traditional cabinet-style vanity, plus it’s sophisticated and modern looking as well.

For the tightly spaced bathroom, the tower ladder rack is a quick and stylish way to add storage for your linens and towels. In addition, the rack doesn’t keep much space and you can just easily place or move the ladder with ease.

Tower Rack For Bathroom, Design Authority


7. Barn Door for Your Home Interior

If you love the idea of having a sliding door at your home but don’t want a major renovation of your drywalls, the barn door is the next best option. Unlike the sliding door where you need to have enough wall thickness to pocket it, barn doors are installed on top of the door jamb. Where tracks are placed to guide the barn door where to slide through.

The classic door doesn’t take up much space as you don’t need space for the door swing. If some time in the future you want to go back to the classic swinging door, you can easily remove the barn door anytime.

Sliding Barn Door For Bathroom, Design Authority

8. Ladders to Loft

If you think ladders are shabby think again, opting for a ladder instead of stairs can save you a lot of space and money. You can easily stash away the ladder when not in use, or you may want to install a flexible ladder to easily drop down when needed.

Though, not all spaces are suitable for ladders they’re great for single or living spaces and are safe for lofts that are not too high. In our books, an average of 30 inches is a secure height for your loft.


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9. Drinks on Wheels

We love entertaining guests, but if you live in a flat or small apartment having a bar installed can be difficult if not impossible. The solution? Have a portable bar that you can easily maneuver anywhere through your home without consuming too much space. You can show off your collection of cocktails and concoctions and store them away when not needed. Either you can have the portable bar custom-made or get a good find through online shops that have stylish and simple furniture.

Drinks On Wheel, Design Authority

10. Don’t Forget the Plants

Don’t forget to make room for indoor plants in your interior design. These plants can help rejuvenate your interior whatever size or style of personal space you have. Not only do they exude a lively atmosphere, they’re also a good source of fresh air in your home.

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