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T1 Elements Acoustic Furnishings 3, Design Authority

When the endless creativity of Italian design meets cutting-edge sound absorption technology, the result is the wondrous Snowsound acoustic panel collection, a product of inherent beauty and the highest quality in terms of acoustic performance, innovation, and sustainability.

With the growing demands for acoustic comfort in society, Snowsound panels are intelligently crafted to deliver the most pleasant acoustic experience to everyone. Ideally, it would be wonderful to install sound-absorbing panels in all our rooms to reduce echoes in enclosed spaces. However, given the wide range of acoustic furniture in the market, how should we select the relevant acoustic panels for our interiors?

Here are some helpful tips: Whether you want to limit sound transfers, reduce background noise, or shorten reverb time, it’s essential to determine the proper placement of acoustic panels. Therefore, an acoustic analysis of the space prior to purchasing your panels is highly recommended. If you’re in the design or renovation phase, an acoustic specialist like T1 Elements can be your professional partner, as they offer tailor-made acoustic solutions and unique acoustic furniture to complement your interior design.

T1 Elements Acoustic Furnishings 4, Design Authority

As an expert in acoustic furniture with numerous award-winning projects under their belt, T1 Elements is well-known for its Snowsound collection, which goes beyond the traditional, reinventing the mundane into playful, colorful interpretations of modular furniture, lighting, and sofa.

Snowsound’s products strike a perfect balance between form and function. The panels not only improve the acoustics of a space but also add to its aesthetic appeal. Their specialists have developed an innovative proprietary software technology that helps determine the ideal number of panels needed to achieve optimal acoustic comfort, based on the reverberation level of the room.

These are the most user-friendly acoustic panels, with the widest range of applications and mounting options, thanks to their talented designers and architects. Snowsound’s unique designs have earned numerous ADI Compasso d’Oro Awards and their patented technology resolves a variety of acoustic issues, from simple to complex, with a comprehensive range of products that employ an innovative approach.

Let’s explore the exquisite Acoustic Furniture with T1 Elements:

5. Flap, Design Authority

Flap Series designed by Alberto e Francesco Meda

The music room represents the perfect escape from the daily hustle and bustle; a space where we can express ourselves after a long day of work. Sprucing up your room with uncluttered and sleek wall panels such as the Flap Collection can be the ideal solution.

Beyond the unmissable aesthetics, the panel structure is also lightweight, functional, and modular. This allows you to rotate the panel in any direction (up to 360 degrees) to form any geometric patterns that you’d like to have while improving the acoustic performance of your interior.

Klipper T1 Elements Acoustic Furnishings, Design Authority

Klipper Series designed by Felicia Arvid

The Klipper series by the Italian designer Felicia Arvid features subtly undulating forms that evokes the sensuous and feminine movement of sand dunes. Its minimalist structure and hourglass motifs create a seamless 3D wall effect. Klipper will be a perfect masterpiece to add character and charm to any interior, particularly homes and commercial spaces with monochrome designs.

T1 Elements Acoustic Furnishings 8, Design Authority

TRI BU Series designed by Paola Navone

The TRI BU series designed by Paola Navone instantly adds a playful touch to an otherwise dull space. The acoustic panels feature a fun mystical mask with tactile tribal motifs and pops of color to showcase its unique identity. It is available in different shapes and colors for you to mix and match, creating ever-changing compositions to form giant masks on walls while capturing excess noise and improving the perception of sound.

“Four coloured sound-absorbing elements with geometric shapes create large silent masks on the walls with a somewhat tribal and a little pop image. As in a curious theatrical performance, they talk to each other, while having fun, they also capture sounds and noises,” says the designer.

T1 Elements Acoustic Furnishings 2, Design Authority

Snowgems Ceiling designed by Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro

With the ever-changing demands of the modern era, the living room is one of the most social spaces in the house. A well-designed living room should be a natural blend of style and function. Complementing tastefully chosen interiors and furniture, an elegant suspended ceiling can help create a visual rhythm to accentuate the sense of spaciousness.

Snowgems was inspired by the idea of variously shaped and coloured precious gems strung together to form a necklace or pendant earrings. The creative design of this series offers you a stylish and savvy ensemble with endless configurations to suit your personal preferences.

Ottoman T1 Elements Acoustic Furnishings, Design Authority

Ottoman designed by Sezgin Aksu

Looking for interesting wall décor ideas to help you transform a bare wall? The Ottoman is part of the Snowsound Art series, which leads us on a journey of discovery by looking at new ways to combine art and acoustical solution. The art piece revolves around its uniqueness as it does not exist within confined borders or frames. It is also equipped with sound control technology to improve the acoustic of the space, giving us a more tranquil and aesthetically pleasant environment.

Snowsound Art T1 Elements Acoustic Furnishings, Design Authority

Gillo Dorfles Art designed by Gillo Dorfles

Alternatively, another Snowsound art that reproduces the masterpieces by Gillo Dorfles exemplifies how the eye can go beyond the surface of things. This enables us as observers to realise that the creative process is infinite. This exclusive series depicts his work on “Gigantism in Design” between 1937 and 2017. From conception to completion, at the age of 103, Gillo Dorfles was hands-on at every phase of this project in creating different styles of drawings while expressing his artistic eclecticism.

6. Botanica, Design Authority

Botanica Series designed by Mario Trimarchi

“Botanica rests and climbs like a plant that protects and isolates the environment. The wind blows but you can’t hear it, the light is there but you can’t see it. The result is a muffled and relaxed atmosphere, the silence on several levels that you hear in the woods, where the sounds are dispersed in the infinite collection of nature,” says Italian designer Mario Trimachi.

The system of the sound-absorbing element Botanica is made up of leaf-shaped panels held by a chromed metal support that can be mounted at different angles and proposed in combination with different bearing structures.

Snowking T1 Elements Acoustic Furnishings, Design Authority

Snowking Series designed by Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro

Snowking is the pinnacle of acoustic seating design. Its striking appearance is guaranteed to make lobby guests feel awed yet at ease. With privacy, protection, and acoustic performance in mind, the large backrest of the Snowking acts as a robust sound absorption surface.

“More than a sofa, we thought about a silent character who solemnly occupies corners (that tend to be spaces looking for a purpose) and affirms a strong stage presence while providing a precious contribution to the acoustic wellbeing of the community. When he finds himself with other elements of his family, they join to form islands, delimiting spaces, suggesting noble perspectives just like him: Snowking!” — Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro

Choosing Your Acoustic Furniture

Every day we are exposed to sound pollution coming from the outdoors or from one room to another — thus the importance of acoustically-balanced spaces has become even more apparent over the past decade. We have become more concerned about the quality of our lives.

As a pioneer in acoustics, T1 Elements provides solutions that combine good design with high acoustic performance to enhance our well-being and the environment we live in — it goes beyond aesthetics to create engaging, multisensorial spaces and experiences. Dive in to discover more today at or contact them at +65 6909 6201.

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