Opulent & Sophisticated Commercial Interior Design @ Jet Dentist

Jet Dentist Lavish Foyer, Design Authority

Brightly illuminated and invigorating, the Jet Dentist’s opulent interior in Ho Chi Minh demonstrates how interior design and architecture in the medical field is taking a shift into a more people-friendly approach. The Jet Dentist Clinic shies away from the traditional stark and cold-white interiors we are used to with its noticeable sequined and green walls, mosaiced flooring, elegant furniture pieces, and statement décor.

The orthodontic and dental clinic’s sophisticated interior is just fitting for their innovative and world-class service. Such as advanced tech is their newest acquisition, the Scan iTero 5D which is the world’s most advanced jaw scanning technology.

Truly an amazing place to be, Jet Dentist takes advantage of its spacious location. Let’s take a peek into this gorgeous interior.

Like walking into a luxury hotel, this lavish interior greets patrons with a visually stimulating environment that keeps you in awe at every turn. Topped with a beautifully cascading chandelier reminds every patron that this is not your average dentist clinic.

Jet Dentist Elegant Reception Area, Design Authority

The ceiling-high French windows drench the white and deep emerald walls with natural illumination and are further bejeweled with intricate wall details and luxury furniture. The overall look has hints of the Parisian interiors but has a sense of that oriental feel thanks to its black-toned linings.

Elegant High Ceiling With Extravagant Chandelier At Jet Dentist, Design Authority

The intricate moldings extend towards the ceiling which further draws the eyes upward to admire the magnificent chandelier, an emblem of any luxury and elegance.

Modern Curved Fluted Counter, Design Authority

Besides the classical elements, this gorgeous dental clinic interior injects modern elements such as the curved fluted counters and abstract paintings.

Elegant Waiting Lobby With Drama And Depth, Design Authority

No more awkward moments when sitting across a stranger with such a spacious waiting lobby, and the cushioned seats make the wait even more worthwhile. Cleverly, a drop floor adds drama and depth to the large elegant space.

Stunning Focal Point To Showcase Grandeur, Design Authority

Put together to impress, this stunning focal point showcases the grandeur of the place. And, we’re loving those unique statement seats with their velvet finish and backrest that look like extended wings adding an animated air to the look. The umber brown hue of the eye-catching sofa chairs just warms up the space along with the luxurious brass and gold accents, an Instagram-worthy spot in our books.

Open Relaxed Spa Like Interior, Design Authority

Unlike the dental clinics we’re used to, the spa-like interior moves away from the usual cubicle or enclosed room layout, creating open and more relaxed treatment/surgery rooms. The sofa lounge and coffee table are a delight for waiting patients and their companions.

Luxurious And Comfy Bar Area, Design Authority

A lot of medical facilities provide refreshments and food counters for clients, and this luxurious dental clinic offers a comfy bar area. We’re suspecting champagne or a glass of wine might be a part of the deluxe experience.


Jet Dentist’s interior is masterfully designed to provide clients a one-of-a-kind luxury experience that no other dental or medical facility can offer. It is one of the very few medical facilities that utilizes the classical style to achieve a wow inspiring and unforgettable ambiance.

What people see and experience when they first enter a dental office can affect their mood and perception of the space. And the medical field is constantly changing where new outlooks in the field of ergonomics and design are put in focus. More than glitz and glamour, this luxury dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh raises the bar when it comes to designing a truly wholistic experience when it comes to medical facilities.

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