Bask in Decadent Luxury with Maestosa Fully Automated Coffee Machine

In the world of caffeine, the Italian brand name DE’LONGHI is a titan with a reputation for luxury at its finest. The Italians gave the world espresso coffee culture, and now they give us the ultimate machine to make your caffeine wishes come true. Meet “Maestosa” (Italian for “majestic”), an automated coffee machine that redefines what caffeinated beverages can be.

For coffee aficionados who love the idea of basking in decadent luxury at home with a personalised and extravagant coffee experience, Maestosa will be your perfect companion. And for those who love to entertain, making coffee for your guests will no longer be a struggle, but an effortless showcase of masterful coffee brewing, thanks to Maestosa’s capability of whipping up multiple cups of top-of-the-line coffee in just minutes.

Maestosa By DeLonghi Luxurious Automated Coffee Machine 1, Design Authority

Maestosa Full Automated Coffee Machine by De’Longhi

The sleek and refined design of Maestosa harkens back to De’Longhi’s rich Italian origins. Out of the 800 staff working at De’Longhi’s plant in Treviso, only 20 specialists were chosen for the elite team responsible for Maestosa, with one dedicated specialist to handcraft each of these wondrous machines from start to finish, including all quality control, testing, and individual components. Speaking of components, Maestosa is built with nothing less than superior materials, evident in its ultra-mirror stainless steel top, striped stainless-steel body, and bright black mirrored glass front panel. All these are indeed a true testament to De’Longhi’s steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards and consistency for this flagship model.

And if excellence and convenience had a lovechild, it would be Maestosa. It’s the superior class of coffee machines that promise to give your tastebuds exactly what they deserve: caffeinated liquid luxury. And all with the automation of the future, minus the judgy barista that looks at you funny for customising your order. Maestosa awaits you.

Maestosa By DeLonghi 3, Design Authority

Beat the morning blues with your favourite cup of coffee

Waking up in the morning to eighteen different built-in recipes for coffee really is the life to live. Enjoy your cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites to your heart’s content. Satisfaction guaranteed.

But if you’re the kind of person that embraces their creative side and wants to experiment then, this is also the machine for you. Maestosa comes with the exclusive De’Longhi Coffee Link App that connects your phone to the machine with Bluetooth. It allows for up to six people to be connected to Maestosa. You can create your recipes in the app and have the machine make it just the way you like.

Maestosa By DeLonghi Coffee Link App 2, Design Authority

Real-time control, beverage customization, general settings, support and manuals with De’Longhi’s Coffee Link App

Oh, and imagine your coffee machine having your favourite brew ready as you wake up in the morning. Or perhaps indulging a sneaky craving of your favourite cuppa joe during an afternoon siesta while you lounge on your sofa. You don’t even have to get up and switch the machine on. The app lets you select the recipe and assuming there is a cup under the spout, you’re good to go. You can even watch your coffee brew in realtime, just by looking at the app and it lets you know when your coffee is ready.

It’s a pretty smart machine that makes personalised coffee brewing so much more convenient. Yet, there is no compromise on taste. Expect your vibrant cremas, rich aromas, and complex flavours to shine through with every sip. Congratulations! You now have connoisseur quality coffee without kidnapping a professional barista.

Maestosa By DeLonghi 5 Inch Touch Enabled Colour Display, Design Authority

Maestosa has a 5-inch touch-enabled full-colour display

Maestosa has a 5-inch touch-enabled colour display so you can select from the 18 coffee recipes, all with a simple touch.

Got milk? Daily or plant-based alternatives like soy and almond milk can all be frothed into a velvety dream. Maestosa has you covered, so you can rest easy when entertaining friends with dietary preferences. It’s no biggie at all.

Got the caffeine jitters? The machine even has recipes for tea and hot chocolate. How? We thought you’d ask that. Maestosa has an exclusive detachable MixCarafe where you can put your milk or hot chocolate in and using either an aero-stirrer or choco-stirrer, it froths the drink to perfection.

Another wonderful feature of Maestosa is De’Longhi’s LatteCrema system. A detachable unit that stores, steams, and froths your milk to any texture you’ve selected on the Coffee Link App. Now, I know what you might be thinking. Place milk in a machine? What about leftover milk? Is it even hygienic? And those concerns are completely valid. That’s why the LatteCrema system can be removed from the machine and kept in your fridge for storage. The internal milk circuit is also automatically cleaned after use with water and steam, to keep your milk safe and sanitary.

Maestosa By DeLonghi 2 Bean Hoppers For Customised Blends, Design Authority

Maestosa has two bean hoppers for your customised blend

Let’s talk about beans. You get not one but two bean hoppers on top of Maestosa that are airtight to maintain freshness and seal the aroma. This is perfect for creating blends. Place an arabica in one and a robusta in another and you can experiment with different proportions of each to create your customised blend. But a good bean mix can only be as good as the fineness of the grind. Now, with De’Longhi’s Active Grinding Technology, Maestosa takes all the guesswork out of grinding. Using burr steel grinders, the machine can accurately grind your beans to the fineness you select or what the coffee blend asks for. No more grunt work for you. It’s a set and forget system.

And that’s not all. The Maestro uses Tubeless technology so coffee grounds don’t get stuck inside the grinder. This means, with every brew, you can be assured the coffee isn’t contaminated with previous grounds and you’re getting fresh coffee every time. It also has a variable brewing system that tamps the coffee evenly before it’s pre-infused to ensure you get a rich and vibrant crema for your espresso. You can bet it’ll be instaworthy.

Maestosa By DeLonghi 18 Built In Recipes, Design Authority

There are 18 pre-installed recipes to choose from

This is the future of coffee makers. It’s fresh and high-quality coffee from bean to cup. Every single step is thought out, you just have to refill the machine as needed. Just imagine the world of possibilities. Making a refreshing and delicious beverage has never been this easy. The sturdy yet luxurious build quality, as well as the futuristic design, makes it a statement piece for your kitchen. If you’re making coffee for yourself and your significant other, simply select the double shot recipes, then place two glasses under the double spout and Bob’s your uncle! You and your partner can enjoy a romantic morning coffee without having to wait for a second brew.

Maestosa By DeLonghi 1 1, Design Authority

You and your partner will love the double coffee features

The team at De’Longhi have gone above and beyond to bring you a machine that effortlessly melds quality, luxury, and convenience. Maestosa is a wondrous beauty. You may think that’s high praise for a kitchen appliance, but if you’ve ever tried a De’Longhi product, you’d be agasp at the attention to detail the Italian designers pay. It’s revolutionary. But the true test of a coffee maker is the taste of your favourite cuppa joe. And a De’Longhi coffee machine is a major contender in that department. So sit back, relax, and let Maestosa liberate your mornings with liquid joy. It’s worth it and so are you.

Discover more about Maestosa at De’Longhi’s official e-shop or visit their retails outlets at:

Harvey Norman Flagship Store
9 Raffles Boulevard 01-59 to 63, Millenia Walk,
Level 1 De’Longhi Coffee Counter
Singapore 039596

TANGS @ Tang Plaza
310 Orchard Rd, Tang Plaza
B1 Electrical and Appliances
Singapore 238864

Takashimaya Departmental Store
391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City
B1 Coffee Counter
Singapore 238872

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