Stylish & Vibrant Multigenerational Home by Cube Associate Design

Originally a cramped two-story, three-bedroom abode, this spacious home at Dyson Road now boasts six bedrooms accommodating a six-person household comfortably. Cube Associate Design, the design firm responsible for this transformation, was able to create personal spaces that cater to the needs of each family member while allowing them to interact with each other. From the grandparents to the children, each space is utilized for a particular function to fulfill their individual needs. Organic and man-made elements are seamlessly woven together to create a cohesive aesthetic while maintaining a smooth flow of spaces.

Cube Associate Design Dyson Road Landed Transformation 1, Design Authority

Previously dark and constrained, the transformed living area is now a vibrant open-plan layout with a relaxed rhythm that allows views and light to pass through freely. The refreshing palette featuring crisp white walls and glossy marble flooring gives this expansive space an understated elegance, complemented by coral hues and earthen tones working together to create a heartwarming vibe, capturing the essence of modern living. The focal point of the elongated space is an L-shaped cantilevered timber staircase beautifully flanked by veneered wall slats that cleverly demarcate the living area and the culinary space.

Cube Associate Design Dyson Road Landed Transformation 2, Design Authority

The adjacent dining and kitchen areas also incorporate organic materials to add warmth and character. The rich vertical graining of the dark wood contrasts beautifully with the long horizontal space. Breaking the straight-edged ensemble is a large circular mirror with a three-part panel that also gives an illusion of extended space from the dining area while reflecting natural light and views from the outdoors.

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Huddling around the elegant natural stone dining table is a suite of graceful Poltrona Frau Montera chairs in teal that adds charm and dynamism to the geometry without overwhelming the interior. The serene airiness and warmth of the space are perfectly balanced by the brilliant meld of colors, shapes, and textures to maintain a cohesive style throughout the three distinct functional areas.

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The wonderful concoction of layered wooden textures in the wet kitchen offers warmth and richness, and the horizontal wood panels and graining are oriented in one direction to create a harmonious and clean look. The configuration of the elements also expands the space, allowing the line of vision to extend to the adjoining room, continuing towards the lush greenery outdoors. An illuminated glass shelving showcases the prized spirits while not obstructing the perspective. Amidst the neutrals are the amber tones drawing the eyes to the focal point, which is the gorgeous timber island with rich graining and a distinct irregular edge that aptly serves as the sitting area.

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The unorthodox and futuristic niched cushioned seat in the children’s room is upholstered in vibrant red, backdropped by a captivating wall art depicting a peek into the cosmos, a cozy nook where the little ones can enjoy reading and playing. Another stimulating wallpaper depicting jungle animals is also added to further imbue this delightful playroom with fascination.

Cube Associate Design Dyson Road Landed Transformation 10, Design Authority

The spacious master suite is cozied up with familiar serene neutrals, layered wooden textures, and warm illumination. The full-height upholstered headboard establishes the focal point in the bedroom, where the diamond pattern is extended sideways with mirrored claddings.

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Smartly designed, the built-in closet fully utilizes the ceiling height with lower and upper shelves that are easily accessible with a rolling track ladder. The unobstructed hallway allows light and ventilation to pass through the spaces, maintaining an airy atmosphere even in closet space. The adjacent niched pocket shelves with amber backlighting tie in nicely with the honey-colored wooden floors.

The ensuite his and hers bathroom exudes a warm and calming ambience, thanks to the natural wooden textures and round bathroom fixtures. Traversing the organic textures are floor-to-ceiling louvered windows to control privacy and ventilation. A gorgeous chandelier is a surprise feature that adds opulence to this personal space.

Cube Associate Design Dyson Road Landed Transformation 12, Design Authority

The spacious and flexible entertainment area is designed to accommodate a large gathering as well as to function as a family area, with pockets of space for different activities, subtly defined by the negative spaces while keeping a unified area. The focal point here is a unique installation of a floating wooden bar counter that serves as a convivial communion space for family and friends.

Cube Associate Design Dyson Road Landed Transformation 11, Design Authority

This entertainment room is definitely not your typical attic space. Serving mainly as a private sanctuary, the space generously opens up to extended areas that are connected seamlessly via sliding glass doors and large-paneled windows that invite views and ventilation into the sweeping space, allowing the outdoors to be a part of the indoors.

Cube Associate Design Dyson Road Landed Transformation 14, Design Authority

The appreciation of beauty in imperfection can be seen in the charming reclaimed wood table which is illuminated by a quaint yet charming chandelier resembling intertwining branches. Thanks to the large windows, the social space is well-ventilated at all times, while also allowing the family and guests to immerse in hours of quality moments together without being cut off from the rest of the house.

About Cube Associate Design

Founded in 1998 by Design Director Sarah Tham, Cube Associate Design is an award-winning firm in Singapore that focuses on innovative and user-centric interior design and architecture solutions. Cube Associate Design’s expertise and steadfast commitment to the highest standards in inventive transformation of both residential and commercial properties to create functional and joy-sparking spaces has won them prestigious industry accolades such as the Highly Commended Award for Best Residential Design for Private Houses 2022 and IDEA Interior Design Excellence Awards 2022, awarded by Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS).

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