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Marcos Cain

Founder & Creative Director of Stickman Tribe

Marcos Cain, the mastermind behind Stickman Tribe, stands at the forefront of design innovation as its Founder and Creative Director. Under his visionary leadership, Stickman Tribe has flourished into a renowned studio, boasting a diverse and impressive portfolio that spans the globe. Marcos’s approach to design is anchored in the philosophy of creative intelligence, ensuring he is intimately involved in each project from its inception to fruition. This hands-on approach guarantees a unique blend of unpredictability and whimsical consistency, underpinned by operational practicality and a commitment to excellence.

With a career spanning over two decades, Marcos has honed his craft both as an owner and operator within the hospitality sector. His journey has taken him across continents, from Australia and Asia to the Middle East, imbuing his work with a rich tapestry of cultural and operational insights. Marcos’s entrepreneurial spirit and distinct creative vision were the driving forces behind the inception of Stickman Tribe in 2009, a venture that began in Dubai and China, later extending to Australia. Today, his creative footprint extends across more than 11 countries and 22 cities, earning numerous accolades and awards over 14 years.

At the heart of Marcos’s design philosophy is the art of storytelling. He leads his team to transcend conventional ideas, seeking inspiration that resonates both operationally and aesthetically. Every project is akin to an unfolding narrative, where each layer of creativity and operational detail contributes to the overall story. Research and understanding of each location’s unique history and culture are integral to Stickman Tribe’s methodology. This commitment to contextual relevance ensures each design concept is not only memorable and authentic but also deeply rooted in the specifics of its location, culture, and client brief.

As a passionate advocate for hospitality and F&B design, Marcos is a familiar face in the industry, contributing to magazines and speaking at events about innovation and sustainability. His accolades span an array of categories, from luxury urban escapes to the best hotel and restaurant designs. Noteworthy among his many achievements are the AHEAD Awards, The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Asia Hotel Design Award, and World Interior News Awards, culminating in the prestigious recognition of the #1 Resort in Asia in 2022 by Travel + Leisure magazine. Marcos Cain’s journey with Stickman Tribe is not just about creating stunning designs; it’s about crafting experiences that resonate, inspire, and endure.