12 Interior Design Trends That Are Making the Waves Online

Looking for inspiration for your next home renovation? Wondering what’s in and what’s not? Well, look no further. Let’s delve into the top 12 trends that are rocking the crazy world of interior design.

Bold Botanical Prints

The use of bold botanical prints is taking over Instagram and Pinterest, with large prints to smaller texture walls. Flowers and leaves harken to our need to rekindle our passionate worship of mother nature. There is something rather therapeutic about being one with nature and it speaks to our inner core when we rekindle that romance of natural aesthetics, as it boosts our sense of well being. With the threat of global warming looming over the planet, as its citizens, we embrace biophilia. Thus the abandoning of the cute picturesque daisy and the welcoming of bold tropical prints.

There has been a shift in reconning as we transition from the dainty wallflower to the tropical fern. I mean, go big or go home, right?

Floral Wallpaper Via ABH Interiors Alexis Humiston Photograph By Suzanna Scott 1024x683, Design Authority

Unique and Funky Rugs

Custom carpets are amazing. Nothing creates a unique space better than a custom made rug that’s fashioned from the non-collective. Explore Etsy and you’ll come across many obscurely shaped rugs of shapes, colours, sizes and textures. You’ll even find often unusual materials woven into these rugs that add a modicum of character that surpasses anything that’s store-bought. From neutral palettes to Cuban print and glamorous botanicals, the world is your oyster. You’re but a click from a world of fantasy. It’s so big that Mainstreet IKEA has hopped on the trend of creating “floor art”.

Unique And Funky Rugs 1, Design Authority
Source: @rug_society

Marble and Laminated Textures

The marble feature wall is not going away any time soon. Create breathtaking feature walls and flooring creates the Instagram worthy backdrop many people crave. With COVID 19 making people work from home, you’d be hard-pressed to find professional online interviews without a stylish backdrop. Youtubers and corporate executives equally find the allure of marble simply irresistible. They’re durable and look absolutely flawless. And if you’re conscious about environmental impact, there are more faux marble options available on the market. But the aesthetic still rings true to interior design philosophy and will always be a mainstay.

Bathroom, Design Authority
Source: Tatler Asia

Earthy Wood Tones

Getting over our phase of faux Scandinavian and Weibo Japanese light wood productions, interiors are embracing the mystery of dark wood. It sets the mood for emphatic contemplation. You feel surrounded by character and luxury. You can mix them with metallic accents to add luminosity.

Scandinavian Kitchen, Design Authority
Source: @villastyling


Using a pastel colour sparingly can liven up a room. It creates a feeling of refreshment and airiness. When dabbling with pastels, lighter shades of blue or pink create the essence of fluidity and tranquillity. Adjacent to darker greys and blues and your unlock a kaleidoscope of colour combinations. They also seem to go very well with velvet or suede.

Pastels, Design Authority
Source: @reutovdesign

Ceiling Art and Trims

Creating a high contrast ceiling is becoming vogue at the moment. With neutral and monochromatic ceiling colours, you can create a crisp looking ceiling. You can apply the same principles to trimmings, such as ceiling cornices and fireplaces. Use high gloss paint to create that luxurious feel with added lustre.

Ceiling Art And Trims, Design Authority
Source: @yolandsfisher_queen

Handmade Crafts

Nothing beats the character that handicraft adds to a room. Etsy has liberated homeowners from the shackles of overpriced merchandise and has made it a lot more accessible. The best thing about Etsy is that you can order custom designs on commission as well. In fact, people have opted to hire companies and artists to create statement pieces that express the unique personality of spaces and homeowners. You don’t need to spend hours browsing when you can have others create art with your point of view.

Handmade Crafts, Design Authority
Source: @ruffledthread

European Country Chic

While the more rustic styles have all but vanished, the embracing of the European countryside as a portrait for stunning interiors. The British farmhouse and the Spanish Villa concepts have formalized a unique blueprint that can be used as inspiration. From antique furniture to cultural patterns, there is a myriad of styles to choose from.

European Country Chic, Design Authority
Source: @six_acre_dreams

Jewel Tones

Combining neutral colour with deep, bold jewel dual tones can be very interesting. Deep teals, grey blacks and hunter greens are colours of choice from wall to kitchen cabinets and furniture. It creates personality in these spaces.

Jewel Tones, Design Authority
Source: @sarahjacquelyninteriors

Ergonomic/Green Tech

Using stylish TV and home theatre systems don’t need excess bulk. There are many unique designs to choose from that speak volumes in interior design. From sleek TV’s to faux vintage fridges and appliance, the age of the bulky home theatre is officially over. They also come at reasonable price points with more selections to choose from than ever before.

And with home delivery and planned installation, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with exposed wiring.

Such is the appeal of smart tech. It also has phenomenal energy savings, so if you’re looking for something that looks good and works efficiently, these values are no longer mutually exclusive.

TV, Design Authority

Deep Blue Sea

The contrast of darker blues to lighter walls ups the luxury feel of a space. Even a piece of blue furniture in a sea of neutral tones can really create a splash of magnificence. Blue denotes a sense of strength, faithfulness, dependability and responsibility that is lacking in other colours. With the hustle and bustle of work and the looming worries of a world in disarray, you can look to deep blues as a source of tranquillity.

Blue Chair, Design Authority

Focus on Liveability

One cannot forget that homes are livable and therefore subject to wear and tear. White walls are horrific for many homes because the patina of age does not bode with white. Dirt, grime and imperfections are easily spotted and one can often exhaust themself in the laborious maintenance work that follows a pristine white wall. Focus on making spaces age with grace and convenient for living.

Focus On Liveability, Design Authority

With these trends, you can venture into the world of interior design, confident with the choices you make. They reflect 2020’s unique point of view and with many homeowners forced to spend more time in their homes than usual, the time for interior design is ever more necessary.

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