Classy Signature KOI Interior Design by ArtDecor Design Studio

This KOI cafe is a shift from the usual kiosks where the beloved tea brand takes the experience of the flavorful concoction to a whole new level with a heart-warming and unforgettable ambience.

The chic Signature KOI is located at ION Orchard shopping mall which is a premium version of the KOI tea brand. The sit-down experience is just perfect for shoppers who are looking for a comfortable space to stretch their legs and pack up some energy-inducing treats.

Primarily though, you’ll see this tea and pastry hub is a mix of modern, organic, and youthful characteristics which is a design perfect for the brand’s main target market, the young adult demographic.

This is definitely a shop worth visiting when you are around ION Orchard.

The café concept starts with a modern façade that uses minimalistic geometry with a matte black surround to draw the eyes into the eye-catching light-filled interior. A more inviting sight is a showcase of delectables all lined up perfectly on their open shelf display, an auspicious presentation for the prospective patrons.

Signature KOI Interior Design By ArtDecor Design Studio 1 800x700, Design Authority

At the onset, the mouthwatering macarons seem obscure to the expansive and beautifully designed interior where the wood inlay ceiling is undeniable the star of the show.

Signature KOI Interior Design By ArtDecor Design Studio 2 800x700, Design Authority

To make the interior even airier, the design opts for a recessed ceiling to allow its lighting and air conditioning to ambiguously blend in the background. In addition, the light browns are backdropped with white or almost cream surround further illuminating the pace.

Signature KOI Interior Design By ArtDecor Design Studio 3 800x700, Design Authority

The gorgeous wood graining extends downwards in one section enveloping the space and is matched up with an equally richly textured tiling. To complement the organic theme are round cushiony ottoman and curved wooden stools that are conveniently moveable to accommodate customers.

Signature KOI Interior Design By ArtDecor Design Studio 4 800x700, Design Authority

Unlike most tea shops, the flagship store opts for the open concept creating a more relaxing vibe to space. And you’ll find just on one section of the tea shop are charming novelty items for sale backdropped yet again with warm wooden inlays.

Signature KOI Interior Design By ArtDecor Design Studio 5 800x700, Design Authority

A notable decorative and functional element are the cleverly designed silhouetted LED light signages that were also used on the shop’s brand name on its façade. The simple yet effective signages, which are first used in this Koi shop branch.

Signature KOI Interior Design By ArtDecor Design Studio 6 800x700, Design Authority

Just around the corner’s shop is a garden-like concept with similar cushioned ottoman and wall seats. And sprang up in the middle is a potted tree which serves as the focal point of the space with a few added green touches. The area is just the perfect private space to sip thirst-quenching milk tea while browsing through your laptop or simply chatting with your taste buddies.

Overall, the space is quite spacious compared to other KOI shops where it has a sophisticated look but not intimidating at all, thanks to the cozy ambience created by brilliant lighting and warm textures. The earthy tones are popular in many trendy restaurants which have grown in popularity in recent years, while the strategic lighting also takes credit for the welcoming ambience.

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Project: Signature KOI @ ION Orchard (Singapore)
Interior Design: ArtDecor Design Studio


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