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NOOE Config 01 Setup, Design Authority

Have you ever experienced the thrill of working on a passion project all night at your computer and found insurmountable depths of motivation you never thought was possible? This scenario seems both implausible and somewhat self-delusional. Yet the Config 01 ensemble by NOOE would evoke the undeniable urge to sit at one’s desk and start hustling. NOOE is an acronym for “Never Odd Or Even”. When sitting in front of a desk space designed to facilitate your ambitions, you cannot help but commit to the passion you feel for your hustle. Prepare to have your ambitions exalted onto a plain, with Config 01 helping you achieve your vision.

NOOE Config 01 Suede Desk Rug, Design Authority

The Config 01 is a five-piece ensemble that works in tandem to provide you with an elite workspace experience. The first of the ensemble is the Suede desk rug. Sure, you can buy any rug but the experience will always pale in comparison to this one. Lovingly crafted using premium vegan suede, the piece also has a miniaturised version called the Suede Mouse Rug — for the elite entrepreneur who prefers a separate base for their mouse, far from the clutter of a rig. The Suede desk rug is intricately embroidered with their signature cross stitch while the Suede Mouse Rug (sold separately) has a trusty loop made of textured faux leather to slot your pencils and pens into place.

NOOE Config 01 Wire Governor 1, Design Authority

Worshipping at the altar of creativity requires decluttering your mind and immediate environment. So Config 01 has a masterful Wire Governor to subdue the pandemonium that errant wires create. Think the odd stray wire won’t do you harm? Sure. But the nagging feeling of disarray will hinder you from maintaining peak creative performance. Let the Wire Governor, a work of art that balances form and function navigate the mess. This Wire Governor is unlike any other, as its 15 x 5 x 5-cm size body is made from solid walnut as well as aluminium.

NOOE Exhibit Desk Organizer 3, Design Authority

The desk is your hustle shrine, and it needs to be defended from the errant nicknack. To keep things clutter-free, the Config 01 comes with the Exhibit Desk Organiser that is designed to be seen and not hidden. Now all your trinkets and knick-knacks have a platform as though they’re in a modern showcase. From your AirPods to your smartwatch, this 23 x 15-cm desk organiser is a pedestal to your peripheral hustle paraphernalia.

NOOE Haptic Mobile Stand, Design Authority

Of course, every modern creative needs their phone to connect with the outside world. Yet, to avoid it becoming a needless distraction when you’re in the zone, it needs a pedestal of its own in your desk setup to assume a position of command and importance with minimal interference in the goings-on of the creative sprint. Config 01 has the perfect solution. The Hands-On Mobile Stand is a dedicated space for your phone on a busy workday. You’ll experience the luxury of uninterrupted multi-tasking and minimal obstruction. The stand allows for active hand gesture control while the angle of the screen on the frame is designed for easy video calls. The resting area of the stand comes equipped with holes punched into it, so you can charge your phone while it rests on the stand.

NOOE Anywhere Laptop Stand, Design Authority

The last member of the five-piece ensemble of Config 01 is the Anywhere Laptop Stand. The pinnacle of the Config 01 experience is this versatile laptop stand that is ideal for your desk but can be used on your sofa too. The Anywhere Laptop Stand sports a height and angle that was optimally designed for both laptop and tablet usage. This attention to ergonomics makes for comfortable typing and browsing, with minimal chance of strain on your metacarpals. It’s truly revolutionary.

Piyush Suri And Neetica Pande Founders Of NOOE, Design Authority

Piyush Suri and Neetica Pande, Founders of NOOE

The Config 01 is the brainchild of NOOE’s creators, Piyush Suri and Neetica Pande. Neetica is a Copenhagen-based industrial designer whose numerous accolades have earned her quite the reputation while working with industry titans such as the Aspekt office and Normann Copenhagen. Neetica’s design prowess and Piyush’s brand and business development gravitas have shaped NOOE’s quest to redefine the modern workstation. It’s a match made in design heaven and the fruits of this labour of love can be seen in the attention to detail each NOOE product has to offer.

If their aesthetic had a collective noun, it would be ‘Japandi’, a Japanese-Scandinavian meld that combines minimalism, earthy wood tones and ergonomic design to produce emotive furniture that reimagines the workspace. The artisans behind NOOE have stuck to their guns and formulated a design language that abides by what they claim are three core principles. The first of these is emotive design. Each cleft, nook and cranny is a well-intentioned and purposeful idea that was obsessed over in great detail for the end user. This laborious love affair celebrates creative progress. The second is their insistence on using premium tactile materials to provide a luxurious feel and look. We’re talking space-grade aluminium, solid grade-A walnut wood, eco-suede and canvas. The last is their deep commitment to sustainability. They have taken a fine tooth comb to their supply chain and design choices to limit waste and ensure all working parts are recyclable. In their words: “Hi-end shouldn’t mean near-end.”

NOOE Hero Shot, Design Authority

NOOE’s Config 01 is the flagship product that truly encapsulated its distinct design identity. The entire ensemble is designed for modern habits and is an ergonomic marvel due to the obsessive attention to detail. The serendipitous Config 01 is truly an ode to modern habits. Yet each product in the ensemble has a modularity that compliments the other as well as being portable, mobile and flexible in its use. Ultimately, the modern creative would bask in its serene atmosphere, keeping you focused on problem solving and hustling on your own terms. And that’s why the Config 01 was a winner at the Red Dot Design Awards 2022, with the jury heaping praises, “The functionally designed Config 01 desk fascinates with an equally exceptional and exquisite material combination”. It’s even developed a bit of a cult following among modern tech entrepreneurs and creative powerhouses.

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