Simple, Gorgeous & Functional HDB Interior Design @ Bukit Batok

Practical beauty for people who enjoy the simple things in life.

When it comes to designing the interior space of HDB flats, the airy ambiance, generous storage, and ample natural lighting are keys to its functionality. That’s exactly what this simple yet gorgeous HDB flat at 464B Bukit Batok was able to achieve and even more with its masterfully planned interior design that’s admirable at every turn. 

Spacious and Airy 

As you enter into the living room a sense of calm and warmth of the space overwhelms you, with its soft wooden hues and ivory wall surround. The living space feels comfortable as it looks, as the cross ventilation brought about the large unobstructed window further provides natural ventilation throughout the interior. 

Living Room Design By ExQsite Interior Design View 4, Design Authority

Discrete and Generous Storage Space 

Just at the right side to the entryway is this floor to ceiling built-in storage cabinet that blends seamlessly within the interior, thanks to its white-washed finish and clean sleek geometry. Strategically placed near the entryway is a large mirror incorporated on the large storage cabinet, where you can have a last check on your look before heading to the door. 

Still functional in mind, the spacious storage cabinet provides a recessed pocket where you place décor or other valuables that can be easily hand-reached. A similar cut-through pocket is provided below where you can neatly place your shoes or slippers further utilizing the space. 

Living Room Design By ExQsite Interior Design View 2, Design Authority

Versatile and Accommodating

When you want to maximize space, multifunctional furniture are great options to have, just like this hidden storage and window settee which stretches along the lower part of the large window providing additional space to store away toys, collectables and so much more. 

Furnished with simplicity and comfort in mind, the soft edged cushioned sofa and footstool just beckons you for a relaxing lounge. Tapered legs and low-profile furniture are hints of the modern Scandi and Japanese interior design. 

Living Room Design By ExQsite Interior Design Storage, Design Authority

Continuous Flow of Spaces with Practical Furnishings 

In focus is this flexible table and seat that functions as a dining area and can be a study or craft table as well, that’s simply crafted to provide comfort and ease of maintenance with every use. The glass door and partition create an airy feel to the area allowing light and views to flow through between the spaces. Glass material when well-thought of makes a room look larger while creating continuity and smooth transition between functional areas. 

Living Room Dining And Kitchen By ExQsite Interior Design, Design Authority

Sleek and Clean Finishing

Functionality and storage are major concerns when it comes to tightly-spaced kitchen and this galley kitchen utilizes every free space as storage areas. Modernly designed, the sleek and clean cupboards are easy to maintain and making you focus on productivity instead. The uncluttered look need not to be stark-looking as this beautiful kitchen uses laminated wood finish that adds warmth to the space. 

Track lighting is a versatile option since it could be adjusted on either direction which makes it a perfect option on this galley kitchen. It’s practical while it goes with the minimalistic theme of the space. 

Kitchen Design By ExQsite Interior Design, Design Authority

Natural Lighting and Ventilation

Aside from the glass division, the glass bifold door opens up the space allowing air and light to come through the kitchen. The continuous flow of space towards the outdoor laundry/terrace area makes the galley kitchen look airier and more spacious. With an ample kitchen countertop, you can place your rice cooker, coffee maker and other small sized kitchen equipment conveniently. 

Kitchen Design By ExQsite Interior Design View 2, Design Authority

Practical Space Planning and Design. 

This master bedroom’s wardrobe and vanity is located separately from the sleeping area, that allows you to be up in the morning and get ready for work without waking up your partner. We also love the warm color used in the wardrobe area where you wake up with just the right amount of lighting to perk you up in the morning. Additional storage is provided in the vanity area where you can store away medicines, toiletries or make up. 

Aside from utilizing storage space, the raised platform of the bedroom area defines the spaces and creating a smooth transition of the adjacent interiors. 

Study Corner Design By ExQsite Interior Design, Design Authority

Comfortable and Uncluttered 

Coming home and into your bedroom that’s immaculately clean and uncluttered gives you an immediate feeling of calmness and relaxation. 

A hot trend even for the more spacious homes is having raised beds while utilizing storage below. The practical install provides you a large amount of storage space where you can discreetly hide away larger items. 

Like most of the lighting around the interior, the cove lighting effect in this bedroom provides just the right amount and color of lighting. Aside from the cove lighting, the low profile of the headboard and side tables contributes to that relaxed mood while making the room look larger because of the unobstructed vertical space. 

Platform Bed With Compartment By ExQsite Interior Design, Design Authority

Where every space counts why not use the space just below your bedroom for storage. The bed is easily raised revealing a large space to keep you valuables hidden. 

Platform Bed With Compartment By ExQsite Interior Design View 3, Design Authority

Modern and Minimalistic

The great thing about minimalist designs is its practical use of materials. This bedroom is a serene space to be, with white washed walls and subdued wood texture finish on the furnishings. To blend with the surround, white ceiling fan and air conditioners are installed. Adding to the occupant’s health and comfort is laying out the cross-ventilation strategy in this bedroom that allows air circulation throughout the interior. 

A space-saving wardrobe is installed which reminds us of the Japanese closets but with a modern take. A serene space like this will surely allow you to relax and make you snooze the night away in no time. 

Bedroom Design By ExQsite Interior Design, Design Authority

A Functional Refuge in Beautiful Illumination

The sleek and clean minimalist air continues through the bathroom space which is a practical choice when it comes to hygiene. In addition to the smooth surface which is easy to maintain, the glass and mirrored surfaces bounce off the ambient lighting. The cove lighting along the perimeter also enhances the mood of the space creating a lively and relaxing functional refuge. 

Notice that the color tone of the tile flooring is similar with the warm hue of the wooden floors from the other functional areas which creates continuity and cohesiveness to the whole property. 

Bathroom Design With Compartment By ExQsite Interior Design, Design Authority

Project: Blk 464B Bukit Batok

Designer: ExQsite Interior Design

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