Modern Chic with Ritzy Art Deco Vibe by Mr Shopper Studio

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Dining Room Interior Design, Design Authority

Pink cakes and karats for everyone’s delight! The sorbet of rose gold and nude pinks gives much of this dining area’s chic personality. Starting off with your velvety cushioned chairs – in pink, of course, and the leg seats in gold to provide that ritzy vibe.

White complements excellently with your nude hues, as seen in the modern white dining table. Standing among glitzy legs is its art-deco-inspired table legs also in brass finish.

Maximizing the bright but relaxed hues are the white window blinds in rows to allow full control of light and ventilation through the space. Open them all up, and you’ll get a full drench of daylighting.

Swirling high are the globe luminaires set in soft light to complement the pale colors and adding depth to your ceiling are wood textured flutings that draw your eyes upward to create visual continuity more interesting than a plain flat ceiling.

The tropical murals on the column are a fitting accent, in contrast to the rather pale accents. The bold botanical pattern serves as a gorgeous backdrop for artworks or, in this case, wall text in neon lights.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Living Dining Interior Design, Design Authority

The interior boasts space and light and takes advantage of the breathtaking vistas, and the design opts for the floor-to-ceiling window and door slide panels.

In order to break the monotony of the colors, darker wood accents are used, such as the wood flutings flushed on the ceiling perimeter directing you to look upward.

While most interiors opt for textured surfaces, you can stay true to a rather more minimalist styling to a bare wall with classy molding. It’s creative and effective, plus you can always opt for a textured wall or install a large painting in the future without any major renovations.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Dining Outdoor Greenery, Design Authority

Aside from the gorgeous vistas, you’ll love tinkering with this precious pocket garden on your off-days — a lovely outdoor-indoor perk for this city home.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Living Room Interior Design, Design Authority

The ceiling flutings make way through the living area defining the space and providing visual interest.  For the hall configuration, the design opts for low-profiled furniture with sweep edges to offer continuity through the areas. While we see the lovely pale pinks in the dining area, the living room goes for more earthy tones with tans and beiges, as seen on the distressed area rug. The rustic hues incorporate white, beige, and hints of burgundy, a perfect floorscape that ties all the design elements together. Just beyond these warm colors is a peak through the kitchen space.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Living Room Interior Design 1, Design Authority

The long sofa lounger is perfectly framed by two minimalist wooden side tables in darker hues.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Kitchen Interior Design 3, Design Authority

These wonderfully crafted art deco stools are an eye-catching pair that showcases a wooden seat and backing. A surprising feature is a wicker-like material that accents the furniture giving it a more organic feel and adding a layer of texture to the hard surfaces. The brass framing is another element that ties these sculptural pieces to the rest of the interior design.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Kitchen Interior Design, Design Authority

Like the rest of the spaces, the kitchen cabinet’s beautiful pale mauve hue steals the show here. The gorgeous color complements perfectly with the soft backsplash graining with beige and gray undertones. And like your other furniture, a gold finish is used on the cupboards’ hardware, a beautiful combination with the femme color.

The spacious countertops’ wonderful marble graining stretches through your backdrop, providing a visual continuity through the kitchen.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Kitchen Interior Design 1, Design Authority

Breaking the monotony are frosted glass doors that are also practical for easy viewing of your cupboard contents. Keeping with the theme, the faucet mount, and soap dispenser is also finished in gold. Just a few steps in the corner is your laundry area with large built-in washing machines that takes advantage of the unused space below the windows.

Like your vertical blinds in the dining room, the kitchen laundry enjoys the daylighting provided with large windows.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Kitchen Interior Design 2, Design Authority

The built-in kitchen equipment leaves a more organized and spacious working area. You even have a wine track pinned up for easy access and drying of your wine glasses.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Open Weave Cabinet Design, Design Authority

Adjacent to the bold botanical print are these open weave cabinets to add congruency, organic aesthetic, and functionality to this modern home.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Walk In Closet Design, Design Authority

An effective interior design can move you and set an atmosphere, and this hallway of glass cabinets leading your way into an open window seat surely is working to give that dramatic effect. Ascending from the dark-tinted hall of cabinets is the gorgeous skyline so picturesque and perfectly framed by the glass windows.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Bedroom Interior Design, Design Authority

Coming through the bedroom, another art deco-inspired headboard greets you with its jet-black tone that beautifully contrasts with the surrounding nude hues. An open weave element is again seen on your side tables with a warmer wood texture. The lamps tie perfectly with your pair of stools in your kitchen, and the gold accents tie this private space to the rest of the other functional rooms.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Bathroom Interior Design, Design Authority

To make a relatively spaced his and hers vanity, the design opted for vertical elements balancing the short width. The nude color for this bathroom is just perfect, providing a clean yet welcoming vibe. It also helps that the gold accents are again in the play to give the bathroom a luxurious feel.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Bathroom Interior Design 1, Design Authority

The gold lip doorknob, together with the hardware and trinkets in the same sheen color, makes this ensemble a joy-sparking delight. Balancing the strong jewel colors are the white and glass textures with hints of green from refreshing potted plants.

Mr Shopper Studio Balmoral Condo Home Office Interior Design, Design Authority

The natural light streaming through and the breathtaking views of the city surround is a gorgeous feature in this dream office and study space. This lively vibe accompanied by the abstract art piece helps in inspiring creativity. The simple configuration opens up the heart of the room, giving way for us to appreciate the gorgeous natural wooden flooring. To add visual weight, a faux animal skin area rug is used to complement the organic finishes, complemented by a potted plant.

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Project: Balmoral Resale Condo
Interior Design: Mr Shopper Studio

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