Modern Rustic x Industrial HDB Design by ArtDecor Interior Design

Edgy and modern, this HDB flat is the perfect weekend hub to entertain family and friends with its spacious interiors and upbeat vibe.

Living Room By Art Decor Design Studio Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Taking a quick run-through, you’ll find the urban home has the hallmarks of modern industrial design, a coming together of rich textures, uplifting lighting, and personalized touches. There’s a wow inspiring design feature at every turn, so your guests would instantly see you as someone interesting to hang out with!

Let’s take a look at this modern urban abode and see how the rawness of earthy materials can create an inviting and warm personal space.

Owing its look to the vintage tavern the three-seater island bar is strategically placed to get a peripheral view of the entertainment area and rightly just across the big screen. As the rustic TV console does bring the interior space together, the true showstopper for this modern space is the eye-catching earthen brick wall. The cohesive interior that boasts beautiful rustic textures gives this entertainment area its warm and inviting air.

Modern Industrial Design By Art Decor Design Studio Pte Ltd, Design Authority

We just love those hip and chic wall posters, giving you the nostalgic feel of the vintage pizzerias in New York. Though conveying a youthful impression there is a mature use of lighting design with our favorite track lighting and coffered lighting cleverly placed to create a mellow yet well-lit interior.

There’s an interesting synergy of wood and metal when it comes to interior design and whatever style it may be… these two opposites just amplify a space or object it’s made of. As for this modern industrial design inspired home, you’ll find the combo is undeniably perfect for the whole theme.

Modern Industrial Kitchen By ArtDecor Design Studio Pte Ltd, Design Authority

This modern industrial kitchen is undeniably a man’s kitchen too as the galley showcases the unpretentious beauty of its materials. Such as the parged wall surround that makes sporadic patterns intriguingly unique. Metro tiles have always been a staple in modern kitchens, but the black high-gloss metro tiles are a whole new level from its contemporary, the blithesome bevels just the perfect backdrop to the soft wood textures.

Bedroom By Art Decor Design Studio Pte Ltd, Design Authority

Some people say headboards are over-rated, but not this amazing headboard that looks like a waterfall of fire. The ethereal beauty is the perfect backdrop for this mancave as its set you into a mood of relaxation and warm feelings. As functionality is always above aesthetics, the large study table stretching end to end is a practical home office area.

Barn Doors By Art Decor Design Studio Pte Ltd, Design Authority

There is an uptick in the use of barn doors in interior designs lately and we’re sure this sliding door closet gives away the reason in what’s the fuss all about. Defining the large gallery of criss-crossed panels is the defining black color tying-in with the other design elements of the interior. The floating divider provides privacy while keeping the beautiful billows of white and gray hues unobscured.

Bathroom By Art Decor Design Studio Pte Ltd 1, Design Authority

As the stained concrete finish gives this personal space character, the geometric tiling on the shower wall on the other hand adds an animated air to the interior. Keeping its youthful look is the sensuous vessel sink which is sitting comfortably on a beautiful vanity cabinet.

Project: Yishun 504D HDB Flat

Designer: ArtDecor Design Studio

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