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In the lush tapestry of Singapore’s urban landscape, where towering condos often vie for attention against the natural backdrop, one residential gem shines brilliantly—The Lagoon. Dreamt up by Sulini Tjoeng of Sketchwork Design & Style, this 1,670-square-foot sanctuary defies the ordinary. Conceived for a businesswoman with a penchant for travel and the opulent suites she frequents, The Lagoon embodies the spirit of endless discovery.

CORRIDOR, Design Authority

As you walk through the sweeping entrance, you’re immediately enveloped in a luxurious embrace. The lustrous corridor catches your eye, curving gracefully as it guides you towards the private spaces of the home. Here, the mundane and utilitarian features you’d expect—storage closets and bathroom doors—are artfully concealed, giving the passage an uninterrupted, flowing allure. The tone of the wood laminate, subtly nuanced, dances in harmony with the golden notes of the wallpaper, elevating the everyday into the extraordinary.

LIVING 1, Design Authority

The living room is a celebration of space and serenity, devoid of the typical wooden laminates that might constrain such an atmosphere. Instead, high-quality solid patterns are chosen to contrast with darker shades of veneer to compose a room that is as cozy as it is grand. It’s a theater for life’s quieter moments and a stage for elaborate parties. Its spatial generosity accommodates her wide-ranging interests—from playing Qu Jen to her collection of foldable bicycles, everything has its place.

IMG 0007 Hi Res Master Bedroom, Design Authority

Transition from the living room, and you encounter the master bedroom, where a burst of color infuses life into the elegant backdrop. Wallpaper chosen for its unique character makes an audacious yet harmonious statement.

MASTER RM1, Design Authority

Within this domain is a special nook for dressing—an intimate setting featuring a glass top that allows a bird’s eye view into a collection of personal treasures. Here, every object and accessory can be admired in one sweeping glance, yet each piece has its own space to shine. And as one moves towards the luxurious, doorless bathroom—a tribute to openness and fluidity—Japanese Zen elements define a shower space made for serene contemplation.

But the sumptuousness doesn’t end here. The designer ingeniously introduces multi-functional features tailored to the owner’s lifestyle. Consider the kitchen: a culinary haven that blends aesthetic finesse with functional prowess, featuring state-of-the-art V-ZUG appliances that elevate the culinary experience. A seamless choreography of pullable shelves offers effortless access to an array of cooking and baking implements. Moreover, the property’s proximity to the beach necessitated the elimination of stainless-steel fixtures, further attesting to the level of detail taken into account.

Yet it’s the imperceptible that makes The Lagoon truly remarkable. Hidden storage areas cater to the owner’s multifaceted lifestyle. Climate-sensitive material choices respond to the home’s location near the sea.

IMG 0027 Hi Res, Design Authority

The blend of modern design elements with the owner’s existing Oriental furniture evokes a cross-continental dialogue that enriches the space. The stretch of concealed doors along the corridor, the master room carved out by merging two smaller spaces, the custom-designed wallpaper—every detail embodies the owner’s desire for something unique.

True luxury is in the details and Sulini Tjoeng knew this. Faced with a tight timeline of three and a half months and a budget of $300,000, she transformed the condo into a transcendent space. The project could have been a daunting endeavor, given the tight deadlines and the owner’s precise requirements for storage dimensions. Yet, this condo is a testament to what can be achieved when time-honored craftsmanship meets modern sophistication.

As dusk turns to night, kinetic lighting takes over, casting intriguing shadows and adding an ethereal quality to each room. It’s a dwelling where the day’s stress melts away and where nights are spent in soulful reprieve. For the owner, her son—who stayed for a fleeting six months—and the guests fortunate enough to be invited into this private utopia, The Lagoon isn’t just a home. It’s a journey, a narrative, and a masterwork where every design choice is a sentence, every room a chapter, and the entire space a magnificent story waiting to be told.

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