An Ode to the Art of Living | Frette Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Famed Italian luxury linen and lifestyle brand Frette presents its Fall/Winter 2022 collection as an ode to the Art of Living. Drawing inspiration from the notion of art as the greatest form of self-expression, the seasonal collection is a celebration of dynamic colour, rich materiality and evocative details, paying homage to the power of one’s environment in transforming mood and shaping experience…

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Marano Furniture Colours Of Peking, Design Authority

Homegrown Marano Furniture Launches Latest Luxury Collection – 京 Colours of Peking

In conjunction with Singapore Design Week, local luxury furniture brand Marano Furniture officially launches the first two of four instalments of their latest collection titled “京 Colours of Peking”. Drawing its design inspiration from two of the four characters, Jing, a prominent male character with striking looks and high social position, and Dan, an elegant female character with soft lines
Leedon Green Sales Gallery International Award Winning Design By PTANG STUDIO, Design Authority

Nature-Inspired Luxury Haven @ Leedon Green by PTang Studio

This award-winning design of Leedon Green sales gallery springs forth as an awe-inspiring architectural and interior masterpiece, fittingly situated in one of the most sought after addresses in Singapore, showcasing an amalgamation of tactile organic materials…
Refined Luxury @ Club Di Lusso By Mr Shopper Studio 980x654, Design Authority

Refined Luxury & Strategic Versatility @ Club Di Lusso by Mr Shopper Studio

Singapore is a little tropical paradise in Asia filled with a plethora of great food, entertainment and luxury experiences. To add to the list of must-try venues is the ever exclusive and oh so elusive “Club Di Lusso”. Whether you’re a local resident or a jet setting traveller who…

Celestial Beauty By PTANG STUDIO 980x654, Design Authority

Celestial Beauty @ IL PICCO House 15 by PTang Studio

The interior design of House 15 is a remarkable exhibit of the sense of balance and harmony which harkens back to the belief of humans being an integral part of nature, according to the teachings of Confucianism. Capturing this revered essence is a wonderful union…
Redefine Your Mindscape With MARANO 980x654, Design Authority

Turning Cherished Homes Into Fascinating Mindscapes

Look out, there is a new furniture brand in town and they’re taking the world by storm. MARANO Furniture is an aesthetic choice that “evokes your inner nobility”. We’re not sure if we can buy the notion that a sofa makes us feel like the maharaja our ancestor might have been…

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Ultra Low VOC Wood Based Materials By EGGER And CLEAF NORM Singapore 800x700, Design Authority

Build Your Stylish Dream Home the Safe & Sustainable Way with EGGER and CLEAF

Serenity – a highly desirable quality in our stressful lives that can be achieved with well-thought-out designs, masterful craftsmanship, and most importantly, the right materials.

Chic Signature Koi @ I12 By ArtDecor Design Studio 800x700, Design Authority

Chic Signature KOI @ i12 by ArtDecor Design Studio

Chill and cosy up at Koi @ i12! The chic interior is as delectable and satisfying as the premium Signature Koi. With clever styling, the modern elements are far away from your usual ho-hum, offering a lively…

A Boutique Inspired Modern Luxury Home By E%C2%B3.SPACE , Design Authority

A Boutique-Inspired Modern Luxury Home by E³.SPACE

Modular interior fittings have come a long way as improved manufacturing processes and materials make it possible to achieve premium-quality results. Today, let’s take a look at an impressive…

Modern Futuristic Office Design @ Treasure Orbit By ArtDecor Design Studio 800x700, Design Authority

Modern & Futuristic Office Design @ Treasure Orbit

The Treasure Orbit is as perfect and intriguing as it sounds. From the entryway, it immediately tantalizes you on what treasures the space has in store for you. You get a peek through a circular framed… 

Icon Of The East By Nic Wes Builders 800x700, Design Authority

The Ultra-Modern Icon of the East by Nic & Wes Builders

In this special home tour, we present to you a 15-year-old bungalow that has been masterfully transformed into a remarkable ultra-modern Lifestyle Home by Nic & Wes Builders.

