Symphony of Dreams: Crafting Modern Luxury in Timeless Harmony

NoW 1549 Final, Design Authority

Nestled in the pulsating heart of Sembawang Hills Estate lies a treasure that effortlessly intertwines the threads of luxury and timelessness – an inter-terrace jewel spanning a lavish 5,500 sqft. This home is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s a living ode to contemporary elegance, carrying the distinctive design hallmark of Senior Designer Wayne Pung of Notion of W.

Imagine entering a world where every space tells a story; where the passions and personalities of its inhabitants – a dynamic couple in the realms of IT and finance with a penchant for exquisite wines and delectable cuisine, a radiant child spreading joy, a doting grandmother, and a loyal helper – come alive in every nook and cranny.

NoW 1566 Final, Design Authority

What was once a traditional layout has been reimagined and infused with contemporary elegance. Drawing inspiration from the modern desire for open spaces, the air well was ingeniously sealed, giving birth to a stunning sky roof. This play of architecture not only bathes the interiors with luminous natural light but also artistically extends the living and dining realms.

NoW 1575 Final, Design Authority

These areas now boast a magnificently grand modular sofa and an imposing 8-seater dining-island counter. Complementing this is an artful elongated wall, gracefully merging storage needs with a high-fashion TV feature wall.

The living and dining room, in their resplendent glory, harness the power of elongation, accentuated by chic black linear details and avant-garde LED strips. They echo the sentiment of limitless horizons, enveloping guests in a world of plush luxury.

NoW 1599 Final, Design Authority

The master bedroom, on the other hand, stands as a bastion of luxury. It seamlessly marries spatial extension with modern design, bathed in those same black linear details and LED strips that run through the house.

NoW 1611 Final, Design Authority

As part of the grand design metamorphosis, this sanctuary now houses an invigorating workspace, a regal king-sized bed, a snug lounging sofa, a state-of-the-art TV wall, and a spacious walk-in wardrobe. But the heart of this chamber has to be its luxurious bathroom, adorned with a tranquil bathtub, leading to a vast private balcony that captures the essence of serene opulence.

NoW 1624 Final, Design Authority

Navigating through the design intricacies wasn’t without its challenges, particularly the spatial dynamics of the ground and the second floors. However, through tireless dialogue and collaboration, a design narrative was woven that resonated deeply with the homeowners. They glimpsed not just a house, but a canvas of memories, familial bonds, and a promise of a future filled with shared moments.

Each facet of this domicile speaks of a collaborative odyssey with the homeowners. It stands as a vivid portrayal of their aspirations, echoing their dreams in its every silhouette, every shade. For Wayne, bringing this vision to life, embedding their dreams into each detail, has been an expedition of passion and fulfillment.

With a gracious investment of $500K and six months of undying commitment, what has emerged isn’t merely an architectural wonder. It’s an evergreen saga of love, aspirations, dreams, and the ageless dance of design and desire.

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