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ArtDecor Design Studio

ArtDecor Design Studio, Design Authority

Established in Singapore in 1970, ArtDecor Design Studio is a leading player in the local interior design industry. Their core strength lies in the excellent delivery of multi-faceted construction and renovation projects which often exceed clients’ expectations.

Mr Shopper Studio

Mr Shopper Studio, Design Authority

Mr Shopper Studio was established in 2014 by accomplished experts in renovation and soft furnishing, Kate Deng and Ken Lee in the pursuit of creating the ultimate aesthetic and super customised consumer service for the local interior scene in Singapore.

McCulley Design Lab

McCulley Design Lab, Design Authority

McCulley Design Lab is a multi-disciplinary firm in California specializing in branding, identities and experience design, including architecture and interior design.

Crest Architects

Crest Architects Floating Walls Residence, Design Authority

Crest Architects, a multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design firm based in Bangalore was founded  by Ar. Vishwas Venkat and Ar. Vikas M V.

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