Graceful Fig – Classy Portoro Gold Bended Marble Table

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Bellissima. Artfully crafted from the most luxurious Portoro Gold marble from Italy, this piece of masterpiece is made to add instant class and prestige to your home or commercial establishment.

Graceful Fig is made from one of the most luxurious marble, Portoro Gold (from Italy, Porto Venere).

The 20mm Portoro Gold marble is sliced to 2mm and shaped around a metal resin structure to form the Graceful Fig.

Size: 220 cm (L) x 102 cm (W) x 86 cm (H)

Weight: 110 Kg


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Out of stock

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IMPORTANT: Please contact us at or +65 8448 2893 (WhatsApp) before purchasing this item. Only Singapore shipping is available for this item.

Designed by Lian Architects, Graceful Fig is a sculptural table made from luxurious Nero Portoro Gold fabricated with a patented stone bending process. Its form was achieved via computational ‘unravelling’ of the graceful fig shellfish.

The humble graceful fig shell dots Singapore’s coastal landscape, and few would fathom that it is a distant cousin of the sought-after Portoro Gold marble. The graceful fig shell (ficus gracilis) lives in sandy or muddy bottoms in tropical and warm waters at continental shelf depths. It has the largest shell in the family Ficidae and it is this very shell that shares more than 50% of its chemical composition with Portoro Gold marble, calcium carbonate.

The design of graceful fig takes on the curatorial direction, of unveiling a new breed, by drawing inspiration from the graceful fig shell and its simple yet elegant process of forming through the Fibonacci sequence.
The shell is unravelled to form a table surface that inverts the nature of the shell as a protective element whilst revealing the thinness of the surface.

The reversing of the Fibonacci sequence diagram expresses the unravelling process, which is why the form of Graceful fig begins with a spiral that is a mirror of the Fibonacci diagram.

This unravelling process is optimized via computational design to generate a new breed of design iterations. An advanced computational design algorithm was developed to balance 3 parameters: structural strength, material efficiency and time efficiency.

This algorithm is able to generate different genomes that will optimize itself between these 3 parameters to evolve to an end-state.

This again alludes to the curatorial direction, of unnatural phenomena, of how we can mimic and shorten the natural phenomena of evolution.

We have selected 4 genomes that best expresses the evolutionary process of the graceful fig, which we showcase here as 3d printed prototypes.

The selected iteration is fabricated with a patented state-of-the-art stone bending process that minimizes both material wastage and fabrication time as compared with conventional slab carving techniques.

The bending fabrication technique is also akin to the way in which natural stone is developed, which is through millions of years of sedimentation of rock, where layers and layers are slowly added and compressed within our earth’s surface.

The fabrication technique begins with the translation of the digital 3d model into a rattan formwork. This rattan formwork serves as a basis to construct a composite structure of aluminium honeycomb and stainless steel rods.

This combines to create a rigid yet tensile structure that maximises the long span of 2 meters despite the thinness of the structure. Thereafter, 2mm thick slices of book-matched Portoro Gold marble blocks are painstakingly heated and bent over the formwork.

The craftsmen immaculately bend the marble, layer by layer, over the formwork, akin to the way that marble forms through years of sedimentation as well as the way the graceful fig shell grows its protective shell, layer by layer.

Once the top layer of Portoro Gold is set in place, the rattan formwork is removed and the underside of Graceful Fig is layered again. The grains between segments of slices are matched to perfection and lovingly buffed to remove any seams and realize the ethereal elegance of Graceful Fig.

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