Elevating Epicurean Spaces with Artful Design

Ritz Carlton Amman Ambros 1, Design Authority

In the realm of hospitality design, the creation of an atmosphere that captivates and comforts is paramount. Within the Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Residences in Amman, Jordan, Stickman Tribe, helmed by design extraordinaire, Marcos Cain, has excelled in this, orchestrating three distinct dining experiences: Ambros, The Founder’s Room, and Roberto’s. Each venue, a unique gem in its own right, reflects Stickman Tribe’s dedication to creating spaces that tell a story and evoke emotions. Ambros, an Art Deco-inspired all-day dining haven, exudes sophistication, while The Founder’s Room offers a clandestine retreat for cigar aficionados. Roberto’s, with its contemporary Italian finesse, completes this trio, offering a fine-casual dining experience. These venues not only enhance the luxury of the Ritz-Carlton but also stand as individual masterpieces of design and culinary artistry.

Ritz Carlton Amman Ambros 2, Design Authority

Ambros’ evocative design story is a testament to exquisite luxury, meticulously woven with a keen eye for detail. It unites sumptuous sophistication with a cleverly conceived layout that gracefully transitions from day to night. Here, sleek geometric shapes interplay with lavish textures to create an ambiance of subtle yet captivating allure. The traditional grandeur of wall panelling and ceiling cornices is re-envisioned, breathing contemporary life into these classic elements, resulting in an effusion of light and refined elegance. This space is a harmonious composition of rich materials: the rhythmic lines of fluted brass, the deep allure of black Marquina marble, the tactile warmth of caramel leather, and the intricate patterns of timber. Together, they orchestrate an environment of dining luxury, echoing the enchanting grandeur of a more gracious era. Central to this setting is a bespoke chandelier, a dazzling focal point that, along with select pieces of contemporary abstract art, enhances the space with an air of transcendent sophistication.

Ritz Carlton Amman Ambros 4, Design Authority

This masterfully designed enclave is discreetly separated from its adjacent counterpart, ‘The Bar’, through an enchanting, mood-infused transitional area that radiates both theatricality and whimsy. At the heart of this space lies a custom-crafted theatre sofa, an epitome of both comfort and sartorial elegance, serving as a striking centrepiece. The elegance is further elevated by full-height folding doors, intricately designed with a finesse that allows for fluid spatial transformation. This ingenious layout ensures Ambros gracefully blends its retail, culinary, and beverage facets, adapting effortlessly across various trading periods. Such a design not only optimises revenue opportunities but also crafts an ambience akin to a luxurious home, welcoming and warm at any hour.

Ritz Carlton Amman The Founders Room 5, Design Authority

The Founder’s Room stands as a hidden jewel of lavishness and inventive design. This exclusive cigar bar and lounge, sprawling over 199 sqm with a seating capacity of 70, is a portal to the opulent 1920s. Its design, inspired by the clandestine charm of original speakeasies, melds luxury with an air of enigma, capturing the essence of a time rich in allure.

This exclusive haven for connoisseurs is an intricate composition of textures and deep, resonant colours, crafting an atmosphere that is both intimately cosy and grandly opulent. The space is adorned with a sophisticated palette of brushed brass, metal mesh, smoked glass, and the dramatic grandeur of Nero Portoro marble. These elements are seamlessly integrated with the timeless comfort of classic club loungers, art-deco inspired accents, and custom-designed seating booths. Each booth is a work of art, featuring a bespoke cocktail drawer that serves as a ceremonial stage for the cigar sommelier, elevating the exclusivity of the guest experience.

Ritz Carlton Amman The Founders Room 3, Design Authority

In this almost clandestine bar, the subtlety of low-level lighting is pivotal, harmonising with the richness of the materials to enable a flawless transition from daylight to evening elegance. This cinematic ambiance, a tapestry of intricate details and materials, is a modern homage to the speakeasy spirit, offering guests a deeply authentic and captivating encounter. The adjoining walk-in humidor, a haven for cigar and wine aficionados, beckons guests further into the embrace of The Founder’s Room.

Ritz Carlton Amman The Founders Room 6, Design Authority

Crafted with exceptional artistry by Stickman Tribe, every facet of The Founder’s Room, from the soaring white ceilings that juxtapose the intimate environment to the meticulously chosen furnishings, tells a tale of opulence and distinction. This space transcends the concept of a mere bar; it is a celebration of history, culture, and the refined art of living, reimagined through a contemporary lens of design elegance.

Ritz Carlton Amman Robertos 2, Design Authority

Roberto’s, an Abu Dhabi and Dubai based establishment, emerges as a contemporary Italian culinary jewel, transcending the ordinary, offering a fine-casual dining experience that effortlessly shifts from an intimate business lunch setting to a sophisticated, high-energy social hub as night falls. The essence of Roberto’s lies in its fluidity, its ability to adapt and transform, reflecting the dynamic nature of its clientele and the ever-changing rhythms of city life. At the core of Roberto’s design narrative is a harmonious blend of functional elements drawn from its successful predecessors, coupled with a bold push towards contemporary aesthetics. The result is a space that radiates authenticity and modern flair, a testament to Stickman Tribe’s commitment to creating venues that resonate deeply with their locale. The dining experience at Roberto’s is an artful fusion of classic and modern Italian cuisine, reinterpreted to suit the tastes of a diverse, cosmopolitan audience. Its unique culinary offerings range from time-honoured dishes to innovative, signature creations, each crafted to tantalise the palate and evoke the rich culinary heritage of Italy.

Ritz Carlton Amman Robertos 3, Design Authority

The design challenges presented by Roberto’s were met with ingenuity and a keen eye for detail. Stickman Tribe’s approach was to create an adaptive operational flow, ensuring that the space remains functional and aesthetically pleasing for both guests and staff. The carefully curated furnishings and equipment enhance the dynamic nature of the space, allowing it to cater to various dining and lounge experiences that Roberto’s promises.

Ritz Carlton Amman Robertos 4, Design Authority

In Roberto’s, every corner tells a story, from the Ristorante to the Salotta, the Cortina to the Terrazza. These distinct areas, while unique in their character, come together to form a unified and cohesive whole. The design intricacies lie in the clever use of textures and a palette that oscillates between cool and warm tones, manifesting a sleek and modern atmosphere imbued with quirky touches. These elements conspire to bridge the gap between the old-world charm of Italian dining and the allure of contemporary design, creating an ambiance that is both familiar and refreshingly new. Roberto’s stands as a shining example of Stickman Tribe’s prowess in interior design, showcasing their ability to craft spaces that are not just visually stunning but are also deeply rooted in the brand’s ethos and operational practicality. This venue is not just a restaurant; it is a space where the past and the present converge, creating an Italian dining experience that is truly unparalleled.

Ritz Carlton Amman Robertos 8, Design Authority

Within the prestigious walls of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Residences, the artistic mastery of Stickman Tribe is brilliantly showcased through the captivating designs of Ambros, The Founder’s Room, and Roberto’s. Each venue emerges as a distinct realm where exquisite taste and contemporary innovation interlace, crafting an elegant and modern narrative. In these spaces, Stickman Tribe’s philosophy of creative intelligence is palpably felt, with every meticulous detail reflecting intentional artistry. Here, the act of dining is elevated to an art form, enchanting the senses and weaving unforgettable moments of luxury and sophistication amidst the dynamic pulse of Jordan.

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