Biophilic Infar International Universal Vision Commercial Space

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The Infar International Universal Vision office interior embodies the modern workplace of today where relevant elements like biophilic design, flexibility and excitement are brought together for the optimum user experience.

Aside from its biophilic elements, the interior space is revitalized by hints of the Scandi and Hygge styles, more evident in the materials and lighting aspects of the workspace.

Like any office space, first impressions are the most critical, and the entryway doesn’t fail to make that mark. Starting from its frontage, you’ll notice the beautiful wall gardens before you that greets everyone with refreshing and positive air.

From the main entrance, an expansive and illuminated lobby space ensure both patrons and personnel are immediately taken by the stylish yet simple interior and are put at ease by the relaxed ambience.

Tastefully selected, you’ll notice how the different textured hues are layered to define spaces and add depth from the entryway.

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Wellness-Forward Customer Care

Imbued with poetry, the reception is graced with a lovely wall garden and the modern waterfall table topped with an interesting gold luminaire. This not so typical office forefront showcases a refreshing approach for an office and tells you careful planning has been done with customer experience in mind.

Foliage integrated into architecture and interior components will undoubtedly become a staple in many commercial offices in the future.

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A Homey Conference Room

The calm and comfortable atmosphere continues into the conference room with its simple geometric and bright design. Looking at the natural wood texture just takes off the pressures of the everyday grind and in addition, is the comfy seats and interesting curved conference table that continues to soften the look.

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A Calming Workspace

Gone are the days where offices look stark and oppressive. This office gives life to its walls with calm colours of pastel rose tan hues and anchored down with rich textured wood flooring with grey tones and beige undertones.

The good mix of earthy tones are complemented with simple yet striking décor and those statement luminaires aren’t hard to miss, simple yet striking.

005 800x700, Design Authority

Strategic Zones

While you’ll find the office has an expansive public space there are pockets of cosy spots for a more comfortable working area. Cushioned chairs, sculptural tables and strategic lighting from both natural and artificial sources make the workspace feel more relaxed.

Where particularly enthralled with the vertical panels that provide privacy and shade as it protects users from glare, it allows the right amount of light to create the right ambience. The modern backdrop also adds a textured look along the wooden strips.

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Comforts of Home

Bringing the comfort of home into these lively spaces you’ll find most of the furniture design is made to give that cosy air to a space. And we just love the Scandi-inspired chairs that look so comfortable you just want to sit on them.

007 800x700, Design Authority

Simple and Clean Interior Design

Optimizing functionality with simple and clean interior design. The stark and utilitarian office is a thing of the past, instead, the interior office provides a clean, bright and stylish place to work in. Maintaining its professional look, the office interior is chic and modern and the energizing aura comes from the natural light that passes through strategically placed window openings and surrounds of romantic hues of gold, tan and rose.

008 800x700, Design Authority

The Perfect Breakroom

Adding elements from the heart of the home into the office while sprinkling a few pops of youthful excitement such as those blue coloured island base and sculptural chairs, just beckons you to gather around the space.

This modern breakroom employs a clean and practical kitchen design with handleless and tap on shelving and cupboards. This gives way to focus on the star of the show the luncheon nook.

009 800x700, Design Authority

Surprising Kitchen Elements

When you need a simple and practical means to add oomph to your kitchen, lively potted plants are an absolute delight. Combine your greenery with light and you get a lovely luminaire, just the perfect eye-catching décor and great conversational piece.

Just like the seats around the office, the soft cushioned seats in the breakroom gives continuous comfort to its employees during and after work.

010 800x700, Design Authority

Refreshing Design Elements

At the heart of it all is the amazing receiving area that’s bounded by lovely stretches of visually refreshing greens, it’s just simply a serene place to be.

Workplaces don’t’ have to be too clean or formal, organic elements like plants bring in a touch of what is wild. Plants also double as decorative elements, it’s just a matter of picking the right plants to come with an interesting look. So, forget about buying artificial plastic plants, instead add fresh and authentic greeneries.

Curved furniture is a growing trend loved by most of both domestic and hospitality areas. The light-drenched public space takes advantage of the grandeur by adding showcasing elements such as the bulbous and curved furniture.

For the soft bulbous and curved furniture, they offer optimum comfort for clients.

011 800x700, Design Authority

The Quality of a Formal and Serene Space

Adding depth and interest is the gorgeous textured ceiling where the soft organic quality of natural materials lovingly combines with the striking colour of gold. Take note of another sculptural luminaire that hangs by the serene space, its simplicity makes it an elegant décor to the formal space.

For any organization, it is essential that the interior design of the new space provide an environment that optimizes functionality, employee productivity, and well-being.

012 800x700, Design Authority

Greeneries to Alleviate Work Stress

Open-plan offices are a staple in modern workspaces but employing an indoor garden adds more depth and makes it a pleasurable space to be. The foliage also adds a degree of certain privacy an open office space will need spots where you’re out. People who are attuned with nature won’t find themselves away from it.

The addition of organic elements in a modern workspace is also known to reduce stress as people won’t feel trapped in what is otherwise, a sterile environment with all the white walls and modern equipment. While it is a mood booster, the plantings reduce the carbon footprint and become your natural air cleaners.

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Project: Infar International Universal Vision
Interior Design: ArtDecor Design Studio


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