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Sarah Tham Cube Design Associate, Design Authority

Sarah Tham

Founder & Design Director of Cube Associate Design

With over 20 years of experience, no design brief, be it big or small or its complexity, fazes Sarah. “I always believe that it is not about the scale but the potential to explore creativity in a project.”

Since young, she has always been interested in materials and structure, and knew that she would pursue a career in interior design or architecture.

Tham draws inspiration for her projects from art, culture, music, people and from her surroundings.

When she first started out, she was drawn to designs that were clean-cut, simple and practical.

But with the advancement of technology, Tham’s designs know no bounds. She is, however, not one to follow trends, but constantly seeks to create harmonious spaces.

“If a design were to follow a certain trend, it wouldn’t be lasting especially in our fast-paced world.”