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Transparent White Speaker 4, Design Authority

Have you ever wondered what a masterful meld of minimalism and technology looks, sounds, and feels like? Transparent devices are fast becoming the latest design craze to take the tech world by storm. Hailed as both a technological marvel and a design dream come true, its striking aesthetic is both bold and understated. Paradoxical as that may sound, it is undoubtedly an accurate take on the design of the Transparent speaker. Transparent, being both the company moniker and description of the device, is a Swedish modular electronics brand based in Stockholm. The new Transparent White Speakers join a permanent collection that also houses the previous Matte Black iteration of Transparent devices.

Transparent White Speaker 6, Design Authority

Transparent as a company has been driven by its ethos to create simple yet functional designs that are timeless and transcend trends. The white finish complements the bold minimalist design of an aluminium casing that houses tempered glass panels that reveal perfectly designed components in congruently coloured cables. It’s an expressive yet understated aesthetic that will meld into any environment but would remain a statement piece in a room with a minimalist aesthetic. The design is not the only thing to get a refresh, as the speaker also has a 140W output with 20 – 35 Hertz frequency response and a new Digital Signal Processor chip that guarantees studio-level quality sound production with a crystal clear depth that brings listeners closer to their favourite tracks.

Transparent White Speaker 8, Design Authority

The quality of sound in Transparent speakers is second to none. With a 10-litre acoustic volume and custom-designed 6-inch subwoofer, the sound clarity produces allows you to hear exactly the complexity behind modern music. Don’t be afraid to turn up the party as its treble and base dials are made to crank up and get crunk.

The True Wireless pairing happens to be the icing on a very decadent cake. With this device, you can stream music through two speakers simultaneously, essentially letting you stack tracks like a studio. They even come with a Bluetooth or cable option for single or double-up use. True Wireless is also compatible with Apple Airplay, Sonos, Amazon Echo and Google Cast. You can order yours with firm-out upgrades such as 3rd party WiFi, multi-room access or even voice control. The device also comes with wall-mounting brackets to fix their position for clarity and studio-esque sound quality. The Transparent White Speaker is truly an icon of interior design and sound technology. Its willful revelation of technical components at work makes it unapologetically timeless. It’s the pinnacle of “What you see is what you get”.

Transparent White Speaker 3, Design Authority

The folks at Transparent are driven by a passion for music, design and simple craftsmanship. Yet, their new and revolutionary approach to home audio is taking the audio world by storm. Transparent White is designed with modularity in mind. So instead of planned obsolescence which is a scourge on the design ethos of many a tech company, Transparent is designed for the future, with new and improved components and the latest developments in wireless technology that will allow for the updating of both hardware and software. As a result, a Transparent White Speaker becomes better with age, just like fine wine.

Martin Willers CEO Per Brickstad Chief Designer Transparent Speaker, Design Authority

Per Brickstad and Martin Willers, Founders of Transparent

The Transparent White Speakers are truly a sight to behold. This marvel of sound engineering and technology has Transparent’s founders Per Brickstad and Martin Willers winning reputable awards for sound technology and interior design. Their designs have garnered serious attention and the “powers that be” of the interior design world have perked up at the sight of these beautiful and awe-inspiring machines.

Transparent Speakers Black, Design Authority

The Transparent speakers are also available in Black. It packs a punch with 140W Output power and variable 35Hz – 20kHz frequency response. The Transparent Black also emits a true reproduction to the artist’s originals. Simply adjust your streaming service to high quality and the difference in sound quality will be glaringly obvious. Its unmatched sound quality is undoubtedly studio level as you’re bound to hear the detailed reproduction of complex low ends that modern music production has to offer. It’s definitely a conversation starter at a dinner party and a conversation ender at a house party. Your next event will be a hit for sure.

Transparent White Speaker Ante, Design Authority

Also in the collection is the Small Transparent Speaker. Built with an aluminium time frame, the simple yet elegant design is a testament to the essentialist aesthetic. Its build quality is superb, so you can expect this speaker to last a lifetime in your home. Its 4-litre enclosure produces a surround sound and a 60Hz to 20 kHz frequency response to ensure that your sound is crystal clear — and you will notice the layered reproductions. In essence, the speaker is designed to give you a “Transparent” sound where a musician’s true intentions for their audible art are conveyed to the user without compromise. Available in both black and white, the Small Transparent Speaker also features “True Wireless” technology and Bluetooth 5.0, making it compatible with Apple AirPlay, Sonos, Amazon Echo and Google ChromeCast. The best thing about this speaker is its commitment to sustainability and longevity as all Small Transparent Speakers can be upgraded to add more technology and features.

Light Speaker Transparent, Design Authority

Another brilliant addition to the Transparent collection is the Light Speaker. As its name suggests, it’s a portable glass speaker that is light in size but also contains a light and a battery life that lasts up to 10 hours. To recreate the attachment humans have to light in communal experiences such as sitting by the fire, the team at Transparent attempted to capture the essence of euphoria one feels around a bonfire. With an ipx2 rating, the Light Speaker is perfect for any outdoor setting and has a unique modular handle that can be configured appropriately based on whatever use case or environment. You can use it at the balcony and for your bath, BBQ, or bonfire to instantly enhance the ambiance.

The Transparent Collection will make a fanciful addition to your music system and you can expect the oohs and aahs from perplexed visitors, gasping at the unconventional design and sleek looks. Your speaker will be the talk of your visiting friends and relatives.

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