Classic Shou Sugi Bun to Elevate the Design Aesthetic for Your Home

When it comes to design trends, Shou Sugi Ban is literally the hottest one yet.

What is Shou Sugi Ban? Shou Sugi Ban is an application used to treat cedar siding to make it weatherproof. Originating in 18th century Japan, it involves charring a wood surface, making it black in color. This process is said to be both waterproof and fire retardant and gives a striking look to the wood, revealing the natural beauty and texture behind it.

Shou Sugi Ban has become quite popular in modern day designs. Its bold black color offers drama and depth to a design, and creates visual and textural interest. Being eco-friendly as well, it is a stylish application that can elevate the look of your home.

Need a bit of inspiration? Here are a few ways to work in this lovely design trend into your space.

Classic Siding


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Traditionally used as siding, this application still looks great in today’s modern homes. The black siding creates a dramatic look that will give your home a lot more curb appeal. It works well by itself, or pair it with other black materials such as brick or steel to create more texture. With this application, you are also getting a durable fire and waterproof siding that is all natural.

Try it Vertical

While many homes have siding that is horizontal, Shou Sugi Ban looks great when stacked vertically. This look is a bit more modern and works great in contemporary box houses and Scandinavian minimal design. To further this sleek look, get thin width planks to visually create more length to the outside.


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Feature Wall

Bring this look indoors by creating a stunning feature wall. Use this more as an accent inside rather than wrapping all four walls. Indoors, this look can be a little intense, so that is why just using it as a feature is best. This look is great for rooms that do not have a lot of architectural interest. By using Shou Sugi Ban, you are creating your own.

Shou Sugi Bun Feature Accent Wall By Eutree, Design Authority



Shou Sugi Bun Cabinet, Design Authority


Love that dark kitchen cabinet trend? Try it with Shou Sugi Ban. This look is bold and high contrast, yet still brings in warmth with the natural wood material. Choose flat panel cabinet doors to further this modern look. This design works best for bottom cabinets as black upper cabinets can seem top heavy and visually unbalanced.


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Did you know that Shou Sugi Ban can be applied to furniture as well? This works great in large statement pieces such as a dining room table or bedframe. It brings a unique element to a room, offering high contrast and warmth. You can purchase these from retailers or if you are brave enough, you can try Shou Sugi Ban for yourself.

Shou Sugi Bun Table E1596941414618, Design Authority



It goes to show that Shou Sugi Ban is more than just an old world design technique. With these creative and new applications, you can make this gorgeous look work in any room or design.

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