BlueScope: Innovation, Strength & Commitment to Sustainability

BlueScope’s innovation, strength, and commitment to sustainability are demonstrated in this amazing showroom interior in Singapore.

BlueScope Steel Limited is the largest global manufacturer of metal-coated and painted steel building products. The Australian company is formerly known as BHP Steel and has spread its home bases across New Zealand, Pacific Islands, North America, and Asia.

The company’s products include steel slab, steel plate, galvanized steel, corrugated galvanized iron, Colorbond, and automotive steel.

BlueScope 01, Design Authority

The unexpected welcome of walls of gorgeous foliage is a testament to BlueScope’s dedication to excellent quality and where they offer durable, strong, totally recyclable products, and clean energy production to its consumers.

The two five-tiered vertical gardens are placed just at the entryway creating a fresh and relaxing first impression. You’ll also love the large window backdrop of the foliage through the matt screen that allows natural light that adds to the airy ambiance of the space. And white floors and walls are mainly used to brighten up space.

The entryway is cleverly designed not to immediately present the physical products, but instead, it provides visitors with an idea of BlueScope’s commitment to sustainability. You also see the past clients’ BlueScope projects on the colorful images stretched out on the lined-up banners.

BlueScope 02, Design Authority

After a refreshing welcome from the greeneries, spectators are now ready to feast their eyes on this incredible ensemble of geometric creations. And at the center of it all is this amazing sculptural luminaire with a large imposing size that seems to pierce down through space. Surrounding this large lighting is a mirrored surface that opens up the black void and allows the space to breathe. The reflective surface also adds depth and dimension to the interior, while the neutral colors are also a great way to emphasize the product.

Overall, the color scheme is a harmonious combination of color temperatures where blue is almost an accent hue amidst the dominant colors of white and black, creating a cool crisp look. Warming up space is the contrasting area rug in earthy hues, grounding the central display.

Adding to the soft and warm touch are layers of illumination that brilliantly light up the displays with track lighting, and floor lights, and central to this lighting design is the prism-shaped luminaire.

Aside from the desirable clean look, the blue and white colors are used in sync with the brand where dark blue has always been a trademark of BlueScope.

Inconspicuous from the view is the admin office just at the end of the room with a window to allow employees the benefit of viewing the showroom.

BlueScope 03, Design Authority

This futuristic BlueScope showroom speaks volumes about its mission to build a sustainable business that contributes to protecting all of our futures. A roofing material coming in waves! A clever and creative introduction to BlueScope identity and an image that will undoubtedly stay with the minds of its spectators.

The graceful sinuous waves of the blue steel roof fluidly cascade above, securely attached with sturdy black cables. The suspension is obscured by the midnight-colored ceiling, creating an illusion of floating waves of roofing material. The tactile display gives potential buyers the idea of the excellent product quality BlueScope offers.

One noticeable characteristic of this showroom, though, is that brand names and signages are seldom displayed. This approach is an effective design as it allows visitors to focus and experience the space and see the actual materials without the distractions of reading lengthy product descriptions. Although, there are vertical boards on display with eye-catching images of past projects that have used the roofing product. Additionally, a few phrases on the history and brand name of BlueScope is seen beside the silhouetted map on the wall.

BlueScope 04, Design Authority

The showroom allows natural light to peek through with the good use of opaque vertical blinds in white that allows just the right amount of lighting so visitors can appreciate the high-quality images displayed on the series of banners.

The display space for BlueScope has an audio-visual projector for product presentation and video marketing with a large blank wall seen just across the room.

BlueScope 05, Design Authority

Accompanying the flow and movement of the elements is the amorphic forms of its counter displays which draw attention to the showroom, highlighted with the warm glow of strip lights. These spacious counters are perfect for displaying specialty products by the company and are widely spaced to allow continuous traffic flow whenever visitors inspect the display. The lower counter displays can either be used for the products or as a seating area for the clients.

BlueScope 06, Design Authority

The showroom showcases an interior that is properly designed, expressed through a welcoming, spacious, and brand-oriented theme.

The brilliant meld of the various elements and the captivating sculptural interior design and architectural simplicity has not veered away from the ultimate goal of showcasing the product line.

Though somewhat abstract, the interior design maintains a symbiotic and harmonious coming together of elements that are easy on the eyes and visually impactful.

BlueScope 07, Design Authority

This BlueScope showroom in Singapore came up with a design that caters to both design professionals and consumers. The application of the roofing material in the waving accents suspended on the ceiling and walls is a great example of where you can appreciate the product. End users will also appreciate inspiring applications and ideas of the product with the banner-like displays found across the room. Most importantly, the open display of roofing materials on the counter also allows customers to physically touch and examine the products so the guests can get a better idea about the item’s physical properties.

All in all, the BlueScope showroom is inspired by its product while it moves away from the conventional showroom display and creates a modern, clean, and inviting gallery-like atmosphere. The simple layout utilizes the space and manages to provide that curb appeal on all corners of the showroom without overwhelming the scene. The organized display also makes it easy for visitors to navigate the area, while the open aisle allows visitors to have a full view of the marketing video or footage being projected on the screen.

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Project: BlueScope Steel Limited (Singapore)
Interior Design: ArtDecor Design Studio


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