“Inspired by Japanese superior craftsmanship and modern cutting-edge technology of the 21st century, we set out to create products that would resonate now, but also 100 years from now.

Searching for most durable, strong and aesthetic materials, developing modern technology and designing with discipline, asceticism and poise – we dreamt up these timeless pieces that are actually unique art sculptures.

6 product lines came to life: pendant lamps, floor lamps, a table, a sofa, a bookshelf and illuminating sculptures – all creating a unique atmosphere of modernism, and sophistication, without the unnecessary drama.
Tokio. items are made by hand and specifically for dedicated clients. We rather not keep stock. Even though we have standard versions of products, each is made bespoke with a plethora of customisations, to purposefully fit the space and overall design. Therefore, a person with interest could pick an existing design or ask for a unique configuration that would be theirs only. This is not a mass-market affair, this is meant for lovers of special and rare objects.

Tokio. is a technologically developed brand of modern furniture and lighting pieces that we designed and that we produce ourselves.” Being timeless, while taking no compromises when selecting materials and technology, will always be the goal of this brand.

“We care deeply what we use and what we send away,” says Gorazd, founder and chief designer, picking up a perfectly shaped carbon fibre cone leg of Mori, with visible patterns of carbon fibres.

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