Wells The One Water Purifier 800x700, Design Authority

Wells The One: A Water Purifier Unlike Any Other

When it comes to home and kitchen appliances, the water filtration system has changed countless lives across the globe. Yet its design has remained largely rudimentary. With that in mind, Wells has created…

Maestosa Fully Automated Coffee Machine By DeLonghi 800x700, Design Authority

Bask in Decadent Luxury with Maestosa Fully Automated Coffee Machine

In the world of caffeine, the Italian brand name DE’LONGHI is a titan with a reputation for luxury at its finest. The Italians gave the world espresso coffee culture, and now they give us the ultimate…

The Sound Of Tomorrow Devialet 800x700, Design Authority

Devialet – The Sound of Tomorrow (High-End Speakers & Audiophile Amplifiers)

Ever wondered what ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’ is like? The experts at Devialet might have the right answer – it must be truly immersive with zero distortion, zero saturation, and zero background…

Echo Elios In Azure White By Frette 800x700, Design Authority

Living in Lightness with Frette Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Say hello to Frette, an Italian brand that is about to become a mainstay in your personal lexicon of luxury brand names. Let’s save you the time: 5-star luxury hotels and ultra high net worth individuals…

Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator 800x700, Design Authority

Joy-Sparking Samsung Innovations Your Home Deserves

When it comes to your home, investing in the most up-to-date technologies is crucial for the property’s overall aesthetic and functionality – and with this in mind, Samsung’s latest creations could be…

Villa Lambda By Mercurio Design Lab 800x700, Design Authority

Villa Lambda: The Fascinating Geometric “Starship” Inspired by Lamborghini

Pushing the limits of built technology and creating a state of tense equilibrium between dynamically opposed forms are two iconic concepts that Massimo Mercurio uses for his designs…

No 2 Sentosa Bungalow By Robert Greg Shand Architects 800x700, Design Authority

Timeless Sustainable Architecture for Contemporary Living

Known for his expansive and unique approach in bespoke architecture and sustainable designs, Greg Shand from Robert Greg Shand Architects has created yet another masterpiece in the highly…

Nic Wes Builders 800x700, Design Authority

The Empathetic Luxury Lifestyle Home Builder in Singapore

With over 20 years of experience in private residential construction, Nic & Wes Builders is a Design & Build firm that originated from the founders’ passion, which became their…

Modern Chic X Art Deco Interior Design By Mr Shopper Studio 800x700, Design Authority

Modern Chic with Ritzy Art Deco Vibe by Mr Shopper Studio

The ceiling flutings make way through the living area defining the space and providing visual interest. For the hall configuration, the design opts for low-profiled furniture with sweep edges…

Luxury Gift Guide Frette 800x700, Design Authority

Impress Your Friends & Loved Ones This Festive Season with Frette

Recently, a swanky 65 square-metre space at MBS became home to the iconic Italian luxury lifestyle brand, Frette. With 160 years worth of heritage and craftsmanship lining the beds and dining rooms…

Scandi X Mid Century Modern Interior Design By Archluxe 800x700, Design Authority

Brilliant Meld of Scandi & Mid-Century Modern by Archluxe

This modern living space brings you a foray of organic textures we love about the Scandinavian with hints of the Mid-Century style in a contemporary configuration. This living room…

Asiatic Contemporary By Nic Wes Builders Singapore 800x700, Design Authority

Asiatic Contemporary Lifestyle Home by Nic & Wes Builders

The professionals at Nic & Wes Builders continue to amaze us with their view on what contemporary housing can look like. In this quick house tour, we present to you a very interesting example of how…

Royal%20Taj%20restaurant%20interior%20design, Design Authority

Ethereal & Exquisite Royal Taj Restaurant @ Sentosa Island in Singapore

The Royal Taj @ Sentosa’s interior is as exquisite as its food that offers mesmerizing combinations of ethereal lighting, gorgeous patterned textures and a striking combination…

