House Tour: The Urban Scandi with Touches of the Japanese Zen

For the space-starved spaces of the city-dwelling, the bright and nature-loving theme is the perfect alternative to the urban modern as it breaks away from the constraints of contemporary minimalism. Soft palettes, dynamic shapes, rich natural textures, and surreal illumination can help you craft a perfect getaway hub that’s versatile to accommodate the single city dweller or a busy family of four.

But what happens if you add a touch of the oriental to the Nordic theme? The result is a stunning and functional interior design where east meets west. A perfect compromise if you’re looking for a touch of machismo into your pale hued space.

Let’s take a tour of how this collaboration of two of the most influential interior design themes of today works in a stunning apartment in Singapore.

Living Room By ExQsite Scaled, Design Authority

Taking in fewer yet significant pieces in your home means you have a lot of space to spare, creating an airy, fuzz-free interior. Whitewashed walls are out these days as we see gray undertones paired with pastel colors dominating the interior scenes. You’ll also notice the hints of black accent color in this well-thought living and dining space and dark woods to complement the neutral hues, common in Japanese interiors.

Functionality above décor is a trademark by both the Scandi and Japanese style, and we are seeing this major feature of the two on its strategic placement of track lighting along the living and dining areas.

Charcoal Hued Doors And Cabinets By ExQsite, Design Authority

Bringing in Nature’s Goodness.

Scandinavian interiors love indoor plants, but three or four pieces are enough to enhance a place, keeping in line with the minimalistic principles. The Camille or Dumb Cane potted evergreen plant is the perfect spruce up in this wood-textured interior. The added texture of the wicker pot and throw rug adds richness and interest in this part of the space, thus bringing in nature’s goodness to the interior scene.

Charcoal hued doors and cabinets are becoming more popular in modern themed interiors. The combination of three dark color palettes on the entry door is an interesting feature.

Illuminated Living And Dining Area By ExQsite Scaled, Design Authority

Uplifting Natural Lighting

Imagine waking up with this beautifully illuminated living and dining area. The soft lighting and inviting natural illumination uplift the spirit, while giving you a healthy dose of the morning sun. Stunningly lit as well as during the night, you’ll find this a romantic cozy spot to lounge after a hard day’s work.

Stylish Gourmet Kitchen Scaled, Design Authority

Stylish Gourmet Kitchen

This kitchen area just grows on you. The rich textured countertop and backsplash and sleek kitchen cabinetry reminds us of the expensive gourmet kitchens we love. Dark furniture is a characteristic of oriental minimalism but pair it with a juxtaposing white washed walling and you’ll get a stylish and elegant kitchen area just fitting for that uptown-looking apartment.

Untitled Design 2, Design Authority

Harmonious Cohesive Details

Extending its delectableness, the kitchen opens up to a bar that also functions as a breakfast nook. You’ll see the craftsmanship and extensive use of wood but with a darker hue amidst the pale-colored wall surround. What draws the eyes is the gorgeous geometric luminaires that are like drooping lilies atop the earthen textures. To create a cohesive theme, you’ll notice the hexagonal-like geometry used on both the light fixtures and high stools.

Rich Wood Textures Shelvings By ExQuisite Scaled, Design Authority

Rich Wood Textures

We just love how these two spaces flow freely, yet functional areas are defined by glass partitions like looking into a window to the outdoors.

Nothing beats natural materials. This study is a great example of how the extensive use of wood makes a space calmer and inviting. Researches also points out how natural materials can improve our cognitive skills while keeping our heart rate and stress levels low. We can’t imagine this area to be made by anything else rather than the textured cabinet.

7777 Scaled, Design Authority

Organic Shapes

Organic shapes in unexpected places and this light and ceiling fan is working it creating an interesting focal point in this study area. Just like a flower hovering above it adds character and rests the eyes from the straight edged forms featured below.

Wood on wood is a great interior design approach when it comes to Scandinavian and Japanese fusion. You can combine dark textured woods with soft surfaces while adding the black or white as accent colors to balance the look.

Bedroom By ExQsite Scaled, Design Authority

Relaxing Tones

The dash of moss green color goes a long way with this simple and relaxing bedroom and we are loving how the gray undertones mix well with the pastel colors. To add warmth to the soft hues surrounding the interior the elements are anchored down with an amber-colored wooden planks.

Lighting work hand-in-hand with other design elements as soft lighting is used to highlight the space. The ceiling-suspended orb side lamps area a modern take to the traditional table lamps that also creates a sense of balance to the overall look.

Designed Wardrobe By ExQsite, Design Authority

Oriental Inspired

This cleverly designed wardrobe reminds us of the Japanese opaque-colored shoji panel closet that’s simple yet functional and is agreeably aesthetically pleasing. As not to be overbearing in a tight space, gray undertones and light colored wooden surfaces are used on the minimalistic built-in furniture.

Bathroom By ExQsite, Design Authority

Exciting Patterns

The Scandinavian themes are made for tight spaces as it brightens up the interior while keeping it low key when it comes to décor. To make up for the simple geometric forms, the Nordic theme showcases earthen textures and gives an exciting backsplash feature wall for the eyes to feast.

Scandinavian Theme is for Everyone

Budget-wise, the Nordic and Japanese fusion can be achieved without requiring expensive pieces as there are a myriad of furniture and décor that goes along the Scandinavian-styled interior. As simplicity and functionality are at its core, you’re likely to incline to choose practical yet aesthetically-pleasing furnishings. In addition, unlike the rigorous loft and sophisticated traditional styles, the Scandi-vibe utilizes the basic design elements of color, texture, and lighting.

Another reason to love the combo is the sense of spaciousness it brings which is a sensible choice when living in space-starved lofts, apartments, and flats.

And lastly, organic materials bring in our much-needed connection to nature, especially for the urban dwellers. You can take a breather from the concretescapes surrounding you with the rich wood textures brought about by this Scandinavian and Japanese fused interior theme.


If you’ve been scanning your Instagram feeds for quite some time now, you’ve probably seen the stunning Nordic minimalism more than once. And, it seems the interest in Scandinavian design has attracted a collab with other trendy themes. These combinations include Scandustrial that are a fusion of Scandinavian and industrial themes, Scandi Boho Décor that is achieved by combining Scandinavian design with the Boho Chic style, and our feature apartment, the Japandi which is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Project: Blk 323 Sumang Walk

Designer: ExQsite Interior Design

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