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Kate Ken Mr Shopper Studio Singapore, Design Authority

Ken Lee & Kate Deng

Founders of Mr Shopper Studio

Ken Lee and Kate Deng is an exceptional duo with a decade of experience in soft furnishings and interior styling. Ken started the firm due to his interest in interior design. Kate is a strong Arts & Design professional where she realized the firm could be further extended.

Ken and Kate’s vision sparked, and the dynamic duo collaborated on several projects to find a methodology to improvise services for the Interior Industry. Kate further asserts, “We passionately beautify homes, offering the best experience we could to homeowners.”

“Our homes are frequently a reflection of our inner character and individuality. We spend a significant amount of time at homes, therefore it’s critical that they reflect our characteristics, traits, qualities and catered to our lifestyle.

But how can homeowners decide which design and colour palette work best for them? Hence, we came up with a methodology and coined it the Interior Personality Analysis™ to easily help our clients and Designers identify the requirements in a short period of time and this has been our trademark practice since 2015. We are the 1st in Asia to implement this program for our clients.”