3 Refreshing Minimalist Home Designs to Inspire You

From its love affair with white and clean lines, minimalist has now become synonymous with modern interior design and architecture.

As a sensible design style, the minimalist is an enduring design choice that continuously brings substance in the simplest of forms in our architectural marvels and exquisite interior designs of today.

Let us know a bit of minimalist’s artistic roots. The term “minimalist art” was first coined in 1929, where it had showcased its basic design features through art and then had started to influence music, sculpture, and painting. It then transcended into architecture and clothing and soon embraced by many modern artists and architects of the century.

Living the minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean throwing away your collections, instead having the most valuable and meaningful items in-arms-reach.

The most coveted minimal décor feature is having white, clean walls. Having the uncluttered look comes easy with white, and the color will unfailingly appear to any minimalist interior.

1. White and Soft Wood for Tranquility

Coming home to a relaxed and peaceful living space is something we always crave for. With neutral colors and simple designs, we can calm our emotions from the hustles and bustles of everyday grind.

Kitchen 1, Design Authority

Image source: http://bit.ly/minimalist-kitchen

This Minimalist kitchen and dining space still exude that warmth and comfort of a home despite having fewer embellishments and simple architectural forms. With the warm softwood furnishing, the stark and cold white hue is perfectly complemented. The great thing about wood in Minimalist designs is that it can warm up the place without competing with the other elements in a room. Making it a perfect material to combine with metal, concrete, and other minimalist elements.

One of the best features of minimalist interiors is the opportunity to utilize light and shadow, and, with clean and angled lines, the interplay of the two elements is even more prominent.

2. Taking-In the Fresh Sea Breeze

Coral and marine-themed interiors have become one of the more popular interior design themes today. With its cool color scheme and organic textures, no wonder the reminiscing air has become a favorite in many of today’s urban interiors.

With minimalism, you can showcase crafted furniture undistracted by any other elements. Like this beautiful wood and glass center table that seems to be made just for this living interior space.

Living Room 2, Design Authority

Image source: http://bit.ly/marine-themedinteriors

3. The Eco-Minimalist

Living Room, Design Authority

Image source: http://bit.ly/Eco-Minimalist

Scandinavian themes have undeniably taken over the interior design scene, and a great alternative to white wood furniture is rattan and other wicker-made furniture. For places with tropical or humid climate, organic and breathable pieces are great options. You can amp up the look with brass or gold chrome hardware or décor.

Creating a minimalist space doesn’t mean letting go of the geometric patterns. The pastel-colored throw rug here is simple yet adds texture to the modern interior. It also helps to add a few plantings into the modern interior to add more zest and flavor.


Minimalism is no longer a trend, instead, it is now the contemporary style that we see everywhere. As the world continuously becomes complex and saturated with techy lifestyle and information, minimalism offers a simple yet still emotionally moving art and lifestyle.

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