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Sulini Tjoeng Sketchwork Design And Style, Design Authority

Sulini Tjoeng

Design Principal of SkeTchwork Design & Style

Melding the art of design with the precision of technical expertise, Sulini Tjoeng, the visionary behind SkeTchwork Design & Style, crafts spaces that transcend mere function to become living canvases of warmth and hospitality. With roots in Singapore and a global imprint that spans Australia and Dubai, Sulini brings over a decade of refined aesthetic sensibility to her projects, which range from corporate sanctuaries to beachside retreats and sophisticated residences.

Known for her hands-on approach and her prowess in the lost art of hand sketching, Sulini stands as a beacon of imaginative flair in the design landscape. In the crowded world of digital design, her personal hand sketching offers an authenticity that’s deeply felt by her clients. As the driving force behind SkeTchwork Design & Style, her pencil and paper become the first sacred space where her clients’ dreams take shape before being masterfully translated into sumptuous 3D renderings, and ultimately real-life living spaces uniquely tailored to the client’s needs and aspirations. Impeccably detailed and luxuriously tailored, her work is a lesson in what happens when inspiration meets impeccable execution. At the core of her practice lies a vibrant passion for the creative process, harmoniously blended with a rigorous commitment to deliver extraordinary results—on time, within budget, and ever so elegantly.