Ethereal & Exquisite Royal Taj Restaurant @ Sentosa Island in Singapore

The Royal Taj @ Sentosa’s interior is as exquisite as its food that offers mesmerizing combinations of ethereal lighting, gorgeous patterned textures and a striking combination of hues. The fine-dining interior echoes Taj’s Indian traditions while infusing the English influence most particularly on one of their more iconic furniture. The classic and heritage styles are brilliantly refined and merged with modern elements as well to create a very unique and noteworthy interior.

Hosting thousands of patrons every year, the stylish yet flexible interior configuration is the perfect setting for all types of events.

When it comes to the holistic dining experience, the visual impact is as important as its food. The Royal Taj exudes style and elegance, from its overall theme down to its details, its design carries a strong narrative of what Royal Taj is all about.

Royal Taj @ Sentosa 1 800x700, Design Authority

The gastronomical experience isn’t complete with glorious lighting that sets the mood of the place. Creating an intimate and upscale atmosphere in the bar area, it is beautifully lined with warm lighting that also showcases a full bar of a wide collection of fine spirits.

No expense is spared when it comes to lighting. The globe lights with its clear frame and warm light bulbs are reminiscent of the emblem of the past, vintage and sophisticated. Warm lights frame each exquisite beverage and the result is a visually impactful backdrop for the bar area. This makes the bar an eye-catching hub even when located from the farthest end of the restaurant. Anyone visiting the venue for the first time will immediately spot this area with ease from all the lights. From a functional perspective, the lights are practical, unlike dimly lit counters.

Giving contrast to the golden hues illuminated is the blue ceiling that has a velvet-like finish. The gold and blue combination is just absolutely stunning. The lighting can be easily adjusted to fit the occasion, especially for more lively events.

Barstool chairs are regal yet modern at the same time where its upholstered cushions and winged chair form are combined with its strong cobalt blue and brass colours.

Wood planks that line up along the bar area showcase the beautiful varying wood textures and are further highlighted with lighting underneath the bar counter that adds a dramatic illumination.

Other interesting materials used are the hexagonal tiles in black and white that have a soft marble-like pattern. The uneven placement of the tiles creates an interesting and subtle transition from one space to another.

Royal Taj @ Sentosa 2 800x700, Design Authority

A large open space is an opportunity to explore different combinations of textures and patterns and the buffet area shows us the coming together of contrasting elements.

From the hexagonal tiles that we’ve seen from the bar area and to the textured wood planks that line up along the buffet islands and counter there’s always an interesting element to see. For a functional and still visually captivating, the buffet counter underneath is also brightly lit exposing the wooden planks with rich graining.

With a large stretch of space, the challenge is to create an interesting ceiling feature to fill up the void and the series of diagonal beams adds movement that satisfies your visual perspective on top. The ceiling feature is also quite practical as just beyond the beams are the ducting and wiring where it’s easier for maintenance and cleaning. You’ll find this architectural element hovering over the dining areas as well.

Royal Taj @ Sentosa 3 800x700, Design Authority

Refined design but still exciting, you’ll find intimate spaces are graced with colourful paintings of flowers and candelabras reminiscent of the classics. Complementing the gorgeous backdrop are industrially-inspired pendant lights and the upholstered chairs and sofa in cobalt blue where we patrons will spend hours comfortably seated enjoying full-course meals in the midst of the alluring ambience.

We also love how wood works well with the cobalt blue furniture fusing organic and opulence in one look while adding a homey feel to the space.

Royal Taj @ Sentosa 4 800x700, Design Authority

Restaurant interiors are all about striking a balance between spaciousness and creating a cosy welcoming ambience. As we see in the treatment of spaces where trafficked areas are conveniently open for a smooth and comfortable movement for both patrons and hosts.

The linear and simple layout of the space is both an advantage and disadvantage as the challenge would be adding elements to add interest and avoid the monotony of the space. Adding depth is the gorgeous blue ceiling where drop lights are pinned up to highlight the buffet area.

Royal Taj @ Sentosa 5 800x700, Design Authority

With a grand setting, the restaurant can hold from 30 up to 110 patrons with its grand dining area.

Like the blue-winged chairs aback the bar area, all seats are covered with a comfortable velvety fabric. The cobalt blue fitting for the luxurious ambience gives the space a distinctive character, evocative and moody at the same time serene and calming. To energize the striking colour, the gold and brass finishes add energy and boldness to the look.

Adding glitter and luxury are the amazing globe geometric chandelier that beautifully branches out from the ceiling. The stunning eclectic piece of décor adds charm and delight for diners.


The Royal Taj is located in the Mess Hall Heritage building in Singapore, nestled in the energetic hub of Sentosa. It serves mouth-watering delicacies from both modern Indian and international cuisines from a lively kitchen and fully stocked bar area.

Though it has that luxurious air, it welcomes all team meetings and corporate events for larger participants. It also holds cocktail parties, dining, wedding celebrations and other more intimate events proving the space’s flexibility to customize and adapt with its amenities.

Special occasions call for special venues and places like these offers to serve both. Whether it’s for a wedding, graduation, prom, momentous occasions should be immortalized in videos and photographs with the appropriate venue. Make every moment a treasure. With the availability of cameras today, anyone can capture memories, forever engraved in film. Or more precisely, flash memory. But the important thing is to ensure that we hold our celebrations in high regard.

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Project: Royal Taj @ Sentosa (Singapore)
Interior Design: ArtDecor Design Studio


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