Celestial Beauty @ IL PICCO House 15 by PTang Studio

The interior design of House 15 is a remarkable exhibit of the sense of balance and harmony which harkens back to the belief of humans being an integral part of nature, according to the teachings of Confucianism. Capturing this revered essence is a wonderful union of this age-old concept with modern sensibilities through a masterful meld of interior design elements. Modern Chinese style is the key design direction for House 15, where alluring forms are balanced by organic elements to exude a harmonious and calming atmosphere.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 6 2 1024x589, Design Authority

The living room invites you into a restful space with its soft neutral hues of gray, cream, and ivory, embellished by black accents and blue décor. A charming amalgamation of textures and shapes arrest the senses immediately. The linear chequered resin panels and screen contrast beautifully with the whole ensemble of curved forms, adding character and a contemporary touch to the space.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 1 1 1024x568, Design Authority

While an open plan configuration offers a flow of spaces, defining each area can be quite challenging. In this case, the designer managed to adroitly segment each functional space while allowing a seamless flow.

The living room is anchored by the circular rug with ocean hues, while the dining area is defined clearly with clustered circles. The fun and modern luminaire also adds visual interest to the vertical space. The modern tray ceiling with black accents enhances the magnificence of the space, resonating with the far-reaching view of the immense horizon. The ceiling-high glazings connect the interior with the refreshing outdoors, giving you an uninterrupted sight line of the beautiful hill ridges and the endless ocean while ushering in an abundance of natural light to bring warmth and illuminate the space.


When the natural surround is considered and integrated with the design, the result is a cohesive space that complements the mood of the built environment.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 6 1 1024x687, Design Authority

The designer used layered textures and patterns to achieve a modern and harmonious space by adding life and balance to the elements, like the colourful abstract painting with nature hues of blue, white and gold, propped atop a modern flute marble sideboard in black with sumptuous veining, contrasting against the tactile linear backdrop.


Even with a laconic palette, layered shapes and textures give warmth and sophistication to the space, evident in the mesmerising natural stone feature with swirls in nature hues of browns and white that acts as a backdrop of the dining table, accompanied by a whimsical cluster of circular luminaires floating above the dining table, making this cosy nook the focal point of the room.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 27 768x1024, Design Authority

Intimate interaction with nature and oneself is what this reading nook offers. The beautiful monochromatic painting of the mountains exudes a calming vibe that resonates with the gorgeous natural vistas outside. The cosy area is also equipped with window blinds that can be adjusted depending on your preference, allowing you to relax any time of the day but not completely shut off from the outdoors. The windows are set from floor to ceiling to usher in more natural light, and the tray ceiling with diffused LED lights sets the mood. A circular coffee table is settled on a circular rug, giving balance to the narrow space.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 15 1024x768, Design Authority

This spacious bedroom features a familiar union of straight-edged elements and contrasting curves. Blessed with a breathtaking panoramic view of nature and comforting sunshine to warm the space through wide ceiling-high glazings in sleek black frames, the designer used earthy tones such as mustard-yellow and green for the furniture to accentuate the joy-sparking fusion of interior spatial quality and the picturesque scenery. And as the day changes from dawn to dusk, light and shadows dance through the space, enhancing the spatial interaction between the interior and the outdoors.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 23 768x1024, Design Authority

A meaningful Chinese artwork on leather stretches through the headboard, harkening back to the down-to-earth hustle and bustle of the old days. The scale of the sophisticated painting also aptly reflects the opposing natural landscape outside.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 10 1024x683, Design Authority

Adding sculptural elements and modern art helps elevate the mood while giving the space personality and visual impact, such as the lovely flower-shaped coffee table settled upon a nature-inspired statement rug and the monochromatic modern artwork. Like the living room, black accents are used to imbue an understated elegance.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 13 1024x683, Design Authority

The wonderful interplay of contrast and balance continues in this master bedroom. Prominent stainless steel frames add structure to the design, balanced by the softness offered by the feature wallpaper and the vast rug inspired by Chinese landscape drawings.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 14 1024x683, Design Authority

The classy Chinese interior and architecture are characterized by symmetry in a calming setting here, where you can unwind and relax in your private comfort zone.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 16 1024x575, Design Authority

Reminiscent of the traditional paper screens, these impeccable steel-framed floor-to-ceiling glass screens can be easily shut for privacy. The glass allows light to travel through the spaces, while the metal frame gives a structured look to the space. The adjacent bedside luminaire is a brilliant modern take of the traditional gas lamp. An injection of organic elements and earthy tones softens the overall look.

IL PICCO HOUSE PTANG STUDIO 17 1024x1024, Design Authority

Functionality and simplicity are also key concepts of the design here, as seen with the simple open shelves tiered to accommodate clothings and other personal items. And instead of a conventional base cabinet, the design opts for backlit modern floating drawers, so you can easily see and reach the items below.

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