Build Your Stylish Dream Home the Safe & Sustainable Way with EGGER and CLEAF

Serenity – a highly desirable quality in our stressful lives that can be achieved with well-thought-out designs, masterful craftsmanship, and most importantly, the right materials.

When it comes to finishes, no other materials can bring warmth and richness to a built environment than wood. One of the best gifts from nature, this organic material can be translated into a sophisticated and functional sensory delight with man’s ingenuity and skills.

EGGER and CLEAF specialises in producing environmentally responsible building materials, globally recognized for their sustainable and ultra-low VOC wood-based products for furniture and interior design.

Their premium wood finishes are high in CO2 sequestration and ultra-low in formaldehyde emissions, yielding low VOC emissions throughout their life service so we can enjoy a safe indoor quality. From nausea to cancer, many VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in most building materials and manufacturing processes can cause serious health problems.

EGGER and CLEAF’s mission is to provide versatile, renewable raw materials with ultra-low formaldehyde content for a modern, safe, and hygienic living environment for everyone.


Modern interiors need not be cold and stale, evident in this splendid modern kitchen with EGGER’s warm wood finishes that are as beautiful as they are tough. The minimalist wide-planked wood flooring evokes a modern look while making the kitchen appear more spacious, while rich textures are used for the counter backsplash and the custom wall cabinet that houses built-in appliances elegantly.

The kitchen island takes command as the centrepiece with a simple configuration, thanks to EGGER’s PerfectSense Topmatt black marble worktop with fabulous veining, complemented by EGGER’s impeccable Feelwood synchronized surface boards. The polished look exudes an air of sophistication, balanced by earthy tones to make the space warm and welcoming.

EGGER CLEAF 2, Design Authority

When it comes to your projects, you don’t want to compromise on design and quality. With EGGER and CLEAF’s tried and tested set of matching products, you don’t have to. All decors are available on Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC), Melamine Faced Medium Density Fibreboard, Honeycomb Board, Compact Laminate or Laminate.

EGGER and CLEAF also offer edging solutions that are perfectly matched to the decor and texture, as well as large format panels up to 2.8m x 2m. Despite the largeness of the panel, the chances of warpage issues are very low. To ensure long-lasting aesthetics, the decor paper is permanently fused to the substrate and won’t peel away (delamination).

Premium Matt Gloss Surfaces EGGER CLEAF, Design Authority

This modern living room design features EGGER’s high-quality PerfectSense Premium lacquered boards, with matt and high-gloss surfaces to give the space a luxury feel while conveying a comforting vibe beyond the visual appeal. In terms of functionality, these visually striking lacquered boards offer high levels of durability and resistance to micro-scratches.

The premium gloss backdrop for the flatscreen TV melds perfectly with the wooden floating console with artificial illumination, making it the focal point of the room.

To add visual interest to this vibrant gathering area, the designer further accessorised the room with a modern pendant light, houseplants, and pottery works. The sleek coffee table and side table made with EGGER’s PerfectSense Premium Matt boards add character and visual contrast against the lighter tone of the wooden flooring.

Cabinetry EGGER CLEAF, Design Authority

Wood on wood never gets old. The beautiful organic woodgrains here offer a serene vibe while showcasing an updated look, thanks to the modern ash-grey hue.

Kitchen Cabinet EGGER CLEAF, Design Authority

Photographer: Haidvogel

This relaxing and spacious kitchen makes food prep a treat. Set against a white surround, the look is well-balanced with EGGER’s contemporary melamine surfaces in different hues, seen on the gorgeous wall claddings, the stylish cabinetry, and the kitchen island.

The long stretch of windows allows natural light to stream in uninterrupted, with sheers to preserve a certain level of privacy. The elegant look is achieved by discreetly hiding away the curtain rods with a drop ceiling lined with dramatic white light.

Kitchen Cabinet EGGER CLEAF 2, Design Authority

Photographer: Haidvogel

This next kitchen features opulent finishes of EGGER’s safe and hygienic wood-based panels, complemented by stunning natural stone cladding.

The wonderful combo of wood and marble adds weight and character to the sleek finishes while offering a visual focus amidst the neutral palette.

Ushering in an abundance of natural light is the set of ceiling-high sliding glass doors. With EGGER’s brilliant lightfast panels, you can be assured of long-lasting beauty for all your cabinetry.

Kitchen Cabinet EGGER CLEAF 7, Design Authority

This sophisticated kitchen features flawless modern cabinetry in gorgeous black with sumptuous Feelwood synchronized surface wood graining, made with EGGER’s versatile materials that offer aesthetics, functionality, and safety. The handleless design of the cabinetry further accentuates the contemporary look of the luxurious kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet EGGER CLEAF 4, Design Authority

High-end kitchen equipment is tucked neatly in custom-made shelves to blend harmoniously with the sleek kitchen interior. The natural woodgrains of EGGER’s melamine board offer a nice visual contrast against the glossy appliances.

Kitchen Cabinet EGGER CLEAF 6, Design Authority

Textures can transform a space by contributing an understated richness, as seen in this classy kitchen. The striking yet seamless union of EGGER’s melamine board in black Feelwood synchronized surface, speckled natural stone counter, and soft natural wooden flooring is a well-thought-out marriage of textures and colours.

Kitchen Cabinet EGGER CLEAF 5, Design Authority

The designer chose a neutral hue for the walls to balance the look and a glass backdrop to highlight the open shelves for glasses and small appliances. Handleless drawers accentuate the sleek finish while a posh vertical shelf showcases the collection of fine spirits, a tempting treat as the evening settles in. To add dimension to the space, varying wall depths are provided such as the recessed wall to highlight a lovely drop pendant light.

Kitchen Cabinet EGGER CLEAF 3, Design Authority

This simple island counter here boasts a beautiful wooden finish in black that contrasts beautifully with the child-friendly wood flooring in a lighter tone, allowing the room to breathe even with darker finishes. Drenched in vibrant sunlight during the day, this communion area is a warm and inviting space for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends.

Takeaway: Interior design today is no longer just about aesthetics and functionality. More and more families today are aware of the harmful effects of formaldehyde volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in building materials, from induced stress and allergies to life-threatening cancers, thanks to numerous reports and publications by various institutions.

That is why EGGER and CLEAF have made it their mission to continuously innovate and provide safe and sustainable solutions for the furniture and interior design industries. To understand more about how EGGER and CLEAF products can make a difference in your life, visit NORM (S) PTE. LTD. today at 67 Tampines Industrial Ave 5, T5 @ Tampines, Singapore 528643, or discover more at

NORM (S) PTE. LTD. aims to reframe the perspective on panel furniture making – providing end-consumer with healthier indoor solutions through the usage of low-formaldehyde emission boards. At present, Norm is the distributor of the international brands, EGGER panels from Austria and CLEAF panels from Italy.

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