Turning Cherished Homes Into Fascinating Mindscapes with MARANO Furniture

Look out, there is a new furniture brand in town and they’re taking the world by storm. MARANO Furniture is an aesthetic choice that “evokes your inner nobility”. We’re not sure if we can buy the notion that a sofa makes us feel like the maharaja our ancestor might have been, but even we can’t deny there is a hint of nouveau regal to each design. We are living for it! But before we dive into the furniture, let’s talk about MARANO and its attempt to redefine your mindscape.

The artisans at MARANO have really given every piece the attention to detail it deserves. Drawing inspiration from the world around us, these craftsmen employ subtle biomimicry to create masterpieces in style and utility. Yet unlike the simple artist, the artisans at MARANO design with your vision in mind. From appreciating the finer things in life to embodying the essence of nobility, MARANO wants you to feel like the Royal that you believe you are. Call it creative virtuosity or dedication to detail but it informs their design language with every stroke. The personas that inspired these artisans have left an indelible mark on each piece.

Poker Fantasia Collection

OLNA 3 Seater Sofa RINGA Coffee Table By Marano Furniture 1, Design Authority

OLNA 3-Seater Sofa & RINGA Coffee Table by MARANO Furniture

This exquisite living room setting sports the stunning OLNA 3 seater sofa. Crafted from buttery soft and supple Nappa leather, it’s been treated to retain the gorgeous litchi natural grain, making it highly distinguishable as superior quality and authentic cowhide. The super-soft tactility of the premium Nappa makes for oh so comfortable seating while being breathable and resistant to wear and tear. The noticeable curves and nadirs create a voluptuous profile that mimics the warm hug of a friend. Give in to its luxurious embrace as it caresses and supports you with its promise of soft and supple comfort.

The OLNA works wonders with the RINGA coffee table that captures the piquing interest of onlookers. The black marble top with beautifully grey gradations and magnificent waterscape is accented with a bronze perimeter line that is framed with a stylish black lacquer finish that highlights a regal touch. The impeccable detail of its meticulous design is assembled with joinery of masterful skill as a sturdy steel frame is uplifted with a bronze and black hairline finish.

MOROSI Dining Table Chairs Plus Bodd Bar Cabinet By Marano Furniture 1, Design Authority

MOROSI Dining Table & Chairs and BODD Bar Cabinet by MARANO Furniture

The MOROSI Dining table boasts a parquet veneer tabletop with a diamond-shaped motif, framed by striking marble sides and glorious stainless steel legs that create a balance of wood metal and stone. The handcrafted veneer of silver pearwood is cut, ironed, and painted to a perfect impression of extravagance. Naturally, it is accompanied by the MOROSI Dining Chair which is a paradox of simplicity and complexity. The handcrafted veneer clad frame arcs from back support to armrest in a clean line and a single diamond-shaped adornment graces the panel like a jewel in the sand, inspired by the poker card suit symbol. The seats are masterfully upholstered in alluring matte cotton velvet.

The perfect meal needs a nightcap, and what better place to store your boozy bevvies than the BODD Bar Cabinet. It greets you with a marble handle shaped like a suit of spade inlaid on stainless steel door panels held in place by chic hardwood veneer and lined internally with premium Nappa cowhide, with energy-saving motion-sensor LED lights illuminating the chamber when the doors are opened.

Rainforest Rhapsody Collection

Portica Dining Table Chairs By Marano Furniture 1, Design Authority

PORTICA Dining Table & Chairs by MARANO Furniture

The PORTICA Dining table is a testament to elegance and artistry that mimics the rainforest tree. The sturdy centre leg is crafted from oak and coated with white lacquer and set onto a gold barrel to give it a little resplendence as it holds a tabletop of dark grey marble with petal-shaped grains. It is paired with the PORTICA Dining chair that sports a refined jacquard weave backrest and Nappa leather seats as well as solid walnut legs and a bronze hairline finish to mimic lush thickets of a mystical rainforest.

LIVISE 2 Seater Sofa Armchair Coffee Table By MARANO, Design Authority

LIVISE 2-Seater Sofa, Armchair & Coffee Table by MARANO Furniture

Another noteworthy masterpiece in the Rainforest Rhapsody collection is the oh so graceful LIVISE 2-Seater Sofa that resembles a butterfly in flight in the lush rainforest. Filled with eco-friendly high-density foam and upholstered in the finest Nappa leather that is meticulously treated to be skin-friendly, wear-resistant, and lightfast, the wing shape dual seat is designed to snugly cradle you and your companion, providing comfort for hours of conversation. The sturdy legs are crafted from oak and sealed with black lacquer, embellished by a final touch of bronze hairline finish to complete the elegant look.

