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Emmanuel Nardin, Design Authority

Emmanuel Nardin

Founder & Head of Design of Devialet

Emmanuel Nardin is the co-founder and Head of Design of Devialet, born an entrepreneur, talented designer, with a relentless focus on design as the art of performance.

Born in May 1962 in France, Emmanuel has a Technical baccalauréat and 2 years of studying mechanical engineering. In 1983, Emmanuel got into ESDI, the french school of industrial design. From 1988 to 2008, he ran his first company named CREATIO (graphic and industrial design). He was the manager and artistic director for 20 years with many big industrial clients such as Renault, Décathlon, and more.

In 2006 he wanted to change direction and create something else. He met Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel the same year through a common friend. Together they founded on December the 6th 2007 Devialet along with Quentin Sannié.

“Our iconic design aims to serve the technological purpose: to express emotion the way the artist intended. Emotion is what fuels every decision at Devialet.”