Luxury Modern Home Design 800x700, Design Authority

Brilliant Modern Interior Design Ideas for Luxury Homes

From tinsel towns to island getaways, there’s no shortage of modern house designs that exude the ultimate luxury and comfort in style. But along the allure and awe of such stunning spaces…

Archluxe Interior Design Miltonia 800x700, Design Authority

Organic x Futuristic Interior Design @ Miltonia

As you enter, a visually stunning living room welcomes you with its organic shapes and earthy tones with an interesting asymmetrical configuration. The lavish design starts with…

Landed%20home%20design%20by%20ArtDecor%20Design%20Studio, Design Authority

Heart-Warming Luxurious Landed House by ArtDecor Design Studio

You’ll feel a sense of warmth and calm as you enter this spacious living room where well-balanced elements and clean architecture make up the gorgeous interior…

Archluxe Interior Design Stars Of Kovan 800x700, Design Authority

Grandeur Galore @ Stars of Kovan Condominium

Grandeur galore! This living and dining interior boasts exquisite taste where a range of patterns and textures are harmoniously put together. Creating a cohesive design that’s highly texturized…

Frette Luxury Bedding 1 800x700, Design Authority

Frette Launches Coveted Limited Edition in Bloom Collection

Frette launches a limited edition In Bloom Collection, a luxurious set that includes a duvet cover, bottom sheet, and four decorative pillow cases made of a soft and silky blend of viscose silk jacquard…

Biophilic Interior Design By ArtDecor Design Studio 800x700, Design Authority

Biophilic Interior Design @ Infar International

The Infar International Universal Vision office interior embodies the modern workplace of today where relevant elements like biophilic design, flexibility and excitement…

Balinese Elegance By Nic Wes Builders 800x700, Design Authority

Balinese Elegance in Singapore by Nic & Wes Builders

At first, you might think that we have arrived at a luxurious holiday destination in the heart of Bali, but the truth is, we’ve never even left Singapore. This remarkable house creates an intimate retreat…

Landed House Dining Room By Divine N Dynamic 800x700, Design Authority

Heavenly Design & Build Landed House Project @ Serangoon Garden Way

There is something heavenly about this gorgeous home with its ethereal lights, interesting architectural forms and showcase of natural textures. As it is beyond…

Scandi X Mid Century Interior Design 800x700, Design Authority

Home Renovation Ideas & Interior Design Tips – An Evergreen Guide

In this guide, you’ll find many practical tips that’ll help you to plan your home renovation and choose your design options properly to avoid unnecessary frustrations…

Bluescope Futuristic Interior Design By ArtDecor Design Studio 800x700, Design Authority

BlueScope: Innovation, Strength & Commitment to Sustainability

Seeing and experiencing the product firsthand makes a showroom an important marketing strategy, and BlueScope has utilized it perfectly. A roofing material coming in waves!

Legacy Townhouse Design By Gavinho 800x700, Design Authority

Inspiring Sophisticated Legacy Condominium Design by Gavinho

Legacy by Gavinho Architecture and Interiors transcends luxury design on a whole new level with its remarkable use of materials, stunning illumination, and…

Penthouse In Palm Jumeirah 1 800x700, Design Authority

3 Visually Captivating Penthouses That’ll Blow Your Mind

Penthouses are meant to be quintessential of high living (literally), taking advantage of the views and incorporating the plays of light and architectural illumination…

Glamorous%20Alfords%20Point%20House, Design Authority

Home Tour: The Glamourous Alfords Point House

A powerful symbol of Hollywood Glam style, this five-bedroom new-build emerges straight out of luxe and glamour. The design brief by the homeowners clearly stated a clean…

Classy%20Signature%20KOI%20interior%20design, Design Authority

Classy Signature KOI Interior Design by ArtDecor Design Studio

This KOI cafe is a shift from the usual kiosks where the beloved tea brand takes the experience of the flavorful concoction to a whole new level with a heart-warming and unforgettable ambience…