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With an abundance of choices in the market, finding the right furniture for your luxury home can be a tall order. Nestled in ION Orchard, Proof Living, a leading designer furniture hub in Singapore, sets out to simplify this process, by offering the crème de la crème of designer furnishings through an enriching and enjoyable shopping experience like no other. They carry products from coveted designer furniture powerhouses such as Poltrona Frau, Camerich, Diane James, and Occhio among various others.

Instead of adopting the convenient one-size-fits-all approach, this passionate luxury furniture specialist places a strong emphasis on bespoke services, from educating their customers on space planning and interior design to conducting workshops and events to offer personalised advice on home design and lifestyle, as well as providing professional stylists to analyze your home.

Let’s explore some of the top-tier luxury furniture by coveted designer powerhouses curated by Proof Living:

Archibald Large Armchair V1, Design Authority

The Archibald Large Armchair

This behemoth armchair is the brainchild of the legendary Jean-Marie Massaud who has presented her vision in three unmissable editions. The comfortable and enveloping arms of this vessel beckon you into its sweet embrace, urging you to meditate and relax.

The roomy dimensions of the seat are juxtaposed by slender legs that create a small footprint with a balanced look and feel. Its leather upholstery is contoured with vertical folds, giving it a wavy look. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find the edges are beautifully embroidered with a contrast stitching that oozes “extra fine”.

The Archibald armchair is a masterstroke in structural integrity, owing to the steel composite that forms its backrest seat structure, the elastic belt spring system connects the structure to foam padding and polyester wadding that provide the highest levels of user comfort. Notably, the ornate upholstery is Pelle Frau® leather. It evokes a powerful presence in any room and makes a refined statement.

Archibald Dining 10, Design Authority

The Archibald Dining Chair

Much like the Archibald Armchair, the Archibald dining chair models the classic English tub armchair while exhibiting the unmistakable design language of creator Jean-Marie Massaud. Using similar materials as the armchair, its unique frame is exquisitely crafted from birch plywood. The sturdy 4-legged base on which the frame sits is formed with ash wood and sports a charming Wenge tone, with protective felt pads that protect your floors from scratching. The Archibald dining chair is available in two modes: Pelle Frau® leather or fabric upholstery. Your dining experience will truly be elevated.

Peek A Book Table 07, Design Authority

Peek-a-Book Desk

This domestic masterpiece by Roberto Lazzeroni is the showstopper in what critics have dubbed the Poltrona Frau Office. Lazzeroni’s vision hinges on a large and inviting work surface and a material selection that oozes warmth and style while presenting as a consummate office desk in a residential space. This is the story of the Peek-a-Book desk.

A rather unembellished sheet of poplar plywood is adorned in Pelle Frau® leather and is masterfully folded in place to accommodate two drawers without a millimeter of stitching visible to the naked eye. The desk also sports an internal hollow spacing that can compartmentalize sockets and electrical conduits as well as charging cables. The look and feel of this desk space-age retro. It’s quite the conversation starter your friend and acquaintances are sure to take note of.

Get Back Sofa 07, Design Authority

Get Back Sofa

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have done it again. Basking in the glow of the raving success that was “Let it be” and “Come together”, the dynamic duo have concocted another Beatles-inspired hit that is proving to be quite the eye-catcher. Get Back was inspired by the Beatle’s lyric: “Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged”.

Just like the lyric, the sofa piece harkened to the glory days of comfort and homeliness in a tailor-made environment. Its structure is fashioned from die-cast aluminium and solid tulipwood and can be upholstered in your choice of either Pelle Frau® leather or a combination with fabric. The Get Back Sofa is sure to get you back to rest and relaxation. It’s amazing for those Netflix Sundays and chill weekend vibes.

Ren Bookcase 04, Design Authority

Ren Bookcase

A highly distinguished piece from a collection with the same name, its designers Neri & Hu are the artisans behind its unique aesthetic. The Chinese Symbol “ren” is the inspirational undercurrent behind this piece and the entire collection. The weave of lines and lateral inclined uprights are a distinct design aesthetic, as birch plywood shelves are upholstered in saddle leather with a Canaletto walnut veneer. The upper crosspiece is secured with fasteners that tout a natural brass finish and a suspended round multi-purpose tray.

Stacked in formation against a wall, the Ren Bookcase proudly displays its contents in an orderly fashion. Its tiered shelving provides ample space for literary greats as well as underrated masterpieces, clearly evoking a sense of power and playfulness. The shelf is an ode to the simple and unadulterated character of human beings.

50 Bean, Design Authority

Bean Desk

The Bean Desk is the brainchild of Roberto Lazzeroni in 1990. The 32-year-old design is the shape of the iconic and elegant bean. The refinement and technical prowess are apparent in its design language as it demonstrates the quality of the moniker “Made in Italy”. The Bean Desk is a seamless interpretation of Lazzeroni’s vision of using refined materials and industrial precision to replicate the knowledge base that is derived from eons of Italian craftsmanship.

Ceccotti Collezioni has made an iconic piece with time-honoured woodworking traditions that are hyper-focused on the most elaborate of detailing. It takes two weeks to connect and assemble 346 parts without screws and an additional 12 hours for finishing and 8 for painting its ornate and mammoth body.

The bean desk is available in multiple sizes and can be customised to your liking. With each desk, your kit comes with dividers made of maple wood, drawer bottoms inlaid with saddle leather and burnished brass detailing with a custom nameplate to stamp your ownership of this superb piece. The Marlowe Chair is an exquisite accompaniment to this beauty. It’s a masterstroke in statesmanlike furniture.

35 T Bone, Design Authority

T-Bone Armchair

A cornerstone of the Ceccotti Collezioni collection, the T-Bone Armchair is a statement piece that challenges the concept of furniture in interior design and defies its traditional compatriots.

Its bold yet dynamic form means it can find space in both residential and commercial settings such as a reading room or a lounge. Its structural frame is available in either walnut or ash wood, with a padded backrest and seat and has an array of gorgeous colours to choose from, such as shellac. The T-Bone Armchair has a range of options for upholstery as well, including fabric, leather or natural leather and makes for a poignant pairing with the Arbol small table.

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