9 Wow Inspiring Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Next Makeover

Kitchens are undoubtedly the heart of our homes. It is where all the magic happens! From an eye-catchy backsplash to an absolutely distinctive colour palette, kitchens in the present-era are no more just some spaces to cook – instead, they enlighten our moods and help us keep our culinary spirits high. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or refresh an old-school design, these awe-inspiring luxury kitchen design trends would encourage you to ditch your present kitchen style! Excited to know more? Let’s sneak a peek onto these on-trend looks and styles.

1. Opulent Fusion

Blue Kitchen, Design Authority

Rich and elegant kitchen design by @danielledrollins

More homeowners are looking to incorporate colours in their kitchens. It adds a strong piece of a statement in defining a perfect look to your space. Blending of blues and whites here makes an elegant fusion with bronze-tinted hardware as an accent.

2. Timeless Keeper

Picture1, Design Authority

Luxe Black and White kitchen design by @villastyling

Call it a timeless kitchen – the style that will never fade away! Incorporating natural teak countertop with proportionate black and white hues segregated through modern-looking cabinets and backdrops will create a chic looking space you have always yearned for!

3. White Magic

White Kitchen Via House Home Magazine Designer Tanya Krpan Dakota Homes 1024x743, Design Authority

White Kitchen Design via House & Home Magazine; Designer: Tanya Krpan – Dakota Homes

Other than serving the purpose of luxury and minimalism, whites make space look bigger and brighter. After all who likes to cook in a dark and dingy space? This luxury kitchen design displays ultra-clean lines, complemented by light-toned wood and refreshing plants to create an opulent and biophilic feel.

4. Colour Pop

Picture6, Design Authority

Vibrant kitchen design by @loomandkiln

Adding a pop of colour would do no harm. Use a monochromatic palette and add on a contrasting shade of pops of elements in your kitchen to drive the attention of the viewer. Already wondering what colour would suit the best – try incorporating pastels that will give a calm experience.

5. The Natural Wonder

Picture8, Design Authority

Enjoy the Natural feel of the kitchen in Tucson, Arizona by @vivirdesign

Let the nature play its best! Leave your cabinets and ceilings unfinished to give a rustic-luxe feeling to your kitchen. Immerse your cabinets in magnificent white marble and follow the principles of biophilia to bring the outdoors in.

6. Industrial Charm

Picture8 1, Design Authority

Sophistication is the primary element in this custom-designed kitchen by @architecton_aus

A simple colour palette is a key to luxury kitchen design. This style takes the design to a whole new level of comfort and utter modernism drenched in perky exposed materials to create an over-the-top and welcoming aura to the space. Introduce floor-to-ceiling glass partitions while enjoying your evening dinner with a panorama of the surrounding landscape.

7. Brass Statement

Picture9, Design Authority

Bold kitchens make a strong statement in this house by @lacornueofficial

The contrasting metal-tinted hardware and rods ooze luxury in this bold kitchen. Even your massive chimney could play in action. Create a piece of the focal point in the centre of the kitchen (could be the hob or island) and paint it with a distinctive hue!

8. The Curated One

Kitchen 10, Design Authority

Let your kitchen be easy-breezy by @leclairdecor

Blending in elements for an eclectic style has been a practice in luxury kitchen design. The mid-century modern chairs profoundly complement the pendant lighting over the white opulent marble countertop and some displayed shelves showing-off the fancy china!

9. Worthy Tans

Picture11, Design Authority

Monochromatic kitchen designed by @hemma_interiors

This luxury kitchen trend will never fade away due to the smart colour palette selection of tans and white juxtaposing each other. The ultra-modern space features ceiling-high cabinets and an island – clean and crisp. Don’t flip through this chic kitchen design!

Owning a luxurious kitchen is a cherry-on-the-top! It defines your personality, lifestyle and the way you perceive the world. Embracing the kitchens is necessary so spruce them up and brighten it further to add an identity to this realm.

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