Nature-Inspired Luxury Haven @ Leedon Green by PTang Studio


This award-winning design of Leedon Green sales gallery springs forth as an awe-inspiring architectural and interior masterpiece, fittingly situated in one of the most sought after addresses in Singapore, showcasing an amalgamation of tactile organic materials strategically designed to enliven the senses and establish an unpretentious connection with its natural surroundings.


A soft pale brown wooden tone embraces the daylight filled lobby, welcoming its guests with a soothing and upbeat ambience. The magnificent overhang ornament at the reception cleverly simulates the movement of nature as it dances with the caressing winds, complemented by the expansive light-speckled grid ceiling that elevates the spatial quality.


This mesmerizing sales gallery of the coveted luxury residence is a brilliant display of exceptional craftsmanship and a masterful meld of natural materials, textures, and patterns.

Here we see a modern take with rich visual impact, with marvellous floor-to-ceiling flutings and grid-style ceiling stretched throughout the stylish showroom to encompass and accentuate the interior’s spaciousness.

Inspired by the treehouse concept, the gallery is constructed among the picturesque lush greenery wonderfully framed by the large spanning windows.


Aside from its showcase of expert craftsmanship are the carefully curated furniture with graceful curves and velvety cushions, luxuriously settled into the organic surround to evoke a welcoming vibe.


The stunning combination of vertical and horizontal scales, textures, and colors celebrate the harmonious and innate geometry found in nature, inspired by the early works of architectural masters.


Rich earthy hues throughout the gallery are anchored beautifully by the luxurious marble flooring. The natural swirls of black, white, and gray hues of the opulent slabs are the perfect abstract to give contrast to the linear elements.


While darkness starts to hover over the natural surroundings, a dramatic and captivating illumination fills the lavish interior. Apart from the light-sprinkled ceiling are a pair of eye-catching linear chandeliers lined up above the stretch of double-layer natural stone counter. The unorthodox pattern of these dazzling luminaires reflects on the backdrop like resplendent flames. The symmetrical design of the space draws the eye to the room’s focal point while easing the visual sense.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 20 1024x618, Design Authority

The Leedon Green suites possess a similar organic vibe and fine architecture, but this time with softer wooden hues, complemented by metallic elements that accentuate the luxurious feel of the home.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 24 1024x656, Design Authority

The balcony and the ceiling-high windows of this living room usher in streams of natural light and breathtaking vistas, establishing a strong connection between the interiors and its natural surroundings.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 25 630x1024, Design Authority

Carefully selected furnishings add character to the home, such as this exquisite sculptural hammock chair in gold and leather that adds instant sophistication to the space.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 54 1024x642, Design Authority

Airy and inviting, this living room is a perfect space to spend quality family time or entertain guests while enjoying the lush greenery. The natural stone elements in lighter shades sets a calming mood while showcasing a rich array of sumptuous veins and grains that creates visual interest. To complete the look, the designer chose a sensual sofa with soft sinuous lines and complemented it with an unimposing round coffee table and a circular statement rug.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 28 1024x662, Design Authority

In this other unit, the modern tray ceiling highlights the seating space while cohesively blends with the rest of the curved elements.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 29 1024x654, Design Authority

Defining spaces while providing a level of privacy is this sleek contemporary shelf. Keeping with the theme, this custom-made sculptural open shelf is also crafted with organic materials combined with metal elements, providing ample space for décor, houseplants, and cherished collectibles.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 30 1024x644, Design Authority

The adjoining balcony offers immediate access to fresh air and breathtaking views of the verdant greenery outdoors while the sheers and blackout curtains preserves a level of privacy for the occupants.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 44 1024x628, Design Authority

The floor panels of this kitchen and dining area are positioned in alignment with the architectural shell, utilizing the organic textures and patterns to achieve a unified look that flows, creating a continuum of spaces that further highlights openness. Layered textures give visual richness to the space with a popular combination of natural stone and wood with glass and metal accents.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 45 1024x583, Design Authority

The adjacent lounge area in neutrals is enlivened by a bold statement wall in black marble with stunning golden veins that steals the show with strong visual impact, especially when the interior is drenched in vibrant natural light.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 46 1024x546, Design Authority

Balancing the look from the heavy use of textures, the recessed ceiling is designed in simple and classy white with a sleek black trim. A statement chandelier meanwhile adds interest and establishes the dining area. The color scheme leans towards a monochromatic display of rich textures, with gray on gray and earthy undertone to warm up the color palette.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 19 1024x681, Design Authority

Like its gathering spaces, the richness of texture is also showcased in more intimate areas, such as this bathroom where gorgeous marble tiles fill the walls. A geometric-patterned shower wall meanwhile adds interest and breaks the monochromatic surround.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 39 1024x683, Design Authority

Marble never fails to give a refined look, and this captivating bathroom clearly illustrates the beauty of the natural stone. The visually stimulating backsplash catches the eye instantly with its horizontal swirls and waves of earthy tones with black and gray as predominant hues.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 40 1024x773, Design Authority

While also aiming for an organic look, the kitchen maintains a sleek and straightforward composition. The designer ingeniously used a classy floor-to-ceiling mirror to visually expand the narrow galley kitchen, reflecting surrounding light to open up the space.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 55 1024x739, Design Authority

Carefully designed to accommodate and expand the narrow space, the designer made use of large wall tiles with contrasting tones and charming textures to draw the eye upward. The monochromatic palette and large mirrors further helps in creating the illusion of space and allowing light to reach every corner of this cosy bathroom.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 32 1024x661, Design Authority

Like the other rooms in this unit, a sleek curved tray ceiling accentuates the upper space while defining the functional area. The coved lighting sets the mood with relaxed illumination during the night. To create a warm and cosy atmosphere, earthy tones are used, from the geometric headboard down to the snug bed linens.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 41 1024x664, Design Authority

Reminiscent of the oriental paintings that adorn Japanese and Chinese headboards, an artistically patterned paneling backdrops this restful bedroom. The elegant headboard fills in the void beautifully while fitting cohesively within the organic theme of the interior.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 42 1024x631, Design Authority

This bedroom suite for the children captures your imagination with tactile bark texture for its walls, evoking the vibe of slumbering among the trees. The floor-to-ceiling windows invite an abundance of natural light for daily activities.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 49 1024x611, Design Authority

Taking a refreshing break from the earthy tones, this bedroom wears a royal blue nautical theme with gold accents. An interesting feature of this bedroom is the pair of hoop pendant lights that goes perfectly with the posh naval theme.

LEEDON GREEN SHOW FLAT PTANG STUDIO 26 679x1024, Design Authority

This cosy study nook is where Mid Century vibe meets organic delight. A combination of a textured wall and flooring in lighter shades is used to create a more relaxing atmosphere to spur creativity and inspiration.

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