Lux Interior Collection

Lux Interior Collection serves as Singapore’s gateway to an untapped realm of opulence in home interiors, meticulously curating pieces from leading UK and European artisans.

Established by Chris and Yvonne, the venture is the fruit of a serendipitous journey that began with the transformation of their UK residence. Enraptured by the unparalleled artistry of Surrey-based craftsmen, particularly the exquisite faux floral and greenery arrangements, they found their calling.

With exclusive distribution agreements across high-end European manufacturers, the company serves as a conduit for transporting unparalleled craftsmanship to the island city. Their meticulously curated collection boasts three principal lines. Foremost among them is an array of artisan-crafted faux floral and greenery, unparalleled in design and quality, each piece a work of art fashioned by adept florists from the UK and conveniently available in Singapore for immediate delivery.

Complementing this verdant allure is a selection of impeccably designed accessories. Each piece, more than a mere object, serves as a statement—a whisper of elegance that completes the room’s narrative. These elements collectively offer a scintillating experience that transcends mere aesthetics; they become the poetic verses in the grand symphony of a home’s interior story.

Their vision materialized when they realized Singapore’s home luxury sector lacked the curated magnificence they had grown to love. Hence, Lux Interior Collection was conceived as a tribute to their journey and as an offering to the discerning connoisseurs of Singapore, filling a long-felt void with an impeccable range of home accents that speak the universal language of luxury.