Wells The One: A Water Purifier Unlike Any Other

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Enjoy your wholesome cup of coffee in the morning with Wells The One

When it comes to home and kitchen appliances, the water filtration system has changed countless lives across the globe. Yet its design has remained largely rudimentary. With that in mind, Wells has created a brand new cutting-edge water machine that defies the norm of what a water purification system is capable of.

Instead of producing another generic water filter and dispenser, the product designers at Wells decided to push the limits and create a smarter device that intuits precisely what you need from potable water. Introducing the new and improved “Wells The One” Water Purifier, a revolutionary innovation that creates a symphony between aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality.

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Wells The One works perfectly on kitchen islands to give a roomier feel

The premium and luxurious design of Wells The One is stunningly eye-catching. But don’t just take our word for it. As a recipient of the Good Design Award, IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and the International Design Excellence Award, its aesthetic appeal is a foregone conclusion.

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Wells The One is quite the statement piece for conversation starters when entertaining guests

The appeal has been largely attributed to the sleek and ergonomic circular shaft-like structure, and its Ultra Small size at a mere 8.8 cm in diameter and 33.7 cm height. This makes it a petite yet powerful addition to your kitchen. The Purifier creates a streamlined and minimalist aesthetic, while leaving you with a roomier countertop.

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The ambiance of luxury that is projected by Wells The One is undeniable

The display is a remarkable 2.8 inches and is available in either black or coloured backgrounds. Built with ergonomics at its core, Wells The One uses a One-Wheel touch sensor that allows you to select your preferred functions, such as the amount of water needed and the appropriate dispensing temperature with ease.

Yet the most ingenious features that truly make it a Smart Water Purifier is its ability to prepare your water as you need it. Using a PIR motion sensor, it can detect a human body within proximity and immediately prepare for water release.

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Embracing clean lines and subtle accents, Wells The One can compliment any kitchen design

And that’s not all. Wells the One was built with form and function in mind, and boasts a 180-degree Body Spin function. Want to rotate your faucet for better accessibility and handling? No problem. Simply twist the body of the faucet and adjust the dispenser to a convenient angle. It also comes in three vivid colours: white, red and dark brown; all with a classy metallic rose gold trim.

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Wells The One in White, Red, and Dark Brown with a classy metallic rose gold trim

Serving cold, hot, and ambient water temperatures, Wells The One has preset temperature configurations for your needs.

The “Baby Formula” course dispenses water at 50 degrees Celsius to keep your baby’s tender palate safe from scalding. Want to brew yourself a “cuppa tea”? The “Tea” course dispenses at 70 degrees Celsius for a warm and comforting brew. Your morning coffee would be served at 85 degrees Celsius with the “Coffee” course to ensure a rich “cuppa joe” that bursts with flavour.

Apart from the cold water and ambient water functions, the water purifier has a body temperature function that serves 36.5 degree Celsius water which is similar to the body temperature for the average human. This is ideal for blood circulation as well as improving digestion. These presets make life so much easier because you can take the guesswork out of water temperature and just enjoy great tasting water with every sip.

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The elegance, the panache, and the style of Wells The One is unmistakable

The proof is in the pudding, and the true test of a water purifier is its filtration system. When it comes to direct dispensing Water Purifiers, Wells The One is known throughout Korea for having the most number of filtering steps.

In addition to a thorough filtration process, it also conducts stringent water quality checks to ensure microorganisms and heavy metals are adequately removed. It has two filters, the Wells Multi-Carbon Plus that removes suspended solids, rust, chlorine and bad odours, and the Nano Clean filter that removes bacteria build-up, the Norovirus, and other harmful micro particles.

These filters are sustainable and eco-friendly while being powerful enough to remove heavy metals such as Mercury, Iron, Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Arsenic, and Aluminium. The antibacterial and antiviral filters can remove the Norovirus, Colon Bacillus, and Staphylococcus Aureus which are particularly pernicious to the human digestive system. Palatability is also a key concern, so the filters also enhance the odour and taste of the water for maximum enjoyment.

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Wells The One has stellar functions and its form is truly a sight to behold

One might wonder: What keeps this purifier clean? And does it need regular servicing?

Well it’s simple: The “right” sterilising system. To maintain the levels of hygiene needed to dispense top quality water, the purifier uses a simple, effective yet harmless moisture electrolyzing technique that will sterilise all the internal plumbing that makes contact with the water.

The system is cleaned every three days to ensure optimum hygiene standards for your consumption. What if you haven’t used it for a few days because you’re on holiday? Don’t worry about drinking stagnant water. Wells The One has the auto water drainage system that drains the pipes and fills it with fresh water every 24 hours, so you will never be drinking stagnant water. Ever.

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Wells The One sets the standard for what ergonomic and functional appliance design should be

The internals are a masterpiece, with super bio water pipes that are coated with a special water repellent coating that maintains its longevity and keeps maintenance costs minimal. Yet the most intriguing component of the filtration process is its final stage where the water runs through antibacterial ceramic balls contained in a mesh net with the H+ cartridge. This removes any tiny microparticles and microorganisms. These filters are proprietary and of an exceedingly high quality.

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Wells The One is a bold statement piece for your kitchen

Wells The One is more than just a simple water dispenser, it’s an investment in your lifestyle and health. Your body deserves nothing but the best. When it comes to style and finesse, Wells The One is a clear statement piece that sets the tone for the entire kitchen. And it’s so easy to install. All you need is a 38mm hole in your countertop and installation is quick and efficient.

Wells endeavours to create elegant products that elevate the aesthetics of our home and our living standard. Wellness is the final frontier of luxury and every family deserves a space in their home to experience the feelings of wholesomeness, tranquillity, and sophistication. And Wells The One is indeed the pinnacle of water purifier technology that is making this possible.

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