Homegrown Marano Furniture Launches Latest Luxury Collection – 京 Colours of Peking Inspired by Beijing Opera

JING LIVING, Design Authority

Discover the intricacies between theatrical costumes, social customs, and the aesthetics of China with Marano Furniture’s handcrafted design pieces that balance solemnity, elegance, and noble luxury


SINGAPORE, 14 September 2022 — In conjunction with Singapore Design Week, local luxury furniture brand Marano Furniture officially launches the first two of four instalments of their latest collection titled “京 Colours of Peking”. Drawing its design inspiration from two of the four characters, Jing, a prominent male character with striking looks and high social position, and Dan, an elegant female character with soft lines, in the Beijing Opera, this luxurious collection comprises 12 pieces of finely crafted furniture inspired by the intimate play between theatrical costumes, social customs and aesthetics of the Beijing Opera.

Founded in 2019, Marano Furniture seeks to radicalise the norms of furniture design, by gathering young, under-represented designers across Asia to create themed designs made with quality craftsmanship, and showcasing their works on a global platform. Along with its intricate designs, Marano Furniture’s design pieces are sustainably crafted and produced on-demand, with materials acquired from sustainable sources, such as E0 grade plywood and eco-friendly natural veneer.

“I have always been fascinated with Chinese aesthetics. The play between the different design pieces feel like a performance repertoire, bringing the essence of the Beijing Opera to life. The 京 Colours of Peking collection gives breath into the intricate aesthetics of the Chinese art form, with symbolic pieces quintessential of the Beijing Opera,” says Christopher Lim, Managing Director of Marano Furniture.

京 Colours of Peking: Jing

The Jing instalment takes inspiration from the intricate and vibrant countenance of the face of the male role of Jing in the Beijing Opera. The bold, black and gold patterns of the character are showcased through the play between majesty and solemnity in each of the design pieces.

OLIME SIDEBOARD, Design Authority

(Above: OLIME Sideboard)

The OLIME Sideboard makes an eye-catching statement, showcasing fluid waves that create a graceful yet strikingly contrasting image. Delicately created by MARANO’s artisans using controlled precision carving and heat compression, the OLIME Sideboard is born from fine craftsmanship and seamless joinery, a visually compelling masterpiece to behold.

PICCO Dining Table 4, Design Authority

(Above: PICCO Dining Table)

PICCO Dining Chair 1, Design Authority

(Above: PICCO Dining Chair)


The PICCO Dining Table is fashioned from willow solid wood board of the highest anti-deformation grade and secured on a durable stainless steel bracket. Supported on a solid wood base decorated with a veneer, the PICCO Dining Table is a remarkable expression of Jing’s charismatic integrity and valour. Featuring a luxurious upholstery of Chenille fabric, the PICCO Dining Chair is velvety soft to the touch and invitingly plush, an indulgent experience in an exceptional design.

VEDRANO 3 Seater Sofa 2 1, Design Authority

(Above: VEDRANO 3-seater Sofa)

Symbolising impartiality and integrity, the VEDRANO 3-seater Sofa exudes a majestic elegance with its simple lines. The sofa comprises a sturdy frame and impeccable hand-stitched upholstery of vibrant colours, exhibiting the essence of Jing.

OBEM Coffee Table 1, Design Authority

(Above: OBEM Coffee Table)

The OBEM Coffee Table is an artistic interpretation of the signature black and white countenance of the painted face of Jing. Featuring an exquisite marble table top supported by a sturdy top-grade stainless steel frame, seamlessly pieced to recreate the boldness that emanates from the face of Jing.

Colours of Peking: Dan

The Dan instalment invigorates the intricate aesthetics of the female role of Dan in the Beijing Opera. The feminine lines and contours, elaborately embroidered with silk fashions an elegant piece that captures the intricate makeup, elegance and glittering headdresses iconic of the Dan character in Beijing opera.

VANNI 3 Seater Sofa 2, Design Authority

(Above: Vanni 3-seater Sofa)

VANNI Armchair 1, Design Authority

(Above: VANNI Armchair)


The flowing grace of the elaborate robes of Dan in the Beijing Opera is manifested in the VANNI 3-seater Sofa, featuring intricately hand-stitched flannelette upholstery in dynamic colours, complemented by handmade white leather armrests that are reminiscent of the classic water sleeves of Dan’s costumes. Supported with a solid pinewood frame on legs of sturdy solid oak, the VANNI 3-seater Sofa is a smooth pairing with the VANNI Armchair.

DONIA Coffee Table 1, Design Authority

(Above: DONIA Coffee Table)

Featuring a magnificent table-top of jade sand glass, supported on a cylindrical leg with elegant black swirls on lustruous gold, the exquisite design of the DONIA Coffee Table takes inspiration from delicate collars that accentuate the graceful necklines of Dan.

KATTEN ARMCHAIR Flagship, Design Authority KATTEN Armchair 4, Design Authority

(Above: KATTEN Armchair)

The epitome of intricate design lies in the phoenix crown headdress worn by Dan, inspiring the distinctively eye-catching design of the KATTEN Armchair. The backrest showcases ovular motifs, depicting the exquisite headdress ornaments for an aura of splendour. Its seamless curved frame is carefully made from heat-bending a single strip of solid beech wood, finished by hand using precision smoothing. This fine piece is supported on legs of solid beech with high gloss finish and tapered to titanium gold hairline stainless steel feet.

BREDA Bed 1, Design Authority

(Above: BREDA Bed)

BREDA Bedside Table 5, Design Authority

(Above: BREDA Bedside Table)

BREDA Bedside Bench 3, Design Authority

(Above: BREDA Bedside Bench)


Inspired by the shape of the traditional hand fan in Beijing Opera, the BREDA Bed, BREDA Bedside Table, and BREDA Bedside Bench is a charming take on Dan. The demure wave of her fan, a coy smile, a vision of allure, is recreated in this delicately exquisite centrepiece. Featuring a fan-shaped headrest and bold colour complements in its Nappa leather and cotton velvet upholstery, the BREDA Bed complements the BREDA Bedside Table and BREDA Bedside Bench with a subtle touch of elegance.

As part of this collection, Marano Furniture has also collaborated exclusively with local budding artist Valerie Ng, who will be developing abstract art pieces of the characters Jing and Dan. These pieces will be sold separately and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Art Outreach, a non-profit arts intermediary dedicated to promoting visual art literacy, presenting innovative art experiences and supporting the development of art practitioners.

The Colours of Peking collection will be available for public viewing from 19 Sep 2022 to 23 Sep 2022, 11 AM – 7 PM, at the Marano showroom at Atrix Building. The collection is also available for purchase on Marano Furniture’s website. Augmented Reality will be offered to customers on Marano Furniture’s website, assisting customers in designing and visualising their dream living space.

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