Also inspired by the butterfly’s delicate wings and perfectly complementing the LIVISE 2-Seater Sofa is the exquisite LIVISE Armchair, another captivating and comfortable seating piece by MARANO. This classy beauty offers you a most soothing embrace with its silky Nappa leather finish and plush curved backrest.

A delightful addition to enliven the laconic palette is the unorthodox yet charming LIVISE Coffee Table. Featuring a seamless pair of stainless steel round tables in ruby red and green lacquer finishes with exquisite bronze and black hairline finishes, this stunning piece also takes after the flitting forest beauties, this time brilliantly showcased by delicate UV prints of butterfly halves in gold that are sealed hermetically beneath vibrant red and deep green lacquer finishes.

Fireworks Collection

KOEN Sectional Sofa ERICO Coffee Table CUCCO Sideboard By Marano Furniture 1, Design Authority

KOEN Sectional Sofa, ERICO Black Coffee Table, ERICO White Coffee Table & CUCCO Sideboard by MARANO Furniture

Also made with premium Nappa leather is the KOEN Sectional Sofa, available in earthy tones of brown, light brown, blue, green, and light green colour options. It feels feathery soft to the touch and yet is heavy-duty, resistant to wear and tear, and waterproof, while not compromising on style. Its frame is sturdy and reliable owing to the combined strength of walnut, pinewood, and engineered hardwood. Its legs are fashioned from walnut wood and accented with a stainless steel in bronze hairline finish.

A fabulous accompaniment to the KOEN is the ERICO Black Coffee Table. On a base of black marble and luxurious ebony, intersecting lines meet in a centre to recreate an artistic expression of a burst firework. When used in combination with the ERICO White Coffee Table, it creates a yin and yang effect that balances the ambience of the living room. The tabletop boasts a bronze accent to connect hairline finishes that add a little resplendence. The ebony veneer centre leg is masterfully joined to the tabletop with a stainless steel in bronze hairline finish that creates a sense of poise and refinement.

The ERICO White Coffee table is the perfect contrast and uses Volakas Natural marble. This unique striation of marble provides excellent thermal insulation and acoustics in addition to the picturesque grains that add to a gorgeous texture that encapsulates traces of prehistoric civilization. The tabletop is set on pale hardwood veneer and accented with bronze hairline finish leg detail. The almost angelic aura of this table exudes sophisticated charm and calm composure.

The adjacent CUCCO Sideboard features a frost-resistant natural black marble top with flared striations that is framed by an ebony veneer parquet, recreating the artists’ impression of a romantic evening’s fireworks display. Lining its internal shelves is soft and supple Nappa Leather. The defining feature of the sideboard is the visually arresting firework blossom pattern that is handcrafted with a distinct concave-convex effect.

ALONA Round Dining Table Chairs Plus DOVICO Bar Cabinet By Marano Furniture 1, Design Authority

ALONA Dining Table & Chairs and DOVICO Bar Cabinet by MARANO Furniture

The ALONA Dining Table has a Roman Natural Marble tabletop with red striations that exudes the luxury of the ages. The marble is framed by ebony veneer and a bronze hairline finish to evoke the rustic elegance of contrasting marble. The table leg is angularly shaped ebony veneer that meets stainless steel bronze to create a stunningly eye-catching vantage point.

The ALONA Dining Chair complements the ensemble with its flower petal design that emblazons the beautiful curves of its backrest and leaves a lasting impression. The seat is lined with Nappa leather for soft, light yet wear-resistant seating and is also the same material as the DOVICO Bar Cabinet. Lined with protective leather for glassware, the functionality of the piece is eclipsed by the beauty of its form. The door panels are radially flared ebony veneer with a bronze hairline finish and you’re greeted with door handles shaped like a radiant flower in bloom.

LERUS Dining Table 1, Design Authority

LERUS Dining Table by MARANO Furniture

An irresistible masterpiece is the LERUS Dining Table that simply inspires awe from the moment you lay eyes on it. A sleek natural black marble tabletop with white grains and striations is framed with a walnut veneer and black hairline finish metal strips accent before being set on an M-shaped base in stainless steel bronze hairline finish that was inspired by the letter M in the name MARANO. The avant garde style of this piece would make it a subject of conversation at the dining table.

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