3 Refreshing Minimalist Home Designs to Inspire You

Maximalism is more than just visual excitement and stuffing up the décor. It’s about the celebration of life, art, and the immersive cultural experience that makes us human.

The bold and daring world of maximalist is here to stay as the 1960’s style has made a mainstream comeback, and that’s with a bang. Even large home décor retailers such as IKEA and Home Depot have dived into the trend by enlisting artistic pieces grandiosely showcased through their online and physical showrooms today.

Also, making waves in classy home and décor shops such as Singapore’s Vanilla Home and The Cinnamon Room. Where an array of accrued home to vintage pieces are available, that will surely add that Maximalist vibe into one’s home.

Why the growing popularity one might ask? Owing to this resurgence are millennials and generation Z who’ve taken a keen interest in the fun, glamorous, and luxurious style of maximalist. Take grand millennial style that has taken center stage embellishing condo living of the youth. The granny chic is just one more reason for vintage home decors to celebrate.

Luxurious Style Of Maximalist, Design Authority

Source: Luxurious Style of Maximalist Living Room @chadcalebdorsey

1. The Fresh Colors of the Tropics

What makes this maximalist interior tick? Well, that’s the intricate details, of course, just the eye-catching wallpaper design makes you seem to hear raindrops trickling down the trees and ferns of the forest.

The Fresh Colors Of The Tropics, Design Authority

Source: The Fresh Colors of the Tropics @ourdesignintervention

Capture the refreshing look into your home by first deciding on a color scheme. Though maximalist is celebrating the eclectic, a base color won’t hurt the vibe, create a cohesive interior design style amidst the layers of textures and patterns.

Along with the avocado and fresh shades of tropical greens are hints of black and red earth, with sculptural and sensuous furniture. This maximalist interior is surely emotionally moving as it replicates the rhythm of nature.

2. Moroccan Indigo Blues (Moroccan Meets Oriental Geometry)

Moroccan Indigo Blues, Design Authority

Source: Moroccan Indigo Blues @thomasloof

Details on details. With mesmerizing geometric design on every corner, this maximalist interior is truly a visual euphoric delight.

One of the great features of maximalism is the unapologetic use of fine details. This creates opportunities for unhindered artistic expressions. For a large room, your wall is a canvass. You can either use wallpaper or stencil to create intricate details. Integrate large artworks or plain or boldly colored furniture amidst the patterns where it creates an opportunity for the eyes to rest and refocus.

3. The Euphoric Retro

The Euphoric Retro, Design Authority

Source: The Euphoric Retro @ananewyork

Psychedelically charming, this layer of patterns has that youthful and exciting appeal that we all love about the retro vintage style.

Checkered floor and wall pattern juxtaposed by wood crafted furniture and an industrial pendant to boot. This melting pot of styles is the perfect interior design treatment as it makes most out of the tight dining space. It is a bold move to combine stripes with checkered but strategic layering of patterns made the look pull through.


Some people feel contented in a quiet and spacey room, while some feel happy and alive when there are things around them. As the bold design is turning heads from both the consumer market and high-end houses, we’ll surely see more of the powerful Maximalist design in the years to come.

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