Chic Signature KOI @ i12 by ArtDecor Design Studio

Chill and cosy up at Koi @ i12! The chic interior is as delectable and satisfying as the premium Signature Koi. With clever styling, the modern elements are far away from your usual ho-hum, offering a lively yet relaxed vibe for you to chill out, quench your thirst, and fulfil your cravings.

Koi@i12 By ArtDecor Design Studio 1 1024x683, Design Authority

The spacious and well-planned interior allows privacy and comfort for patrons while the materials used are simple yet visually pleasing. Ergonomically designed, the counter is as inviting as its sumptuous treats, starting with the soft lighting that accentuates the comforting and cool ambience. Diffused LED lighting lines up the wood-clad counter, drawing attention and establishes its presence in the space. Simple height configurations draw your eyes to the sumptuous treats and define areas such as the counter and the extra bar seating at the other end.

A combination of neutrals and browns evokes a relaxing vibe, diversified by varying textures. Meanwhile, the classy brass finishes offer a premium and clean look. The light grey wall with soft textures is the perfect surround that complements the cool white light and the signature icon of Koi milk tea.

Koi@i12 By ArtDecor Design Studio 4 683x1024, Design Authority

Taking a nod to the humble beginnings of the milk tea business, milk tea lovers are greeted with a charming kiosk cart that acts as a display for souvenirs and other collectibles. A peg wall allows the staff to configure the open shelves at different levels with a number of tiers to accommodate featured items. A glass panel lines up the counter for hygiene and safety purposes.

Quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings in style on comfortable leather poufs. Despite the spaciousness, the clustered ensemble of tables and seats allow intimate conversation with friends while still being able to be rearranged anytime when needed. Besides the aesthetic purpose, the materials for the furniture are chosen specifically for easy cleaning and hygiene purposes.

Koi@i12 By ArtDecor Design Studio 2 1024x683, Design Authority

The side walls are accented with vertical flutings and fronted by a small counter to showcase Koi’s milk tea products. An additional metal and laminate open shelf is designed for convenient access to condiments and additional delicacies for sale, anchored above to maximise space.

Koi@i12 By ArtDecor Design Studio 3 1024x683, Design Authority

Like many Signature Koi stores, the establishment aims to offer the patrons a memorable experience. The space is aptly designed for customers to enjoy the symphony of aromatic tea, freshly prepared desserts. and the laughter from conversations.

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Project: Signature Koi @ i12 (Singapore)
Interior Design: ArtDecor Design Studio


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