Industry Experts

Agostinho Moreira Founder CEO Of Jetclass Group, Design Authority

Agostinho Moreira

Founder & CEO of Jetclass Group

Brian Jude Kow Nic Wes Builders, Design Authority

Brian & Jude Kow

Founders of Nic & Wes Builders

Chee Su Eing DPerception Ritz, Design Authority

Chee Su Eing

Founder & Managing Director
of D’Perception Ritz

Christopher Lim Founder Managing Director Of Marano Furniture , Design Authority

Christopher Lim

Founder of Marano Furniture

Emmanuel Nardin Devialet, Design Authority

Emmanuel Nardin

Co-Founder & Head of Design
of Devialet

Eugene Ng General Manager Of T1 Elements 1, Design Authority

Eugene Ng

Founder & General Manager
of T1 Elements

Filippo Arnaboldi CEO Of Frette 1, Design Authority

Filippo Arnaboldi

CEO of Frette

Gorazd Malacic Tokio, Design Authority

Gorazd Malačič

Founder & Creative Director of Tokio.

Horace Pan PANORAMA Design Group, Design Authority

Horace Pan

Founder of PANORAMA Design Group

Kavin Lee, Design Authority

Kavin Lee

Creative Director of Metamorph Design

Kate Ken Mr Shopper Studio Singapore, Design Authority

Ken Lee & Kate Deng

Founders of Mr Shopper Studio

Lim Cheng Kooi Founder Of AR43 Architects, Design Authority

Lim Cheng Kooi

Founder of AR43 Architects

Marco Van Ham Designstudio MVH 1, Design Authority

Marco van Ham

Founder & Director of Designstudio MVH

Marcos Cain, Design Authority

Marcos Cain

Founder & Creative Director of Stickman Tribe

Mariko Konno, Design Authority

Mariko Konno

Co-Founder & Director of Nanas Design

Martin Willers CEO Per Brickstad Chief Designer Transparent Speaker, Design Authority

Martin Willers & Per Brickstad

Founders of Transparent

Massimo Mercurio, Design Authority

Massimo Mercurio

Founder of Mercurio Design Lab

Olivia Collins Sq, Design Authority

Olivia Collins

Artist & Designer of Olivia Collins Art & Design

Philip Tang Brian Ip PTang Studio, Design Authority

Philip Tang & Brian Ip

Founders of PTang Studio

Piyush Suri And Neetica Pande Founders Of NOOE, Design Authority

Piyush Suri & Neetica Pande

Founders of NOOE

Greg Shand Architects, Design Authority

Robert Greg Shand

Founder of Robert Greg Shand Architects

Sarah Tham Founder Cube Design Associate, Design Authority

Sarah Tham

Design Director of
Cube Associate Design

JUNG Asia Shawn Ang, Design Authority

Shawn Ang

General Manager of JUNG ASIA, SEAPAC

Simon Zeng Stylus Studio Founder Principal, Design Authority

Simon Zeng

Founder & Principal of Stylus Studio

Sulini Tjoeng Sketchwork Design And Style Principal, Design Authority

Sulini Tjoeng

Design Principal of SkeTchwork Design & Style

Tan Yue Wei YWA Studio Founder, Design Authority

Tan Yue Wei

Founder & Principal Architect
of YWA Studio

Tung Ching Yew Founder Managing Director Of SODA, Design Authority

Tung Ching Yew

Founder & Managing Director of SODA
President of SIDS (Society Of Interior Designers Singapore) 2022-2024

Vincent Zhang Stylus Studio Founder Principal, Design Authority

Vincent Zhang

Founder & Principal Stylus Studio

Yung Ong Proof Living Founder, Design Authority

Yung Ong

Founder of Proof Living