Living in Lightness with Frette Spring Summer 2022 Collection

​Picture this: You’ve clocked off from a busy day at a work conference. Looking for some shut-eye, you check into the 5-star hotel that is booked for you. Entering your room, the picturesque decor hits you like a lightning bolt and you realise, “this ain’t Kansas, baby”. You walk further in, only to be greeted by the comfiest yet most luxurious bed you can find. Unlike your regular hotel beds, this one exudes luxury and comfort like no other, stemming your urge to jump on it like a crazy teenager. You slowly slip into the sheets and let yourself be swaddled by extravagance.

Now fast forward to the day you’re about to check out and you get that sinking feeling that parting will be such sweet sorrow. No one will ever be able to understand the longing you have for inanimate bedding and the thought crosses your mind to try and nick the sheets but it just seems like too much trouble (not to mention illegal and potentially embarrassing). Your good sense prevails and you promise yourself to ask the concierge what brand of beddings they use, but get distracted with the hullabaloo of checkout. Days pass and you still think about that amazing feeling of being swaddled in luxury. If this moment feels like deja vu then we’ve got you covered.

Say hello to Frette, an Italian brand that is about to become a mainstay in your personal lexicon of luxury brand names. Let’s save you the time: 5-star luxury hotels and ultra high net worth individuals are simply besotted with Frette. They’ve just released their Spring/Summer 2022 collection and you’ll be thrilled to see what they have in store for you.

Frette Bedding Collections

Since 1860, Frette has mastered the art of luxurious bed and bath linens. From the weaving techniques and finishes to sourcing the finest yarns around the world, Frette’s pieces are made of unparalleled quality.

Linen Collections

Frette’s new Linen Collections have a natural feel that is light, breathable, and soft to the touch. For a modern yet timeless look, Frette’s Divine offers pure white sheets as well as the Links Embroidery Pure Linen with an iconic chain motif design. Needless to say, both are made from 100% pure linen.

Yet a simple linen can be layered to accent this ‘canvas’. Add the Rectangular Linen Crepe Light Quilt, Bold Boudoir Pillow, Decorative Cushion and Cashmere and Linen Crepe Throw and you have yourself an ensemble that transforms your bedroom into a luxury suite.

Frette Spring Summer 2022 Divine Linen Crepe In White Natural, Design Authority

Divine Linen Crepe in White Natural

Luxury Brocade and Silk

If intricate designs in silk catch your fancy, then feast your eyes on the Luxury Brocade that has a timeless design, regal motif woven on silk to create a statement-making bed. Offered in Citrine, a blissful yellow tone, and Celestine, a calming blue hue, taking inspiration from namesake crystals. For a minimalistic look, consider the Luxury Silk collection featuring a top-of-bed runner and decorative cushions to match.

Frette Ss22 Puglia Bed 4 Ornate Medallion Lace Brocade Citrine 5%20(1), Design Authority

Ornate Medallion Lace Brocade in Citrine

Jacquard and Embroidery

Jacquard styles are a signature Frette design and this year Frette has gorgeous new jacquards for you to choose from. Inspired by the authentic graininess of the papyrus fibre, The Papiro is offered in Citrine and Savage Beige. Complement this regal jacquard with the Peonia Embroidery bed sheets which feature embroidered floral designs available in Milk with Citrine or Milk with Milk, along with the iconic Bicolore sheet set in Citrine.

Frette Spring Summer 2022 Papiro Bicolore In Citrine, Design Authority

Papiro Bicolore in Citrine

Beyond the Bedroom: Frette Lounge and Travel Collections

Catching some much needed ZZZs is not exclusively a bedroom activity. To bring luxury sleep to your yacht or jet, there are items in the new Frette Collection that make resting a pleasure beyond the four corners of your bedroom.

The Luxury Silk (in Citrine, Celestine Blue and Cliff Grey) and Luxury Silk Velvet (in Citrine, Cliff Grey and Lapis Lazuli) decorative pillows are an elegant accent piece to stylize your living quarters.

Frette Spring Summer 2022 Puglia Btb Silk Velvet Citrine, Design Authority Frette Spring Summer 2022 Puglia Btb Lux Silk Grey, Design Authority

[From Left to Right] Silk Velvet in Citrine, Lux Silk in Grey

Other must-haves include the Cashmere and Linen Crepe Throw that adds a touch of comfort to your bed or living room with its superbly soft pure cashmere with a linen crepe border. For wearable comfort, the Waffle bathrobe is the homewear version of the iconic and oh so comfy hotel bathrobe. Giving you that spa-esque atmosphere, the Waffle is a white unisex bathrobe made from cotton.

Bath Collections

Soak up some bubbles with sophistication and reminisce about your vacation days with Unito Bath towels. Made with plush cotton terry and a sateen-edge, the Unito is available in Citrine and will complement your newest bed ensembles.

Frette Spring Summer 2022 Puglia Bath Unito Citrine1, Design Authority Frette Spring Summer 2022 Puglia Ftw Elios Unito White Citrine, Design Authority Frette Spring Summer 2022 Puglia Bath Forever Lace White, Design Authority

[From Left to Right] Bath Unito Citrine, Elios Unito White Citrine, Bath Forever Lace White

The Beach Capsule

The pandemic may have put a damper on your holiday plans, but soaking up the warm Italian summer is made easy with the Beach Capsule Collection with its Signature Beach Towels and Decorative Cushion, Tote Bag, Neck Roll and Bathrobe. Using a subtle colour palette of neutral white and natural colours, the new collection brings an air of refinement as well as poolside lightheartedness that is reflective of the entire collection. Made with terry cotton and linen crepe, the collection is a great addition to your beachfront, riverbank, poolside or yacht.

Frette Spring Summer 2022 Puglia Beach Terry Linen Crepe White Natural, Design Authority

Beach Terry Linen in Crepe White Natural


Donning the personification of luxurious comfort are the men’s and women’s nightgowns, pyjamas, robes and slippers in the newest Frette To Wear collections. Your wardrobe could really use stylish comfort wear that is breathable and lightweight, made of luxurious silks and cottons. Men’s options include the Elios pyjamas in white with a Natural coloured robe and Keel slippers in hazelnut. Ladies will love the Echo that features a powder blue nightgown, pyjamas and robe as well as the Riviera in white and gorgeous Cetra slippers in the neutral hue of sand.

Frette Spring Summer 2022 Puglia Ftw Echo Elios Azure White, Design Authority

Echo Elios in Azure White

Luxury never looked and felt this good. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and explore the full list of collection by Frette at their store today at 2 Bayfront Avenue, Frette #01-10/11, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972.

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