Harmonious & Timeless Sophistication with Rule of Thirds by D’Perception Ritz

Incorporating the client’s ultra-developed aesthetic sensibilities, which echo a timeless and sophisticated living space, the team at D’Perception Ritz has masterfully crafted a stunning bespoke space with harmonious, minimalistic aesthetics and functionalities following the Rule of Thirds, brilliantly showcasing substance within charming simplicity.

D'Perception%20Ritz%20 %20House%20of%20Thirds%20Living%20Room, Design Authority

In this minimalist interior design makeover, a matte neutral color scheme, clean lines, organic materials, natural lighting, and modern technologies come together to evoke a feeling of haute couture elegance. The finely finished stairwell, the seamless cabinets, the showroom-quality walk-in closet, and the zen-like bathroom, all reflect the meticulous approach to design.

The spacious living room reflects modern sensibilities, with simple geometry of the reconfigured architecture allowing the social spaces to flow through, creating an airy and relaxed atmosphere. Newly lined with a row of large windows, natural illumination streams copiously into this flowing space, further creating that sense of openness while flattering the monochromatic palette of gray hues. The layers of the neutral hue allow the various organic textures to stand out, adding richness and definition.

D'Perception%20Ritz%20 %20House%20of%20Thirds%20Living%20Room%20perspective%202, Design Authority

The Minotti furniture with clean lines conveys a modern and elegant look while the low profile offers spatial continuity and the illusion of a higher vertical clearance. Eye-catching sculptural pieces such as the edgy coffee table and the minimalist tripod floor lamp are integrated to inject character.

D'Perception%20Ritz%20 %20House%20of%20Thirds%20Dining%20Area, Design Authority

While spaces are allowed to flow through, functional areas are defined by using different levels such as the step up to the dining area. The L-shaped staircase is a sculptural piece itself, showcasing the architectural possibilities of modern creativity. The stairs seem to float among the elements, continuing the expansive feeling as one ascends or descends. As the sun moves through the day, the interesting geometry also features a play of light and shadow. Furthermore, natural light is allowed to pass through even the most ambiguous of spaces.

D'Perception%20Ritz%20 %20House%20of%20Thirds%20Kitchen%20perspective%202, Design Authority

D'Perception%20Ritz%20 %20House%20of%20Thirds%20Kitchen, Design Authority

The welcoming entertainment kitchen with quality finishes is harmoniously layered in unison with the rest of the elements. The stainless steel island, polished to a gleaming finish, exudes sophistication, beckoning guests with an unhindered flow of space. The access to the wet kitchen is concealed in the sleek wooden cabinetry.

D'Perception%20Ritz%20 %20House%20of%20Thirds%20Bedroom, Design Authority

The bedroom features the familiar modern simplicity. The scale of architectural and interior elements is constrained to create a cozier atmosphere. The dark wooden tone helps in creating that calming ambiance for rest and relaxation without compromising the cohesiveness with other rooms.

D'Perception%20Ritz%20 %20House%20of%20Thirds%20Walk In%20Closet, Design Authority

The delightful boutique-inspired walk-in closet features custom floor-to-ceiling wooden shelvings with sliding glass doors for protection and showcase of personal items. A nifty wooden island counter at waist height features open shelvings that allow easier access to belts, shoes, and wallets. At each end are built-in drawers for more valuable items such as watches and jewelry. The adjacent full height built-in wooden wardrobe provides ample storage for clothings and other belongings. The dark flooring not only defines the space but also gives an illusion of space as it adds depth to the walk-in closet.

D'Perception%20Ritz%20 %20House%20of%20Thirds%20Bathroom, Design Authority

Interior design is all about enhancing one’s personal experience in the built environment, and the most personal space, the bathroom, is the perfect functional room to showcase one’s creative vision. The bathroom design opts for a similar neutral gray tone that is also found throughout the rest of the home, creating a synchronized look and feel. As there are limited elements in the bathroom, each existing piece is carefully selected to keep a minimal yet meaningful presence. The large format tiles installed on both the floor and walls make this private space look more spacious. The subtle textures of the wispy clouds on the gray tiles and the organic graining of the dark wood vanity give the bathroom a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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