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Mariko Nanas Design, Design Authority

Mariko Konno

Co-Founder & Director of Nanas Design

Imbued with the essence of Southeast Asia’s cultural tapestry, Mariko Konno has intricately woven thirty-four years of regional acumen with her visionary approach to interior design. Since 2010, her keen eye has deciphered the intricate language of property dynamics, harmonising this astuteness with her sophisticated design narrative. Mariko’s design philosophy dances between the lines of modern finesse and timeless allure, fashioning environments that offer a comforting, stylish, and functional sanctuary.

Mariko’s portfolio—a rich tapestry of design—ranges from the opulent serenity of private homes to the buzzing vitality of commercial hubs, each space a testament to her versatility and finesse in tailoring environments to their intended narratives. Revered in the design community for her visionary work, Mariko’s acumen has garnered multiple International Property Awards, a nod to her relentless innovation and pursuit of excellence. Her leadership has steered the firm’s diverse ventures, encompassing stately residences for the crème de la crème, cosy cafes, vivacious eateries, and nurturing educational spaces, each project a carefully orchestrated symphony of detail, with every element tuned to resonate in perfect harmony with the client’s vision.

At the helm of Nanas Design, Mariko’s fervour for design transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Here, every space is more than mere structure—it’s an unfolding narrative, an immersive experience. Mariko’s innovative foresight and her acclaimed design philosophy beckon to those who seek more than just design but a metamorphosis of space into a living, breathing story. With her seasoned insights and celebrated design acumen, Mariko invites you to a partnership of transformation—where your vision and her artistic ingenuity converge to redefine the canvas of your environment.