Modern & Futuristic Office Design @ Treasure Orbit

Treasure Obit By ArtDecor Design Studio Entrance 1024x683, Design Authority

The Treasure Orbit is as perfect and intriguing as it sounds. From the entryway, it immediately tantalizes you on what treasures the space has in store for you. You get a peek through a circular framed window with an unorthodox arched doorway. The curves’ tangential design unifies the look into an inviting and charming façade. The simple black metal frames, a well-thought out design, add character and sophistication.

Treasure Obit By ArtDecor Design Studio Reception Counter 683x1024, Design Authority

The luminescent signature logo of the company captures your attention immediately, and the inviting reception area conveys a fresh and polished look. The black and red combination exudes a vigorous vibe, and to cosy up the space, wood finishes are used for the reception counter, complemented by black textured surround. A circular plant holder to further enliven the space is a perfect touch to unify the look. The black surround is matched with white brick walls, adding a nice contrast and a layer of textures. Neutral gray and beige are used for the flooring and ceiling to balance the composition.

Treasure Obit By ArtDecor Design Studio 2 1024x683, Design Authority

Just beside the entryway is an altar emphasised by a wall sconce and lovely marble-like cladding for the accent wall and shelving. The floating shelves give the alcove a clean look while providing extra storage space. To create a sense of continuity, another circular element is incorporated via a round LED strip that gives the space an ethereal glow.

Treasure Obit By ArtDecor Design Studio 7 1024x683, Design Authority

The director room boasts a futuristic vibe with black as the dominant colour, with pink accents and familiar circular elements and LED strips to add visual interest. The metallic sculptural tables stand out instantly with their unique shape, brilliant glossy surfaces, and intriguing patchwork patterns that contrast against the predominant smooth surfaces in the establishment.

Treasure Obit By ArtDecor Design Studio 3 1024x683, Design Authority

To ensure maximum visual comfort, the staff office is enclosed with black walls to minimize eye strain whilst giving a business-like feel to the space. Adding dimension to the office space are diagonal wooden slats that beautifully accent the walls. Meanwhile, wood surfaces in a softer hue are also used on the tables to provide a visual break from the striking black surround. The adjacent white wall is accented with black trimmings to sync with the black walls.

Treasure Obit By ArtDecor Design Studio 6 1024x683, Design Authority

The pantry space is as sleek and charming as well, with the pink inlay peeping through the black laminate finish. The pop of color gives a casual look and practicality as the pink grooves provide a visual guide on the handleless cabinets. Recessed shelves are provided for easy access to items when needed. The built-in oven and refrigerator cupboard are also great for a clean look and space-saving option.

Treasure Obit By ArtDecor Design Studio 4 1024x683, Design Authority

The break room, partitioned by sleek glass with black accent, has a different vibe, befitting a place for the team to unwind and recharge. This is where they can hang out with a cup of tea to calm the mind and stretch their legs for a moment at the spacious lounger. The adjacent illuminated glass shelves beautifully showcase the firm’s creations for renowned brands.

Treasure Obit By ArtDecor Design Studio 5 1024x683, Design Authority

Loose cushioned seats are also provided for a more flexible configuration and they are just perfect for those who wish to watch the TV comfortably. The TV console provides extra shelving for display and storage, and private items can be stored in the base cabinets. The tangerine hue gives a positive vibe to the space that goes along with the comfy blue velvet sofa.

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Project: Treasure Orbit (Singapore)
Interior Design: ArtDecor Design Studio


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